Zone Conference and Other Adventures

Pasting Priel in today because I need a nap.

Hey everyone!

So this week has been pretty good! We had a miracle happen, which I will share later.

On Monday we cleaned our car like crazy because zone conference was this week, and they give out clean car awards for those who have super clean cars. After that we went to Bogus Basin and hiked with the zone. There’s only dirt roads up there, so all of our work into our car was for nothing. And Sister Petersen somehow managed to run my foot over with her car, but I still hiked with a squashed foot! Then we went home and had dinner, and then we went on exchanges with our STL’s. I got to go with Sister Delahoyde, which I’m super glad for because I don’t exactly get along with Sister Molbek.

On Tuesday Sister Delahoyde and I went around and tried to contact a lot of people. We met a man on the street named Roy. We talked to him for a bit, asked if we could teach him, and he agreed! So exciting! 🙂 We also called a referral we received from Temple Square, and the lady sounded super excited to see us. We set an appointment to see her on Saturday.

Wednesday all of our appointments cancelled, so it was a day full of door knocking and unanswered doors.

Thursday was zone conference! We didn’t win the clean car award, even though we washed our car twice after going to Bogus and we vacuumed the inside like crazy. We were a little ticked about it, but whatever. It was mine and Sister T’s last zone conference so we don’t have to worry about having a super clean car anymore. Zone conference was really good. Elder Alder of the 70 came to speak to us. He talked about how we need to focus on keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and that if people change their attitude and activities on the Sabbath then we’ll have less problems with people going less active. We also got Tiwi’s installed in our cars. Basically, they track where you go, and yell at you if you drive 2 over the speed limit, if you drive aggressively, and if your seatbelts are on. I can see why they installed them, but I’m so tired of being told I’m speeding when I’m only going 2 over. I’ve been driving like a Grandma ever since they were installed! We also bore our “trunkimonies” at zone conference. Trunkimonies are the last testimony that you share in zone conference before you go home. It was really sad! I am not ready to go home! I love my mission so much. After zone conference we had dinner and then we went to our Book of Mormon class. A lot of drama happened… I won’t go into details.
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Two Baptisms


Priel’s had a really good week this time around! They spent time proselyting again, but she’s starting to get the hang of it. She says, “This push for finding has really pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but I can definitely say that I’m starting to get better at talking to random people on the street. Talking to random people has always been a struggle with me as a missionary, just because it wasn’t really an effective thing to do in my previous areas. In my first area everyone was a member, in my second area everyone you met on the street was on drugs or drunk, but here everyone is normal and most likely not a member.”

Friday they did more service with the elders cleaning up a yard full of weeds and garbage. They started finding rotten clothes, though, so they stopped, Priel says, “because we were afraid that we would find a dead body or something.”

I’m not sure if she’s joking or not.

They also had a movie night where they showed “How Rare a Possession.” On Saturday, they helped at an Activity Days (girls age 8-12, if I recall right) event teaching the girls how to use social media properly to spread the Gospel.

In lessons this week, they taught a less active, Brother Garcia, and saw some potential there along with his nonmember wife. They’re interested, it seems, though struggling with Sunday-based work and stuff. They also taught the Nuno’s, who seemed less stressed, and Tia, who’s struggling with her divorce but sticking it out well, Priel says. Then they visited a few ward members, which was nice as usual.

The big news this week was across the weekend, where they got to participate in two baptisms! The first was Bea’s. Her husband baptized her, her little boy was super excited, and Priel cried from joy and from the Spirit. She says she knows that this will help Bea and her family in the future. Bea got confirmed as well on Sunday and cried from the beautiful blessing she received. The second baptism was in Priel’s old area — Annie finally got approval. She asked Priel to give a talk at the service, so Priel did, and she cried there as well. Basically, lots of crying, but in the good way.

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Two Busy, Complicated Weeks


I apologize; I forgot to post last week. So I’ll copy and paste Priel’s last two emails below today.

Last Week

Hello everyone!

This week was a rollercoaster. At the beginning of the week we were super frustrated because we weren’t really getting much done, but by the end of the week things were super good!

On Monday we played dart wars with the Elders. It’s become a favorite activity in our district. It was pretty intense this time, Elder Stark ended up with a goose egg on his head because a dart hit him so hard, and the rest of us got bruises from the darts and tripping over things. But it was still super fun. After that we had to move to our new home. It was super sad. I really grew to love the Bakers, and they were sad to see us go. We are living with a widow now. She’s super nice, but she has 3 small dogs that pee on everything. I am grateful to have a place to live, I just wish that she didn’t have those pee dogs. I have officially decided that I do not like dogs at all, and I am never ever going to own one. I’ll just own tons of cats instead!

