Sicky Sick Sick Sick


Another brief update:

Hey everyone!

Well, this week was slightly more eventful than last! I am slowly starting to get better. My hip decided to swell up this week for no reason, so I stayed home a lot due to the pain.

Monday I still felt crummy, so I slept all day. I was able to go to the temple on Tuesday though, and that was really awesome. It was hard for me to concentrate because of how much pain I was in, but I was still able to enjoy the peace inside the temple. I pushed myself a little too hard on Tuesday, so I was basically dead the next day. I didn’t learn my lesson because on Thursday I went out and tried to go out proselyting like normal. I should have gone home after district meeting, but I thought that if I just convinced myself that I wasn’t sick, I would no longer be sick. That night I was in so much pain, and my hip swelled up a ton. So on Friday and Saturday I stayed home and Sister T. was able to go out on splits with the other sisters. On Sunday I decided that I was going to go to church because I’ve missed out on the sacrament for 2 weeks. I needed it! So I pushed through the pain and went to all of our meetings and all 3 hours of church.

Thank you for all of your prayers! They are really helping. I think if it weren’t for prayer and the priesthood blessings I’ve received, whatever I have would have probably sent me home. The doctors think I have some nerve damage going on in my leg from whatever the heck I had. So the prayers have really helped!

I love you all!

Love, Sister Bawden


Not Shingles… After All?


Another weird week in Priel-world. Pasting it in since it’s short.

Hey everyone!

So this week was boring. I stayed home all week. I did manage to finish reading all of Isaiah and do about 23 crossword puzzles though. And I wrote a lot of letters.

I did end up having to go back to the doctor though. My rash spread to the other side of my body, and that doesn’t happen with shingles. I called the mission nurse freaking out, and she called a bunch of doctors and ended up getting me in to see a really good LDS doctor. I told him all of my symptoms, and he looked at the rash, and he said I may have contracted some form of herpes. Given the houses I’ve cleaned out recently, it didn’t surprise me. I had some blood tests done, and yesterday I got the results. I don’t have herpes or shingles, and my blood count is normal. The doctor has no idea what is going on, which is awesome. He thinks I just got a freak viral infection. I guess I just like to be mysterious and make things hard on everyone!

On the bright side of things, I mustered up enough energy to go to the temple today, which really helped. I’m really worn out now though, so I think I’m going to go crash after I finish emailing.

I also got my trunky papers this week (flight information in missionary lingo). I am officially coming home on July 14th around 3pm. Honestly, I am actually starting to get a little excited about coming home. I have really missed my family a lot and friends. I am looking forward to seeing you all again 🙂

I hope you are all doing well. I love you!!!!

Love, Sister Bawden

Just a Few Days


Since her last email came only a few days ago, Priel’s last email was brief. So I’ll just copy it in today. Enjoy!

Hello everyone!

So I forgot my planner at home, so I’m just going to have to tell you what happened this week from memory! My planner is my brain, so this should be fun.

So Thursday we went to the temple and then we went to Tango’s as a district afterwards. Tangos is an Argentinian restaurant, and it is so good! The owner is LDS so he gives us an awesome discount. It was a really good day. Then we had a lesson with Delaney that night. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We asked her if she feels like she’s found the answers to her prayers. She believes pretty much everything we’ve taught her, but she feels like she needs to learn more before she can get baptized.

I honestly don’t remember what happened on Friday… I just remember that the dumb cold I had a few weeks ago came back with a vengeance.

On Saturday we went on exchanges with our sister training leaders. I went with Sister Delahoyde, my MTC companion, to her area. It’s weird that she’s an STL now! But we had fun together. I forgot how insane the ghetto of Boise is. Lots of people who are literally crazy. It’s fun. I miss the ghetto! Then we met with our ward mission leader and figured out everything for Bea’s baptism. Her baptism is good to go! Woohoo!!!

Sunday we had church. We taught Zach afterwards and started planning his baptism. He is a little afraid of water, but he’s excited to be baptized and have that new start. He’s a really awesome kid, and I know that the gospel will help his life to be a million times better than it ever was.

That night we had dinner with the Bowers. They are so awesome! I’ve gotten really close with them. I wasn’t feeling too good after dinner. Sister Bowers noticed and took my temperature. I had a high fever. She asked me if I wanted a blessing. I agreed, and Brother Bowers and Brother Bell gave me a blessing. I felt a lot better afterwards.Then Sister Bowers lathered me up in essential oils, gave me some medicine, and sent me home with some oils and meds. I woke up feeling a million times better the next day! Those oils really work!
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Two Busy, Complicated Weeks


I apologize; I forgot to post last week. So I’ll copy and paste Priel’s last two emails below today.