On Tuesday we had district meeting. Elder Stark had me give a training, which I was super nervous about. I hate giving trainings. But district meeting was awesome, as usual, and then we all went to Subway for lunch. After that we tracked down the people we are working with and scheduled appointments with them. They were successful at escaping us during all of the holidays, but they don’t have an excuse anymore! Then we had dinner with a part member family, the Whitman’s. They are super nice! I don’t understand why Brother Whitman hasn’t jumped into the font full of water to eternal life. Anyways, it was a good dinner, but they wouldn’t stop talking, so we were at their house for 3 hours. I always start to get uncomfortable when we’re at someone’s house for longer than an hour, so by the time we left, I was so ready to leave. When you have the missionaries over, don’t keep them for longer than an hour.

On Wednesday, we stopped by some more people and scheduled appointments with them. And then the fiesta bowl started at 2:00, and Boise State was playing. There is an unwritten rule here that says that you do not try to visit people when there is a Boise State game because Boise State football is a religion here. So because of that, Sister Facer and I decided to explore a part of our area that is completely farmland to see if anyone lived down there. It was a super awesome and pretty drive, but, unfortunately, no one lived within our ward boundaries. We took lots of cool pictures though! On the way back, we decided that we’d stop by a family that recently moved into the ward. The house numbers aren’t marked very clearly, so we accidentally drove by their house 3 times. On the 3rd time, Sister Facer drove off the road to turn around, and ended up getting the car stuck in the snow and mud. She tried to drive out, and started freaking out, and I was just laughing the entire time (I think I’m starting to turn into Mom). But we ended up getting out ok, our car is just covered in mud now. It’s awesome. We had dinner with the Beath’s later that night, and Sister Beath made me a Doctor Who hat! I was super excited about it.
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Christmas is Coming


Priel had a lot to say this week!

Hello everyone!

This week has been a really good week, despite all of the holiday slowness. A miracle was also experienced this week!

On Monday, we did our normal Pday whatnots, and then we played dart wars with the Elders in the district. And I didn’t get shot in the eye this time, which was good! I was smart this time and wore my sunglasses. After that, we had dinner with the Zone Leaders. We didn’t have a scheduled dinner appointment that night, so the ZL’s invited us to their dinner appointment, which was super nice of them. Afterwards we visited Sister Bailey. She is semi-active. She is the sweetest person ever though! She gave Sister Facer one of her old coats and gave us some of her old skirts. Yay for new clothes! We shared a scripture with her and then went home for the evening.

On Tuesday we had district meeting, which was really good. We’ve had some good Elders come into the district, so I’m super excited to get to know everyone. After district meeting we took plates of cookies to some of our investigators, then we had a lesson with our investigator, Yancey. He’s super cool. He struggles with smoking, so we’re trying to help him quit. After that, we went to dinner, and it ended up being the most epic dinner appointment I’ve ever had. The members took us to Chuck a Rama, and they have 3 kids, ages 7, 5, and 2. The evening started out normal, and then the 2 year old boy started choking on a french fry. After he finished choking, he proceeded to puke everywhere (we had finished eating before that happened, fortunately). His parents were surprisingly very calm as they cleaned him up and wiped up the puke off the floor. After they finished cleaning him up, the dad looked at the 7 year old daughter, and saw something in her coat. He pulled it out, and it was an empty pack of cigarettes. Her parents started questioning her, and she burst into tears and said that she had no idea how it got into her coat. All of that added up to one epic dinner appointment. After that awesome dinner, we went to a Relief Society activity. It was a lot of fun. Lots of cutesy Christmas decorations were everywhere, Christmas stories were shared, goodies were eaten, and we sang Christmas carols.
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Shot in the Eye


Priel was a bit late with her e-mail this week because her P-Day got moved to Wednesday! Not that you would know the difference because I tend to post these things late anyway, haha.

Monday last, they had a p-day activity with a dart war, essentially–shooting nerf darts by blowing them out of PVC pipes. Priel had fun, but, being the wonderfully accident-prone human being she is, she got shot in the eye by one of the darts. So it’s all nice and bruised now. She had to stay home from one of their discussions to ice it because it hurt so bad.