Last Week

Hello everyone!

This week was a rollercoaster. At the beginning of the week we were super frustrated because we weren’t really getting much done, but by the end of the week things were super good!

On Monday we played dart wars with the Elders. It’s become a favorite activity in our district. It was pretty intense this time, Elder Stark ended up with a goose egg on his head because a dart hit him so hard, and the rest of us got bruises from the darts and tripping over things. But it was still super fun. After that we had to move to our new home. It was super sad. I really grew to love the Bakers, and they were sad to see us go. We are living with a widow now. She’s super nice, but she has 3 small dogs that pee on everything. I am grateful to have a place to live, I just wish that she didn’t have those pee dogs. I have officially decided that I do not like dogs at all, and I am never ever going to own one. I’ll just own tons of cats instead!

On Tuesday we had district meeting. Elder Stark had me give a training, which I was super nervous about. I hate giving trainings. But district meeting was awesome, as usual, and then we all went to Subway for lunch. After that we tracked down the people we are working with and scheduled appointments with them. They were successful at escaping us during all of the holidays, but they don’t have an excuse anymore! Then we had dinner with a part member family, the Whitman’s. They are super nice! I don’t understand why Brother Whitman hasn’t jumped into the font full of water to eternal life. Anyways, it was a good dinner, but they wouldn’t stop talking, so we were at their house for 3 hours. I always start to get uncomfortable when we’re at someone’s house for longer than an hour, so by the time we left, I was so ready to leave. When you have the missionaries over, don’t keep them for longer than an hour.

On Wednesday, we stopped by some more people and scheduled appointments with them. And then the fiesta bowl started at 2:00, and Boise State was playing. There is an unwritten rule here that says that you do not try to visit people when there is a Boise State game because Boise State football is a religion here. So because of that, Sister Facer and I decided to explore a part of our area that is completely farmland to see if anyone lived down there. It was a super awesome and pretty drive, but, unfortunately, no one lived within our ward boundaries. We took lots of cool pictures though! On the way back, we decided that we’d stop by a family that recently moved into the ward. The house numbers aren’t marked very clearly, so we accidentally drove by their house 3 times. On the 3rd time, Sister Facer drove off the road to turn around, and ended up getting the car stuck in the snow and mud. She tried to drive out, and started freaking out, and I was just laughing the entire time (I think I’m starting to turn into Mom). But we ended up getting out ok, our car is just covered in mud now. It’s awesome. We had dinner with the Beath’s later that night, and Sister Beath made me a Doctor Who hat! I was super excited about it.
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Christmas is Coming


Priel had a lot to say this week!

Hello everyone!

This week has been a really good week, despite all of the holiday slowness. A miracle was also experienced this week!

On Monday, we did our normal Pday whatnots, and then we played dart wars with the Elders in the district. And I didn’t get shot in the eye this time, which was good! I was smart this time and wore my sunglasses. After that, we had dinner with the Zone Leaders. We didn’t have a scheduled dinner appointment that night, so the ZL’s invited us to their dinner appointment, which was super nice of them. Afterwards we visited Sister Bailey. She is semi-active. She is the sweetest person ever though! She gave Sister Facer one of her old coats and gave us some of her old skirts. Yay for new clothes! We shared a scripture with her and then went home for the evening.

On Tuesday we had district meeting, which was really good. We’ve had some good Elders come into the district, so I’m super excited to get to know everyone. After district meeting we took plates of cookies to some of our investigators, then we had a lesson with our investigator, Yancey. He’s super cool. He struggles with smoking, so we’re trying to help him quit. After that, we went to dinner, and it ended up being the most epic dinner appointment I’ve ever had. The members took us to Chuck a Rama, and they have 3 kids, ages 7, 5, and 2. The evening started out normal, and then the 2 year old boy started choking on a french fry. After he finished choking, he proceeded to puke everywhere (we had finished eating before that happened, fortunately). His parents were surprisingly very calm as they cleaned him up and wiped up the puke off the floor. After they finished cleaning him up, the dad looked at the 7 year old daughter, and saw something in her coat. He pulled it out, and it was an empty pack of cigarettes. Her parents started questioning her, and she burst into tears and said that she had no idea how it got into her coat. All of that added up to one epic dinner appointment. After that awesome dinner, we went to a Relief Society activity. It was a lot of fun. Lots of cutesy Christmas decorations were everywhere, Christmas stories were shared, goodies were eaten, and we sang Christmas carols.
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Step-Name of Sidewalk


Finals week means I’m pasting Priel’s words right in. =)

Hello my friends!

This week was one of those weeks where you’ve been crazy busy, but have nothing to show for it. If you looked at the number of lessons we actually taught you’d think that we’d just lounged around at home, but we were so busy that we didn’t have much time to actually teach people. We also had transfers come up, and Sister Facer and I are both staying! I’m super happy about that. She and I get along so well.

Monday was not our p-day, because we got to go to the temple on Thurday! So we tried to visit some people (Mondays are a bad day to visit people because everyone seems to have a case of the grumpies). We went to the Canters because we had a lesson scheduled with them that night, but they forgot that we were going to teach them. Fortunately, they let us in and we visited with them for a bit. We got to meet Brother Canter for the first time! Sister Facer has been in this area for almost 6 months, and she’s never met Brother Canter. Hardly anyone here has. Everyone is under the impression that he doesn’t want anyone from the church visiting. But he was very friendly and was perfectly fine with us visiting them and sharing a message. I don’t think he’s against the church like everyone thinks he is. From our conversation with him he just feels very judged by members sometimes, and he knows it’s something that he’ll just have to deal with.

After visiting the Canter’s we visited the Nuno’s because it was one of the kid’s birthdays. She was super excited to see us! We had a good time with them. Their little almost 2 year old is obsessed with our tags, so she likes to take them off and play with them. She’d just eaten cake and was covered in it, so we had to wash frosting off of our tags when we got home.

On Tuesday we had the mission Christmas Devotional! Part of it was a talent show, and Sister Facer and I did the “Cupstoration.” There’s several videos of Sister Facer doing it on Facebook (due to members posting it), so I’m sure you can find a video and get the idea of what we did. I know that one of the Elders in my district took a video of it, so I’ll have to see if I can get that from him. But the devotional was lots of fun, and it was good to be around the other missionaries.

On Wednesday we updated our profiles, since we haven’t done that for a while. Then we tried to contact some people, but no one was home, or they were home but hiding. The holidays are such a bad time to contact people sometimes because they’re too stinking busy to do anything else except prepare for Christmas and such. And our appointments keep cancelling and most of our investigators told us that they can’t meet until after New Year’s. Anywho, we had dinner, and then we went to mutual and talked to the Laurels about serving missions and showed them videos of us opening our mission calls. It was a lot of fun! There are a few laurels who want to serve missions, so we were able to get them more excited about serving missions.
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Busy Bee Life


This week, Priel had two weeks to update on because of a temporary switch on p-days. She’s been busy in those two weeks, as always, and sounds pretty happy about the work she’s doing. She and her companion moved locations recently, so she’s now living in the basement of an older member couple, which she likes.

Last last week, they taught Mikalai about the Gospel, Jack about the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation, Lavonne and the Swansons about coming to Christ, and talked to Sister Slay about getting her a ride to Sacrament. They also visited Matt and Amanda and encouraged them to come to church, which they haven’t been doing because their new baby is exhausting them. Priel says they don’t seem to get yet the importance of the Sacrament, but she and her companion will keep trying.

Little Jack is going to get baptised soon now that he’s eight, and his father, Craig, is working hard to become worthy to do the baptism himself, which Priel says is an incredible and inspiring process to watch.

Tuesday they had a zone conference, which Priel said was really touching and made her cry a lot. She’s noted that she’s become a lot more emotional since starting her mission, haha. Two senior missionaries, a couple, were released, which Priel was sad about but she also was grateful for their presence. The sister will be staying on as the mission nurse. Also, on Thursday, they did some service at the local food bank. Saturday was the groundbreaking for the Meridian Temaple, which they watched over broadcast. Priel says she’s grateful to see the work of the Lord being hastened in all aspects.

This past week, they visited with ward members and with Sister Slay, and taught Mikalai about the Ten Commandments. Her mother sat in on it this time, which was very exciting for them. Sister Padgette, the one with the wacked-out basement, seems to be allowing less savory people into her house again, which the missionaries aren’t so happy about. They taught an inactive family about being like Christ, Trisha about scripture reading and prayers, and the Swansons about missionary work.

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