This week they visited Ila and Jerry, whom they shared Helaman 5:12 with, and Sister Morgan, who they’re trying to convince to go to the temple. She saw an anti-video about it so she’s really nervous, but Priel’s hopeful that they and ward members can encourage her. They shared “He is the Gift” with Sister Buzard and a bunch of others in the area. They also taught Zach, who has a hard time focusing but makes really good comments, Tia and Sayler about making weaknesses strengths, and the Woodwards about the Plan of Salvation and eternal families. The Woodwards are making great progress and Priel’s eager to extend a baptism invitation soon–the Spirit told her not to this week. Not yet.

Wednesday they had a planning meeting and participated in a mutual where a few kids did invite non-members. Thursday they had exchanges, and Priel got to go with Sister Molbek, who’s from Denmark. She had a fantastic time. They visited an inactive member, Sister Berrocal, who expressed a number of concerns with basic doctrine and testimony. On Friday they had a really great zone meeting.

So on the whole, it’s really been a good week for Priel, ignoring being shot in the eye, haha. She expressed her gratitude for “He is the Gift” as a missionary tool and for her companion, Sister Facer. She says, “ I love [Sister Facer] a lot! She has been one of my favorite companions so far. She really encourages me to be a better missionary. I hope that we can be together at least one more transfer because I think that we can do so many amazing things together and learn so much more from her.”

Thanks for reading! See you next time.

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Prisons and Promptings


Once again doing a direct paste-in, because I am EXHAUSTED. See you next week!

Hello everyone!

This week was an interesting one. I had a scary moment this week, which I will tell you about later in this email.

On Monday, we went to the old Idaho State Penitentiary, which was pretty cool. I got to learn a lot about the history of Idaho! It is supposedly “haunted” but Sister Pitkin and I didn’t see any ghosts. Darn 🙂 I’ll attach a picture of our “Oh no, we just saw a ghost!” faces.

We also visited Tiffany on Monday. She didn’t feel like having a lesson that day because it had been a particularly bad day for her, so we just talked to her about it and then left her with a prayer. We also visited Catie and Jayla that night. We played games with them. Catie is slowly warming up to us. I know that doing this will help plant a seed. Eventually she’ll want to learn more about the gospel.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Mikalai. We taught her the Law of Chastity. She understands it really well. She is really strong in the gospel! She is a super strong person in general. She has already gone through so much in her life, so she has had to learn to be strong.

We also visited the Swanson’s. We stopped by a couple of times this week because they’ve been struggling with having sick pets and such, so we were just making sure that they were doing ok. We shared scriptures with them each visit and prayed with them.

On Wednesday, we spent pretty much the whole day helping this non member lady, Mary, move. She lived next to a bishop in her old place, and he called us and told us that she would need help moving into her new place. So we called her and volunteered to help her, and she gladly accepted the help. A lot of members of the ward got involved to help out, which was good. We’re going to stop by again some time and see if she is interested in learning more about the church.

Thursday was a bit of a slow day, but we were still able to keep ourselves fairly busy. We volunteered at the Food Bank. It was super fun helping out there, and the people there are super friendly towards us. It always feels good to help others out! We also went to the Addiction Recovery meeting since some less actives from our ward go to that. The spirit is always super strong at those meetings! The people at the meetings rely entirely on the Lord to help them overcome their addictions, and it’s amazing to hear their stories. It is very strengthening to me.

A Good Week


Priel’s had a good week! They’ve been teaching families in the ward the first lesson, which has brought a lot of Spirit to them.

They visited Ms. Padgette and decided to help her clean out house, which is a nightmare thanks to all the people she’s had over/living there in the past. Apparently, there’s a really bad aura too, especially in the basement, that nearly made Priel throw up. So they’re going to clean it out and then the elders are going to bless it. Priel says, “If you hear about a fire in Boise, it’s probably because we decided to torch the house.”

They visited Sister Slay, who appreciated them singing for her, and the Swansons, who just had to have their old dog put down, sadly. They taught Chastyn the Law of Chastity, which was somewhat awkward because her fiance, whom she’s living with, and their kids were there. They also taught Anna, who’s prepping for baptism, about repentance.

Thursday was Pioneer Day, so they helped the married ward set up for BYS (Boise Youth Spectacular) and then volunteered for the holiday celebrations. Priel says she’s never seen a ward outside of Utah put so much effort into Pioneer Day.

On Saturday, Mikalai got baptized! Mikalai is a seventeen year old girl who had committed to baptism with the previous sister missionaries. Priel and her companion found her recently and managed to work everything out for the big event! She was baptized in the other sisters’ area but confirmed in Priel’s. Priel says it was a beautiful, spiritual experience. Also, something about poaching? Apparently that’s “stealing and teaching investigators from another missionary’s area.” So.

That’s it for this week! See you next time!