A Better Week


Four weeks left, guys!!!!

Priel had a better time this week — she’s adjusted to the area and the area has adjusted to having sisters instead of elders. Monday they had a dart war, which Priel was super happy about — she says she’s “a boss” at them now. Also, “at the end, I was the only sister who was playing with the Elders because the other sisters were too busy flirting with a new missionary who is from French Canada. Sheesh.”

Oh my dear dear.

They had district meeting on Tuesday. Priel says, “Elder Stark, who is now AP, was at the meeting. I was really happy to see him, since he’s become one of my best friends, but he’s changed after becoming AP. He’s so serious now, and his “Starkle Sparkle” is gone. It makes me so sad when missionaries lose their personality once they go into a big leadership position!” My other missionary friend, Dalton, is zone leader now so I’m kinda hoping that’s not true for him, haha. The few letters I manage to get from him (the Brazil/US postal service is SO SLOW) don’t seem to be lacking personality.

It was a good meeting, though, and they did some teaching and meeting work, before having some drama with Relief Society: “Then we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off that night because our relief societies were having activities at the same time, so we had to run to both, and then the people in one ward got mad at us because we left early to go to the other activity. Seriously. People need to start acting like adults and learn to share us.” I’ve had trouble sharing Priel in the past, so I can’t totally blame them, myself. 😉

Wednesday they did some service for Dixie, who is a “dry Mormon” — would be a member but struggles with giving up wine. She’s called “the missionary mom” in their area and everyone loves her, including Priel, who cried at her for a little bit about not wanting to go home yet. Then they did some more proselyting.

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A New Companion


This week was transfers and Priel’s companion, Sister Facer, was moved out. She’s going to miss her! But her new companion, Sister Palmer, also seems cool. She’s from Iowa and used to be a kindergarten teacher. Priel had Sister Facer until Sunday, and now it’s Sister Palmer’s time. In light of the transfer, Priel’s decided to resolve to exercise more. She says transfers are a good chance for renewal.

Before the transfer, things went as usual! Monday they had another dart war, but with the whole zone, which was crazier and more frustrating. Tuesday they went on exchanges, which was nice, and they went to a Relief Society (adult women) activity about beauty and how to reclaim beauty from the media and make it into something more genuine and honest. Wednesday they went to a Laurels (girls ages 16-18) activity on the temple, and something awesome happened — quoting from Priel: “After the activity, one of the laurels came up to me and Sister Facer and asked if she could take a picture with us. After she asked, she whispered, ‘Because you’re the missionaries that made me decide to go on a mission.’ This really touched me. My whole mission I’ve hoped that I would be able to influence someone to go on a mission because some sister missionaries influenced me to go on a mission. I am so grateful that I was able to help this girl decide to serve a mission and that the Lord placed me here so I could meet her!”

On Thursday they had weekly planning and on Friday they went to lunch with a member who talked for three whole hours, haha. Saturday was another good day — Elder Russell M. Nelson came to visit the missionaries and give them a talk. They were all to come with three questions in mind, and all of Priel’s were answered within the talk without her even having to ask. It was very inspirational for her — she says, “I know for sure that he really is an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ and that he is called to help guide us in this day. I am so grateful that we have this leadership once again on earth because that shows that God truly loves us! He wants us to always hear his word and doesn’t want to hang us out to dry. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!”

In teaching, this week they taught some less actives the first standard lesson, talked to the Caziers with the Primary (children up to age 12) president about overcoming their embarrassment and letting their kids go to church, and talked to Delaney some more about the Plan of Salvation (our version of the afterlife, plus more). They also met with Jerry, who continues to really improve. They talked to him about keeping the Sabbath day holy and about fasting, which he had some concerns about — it seemed selfish to him but they managed to explain it to him. He’s been off cigarettes for three weeks, which is awesome! They talked to Cathrine, who likes to learn about the Gospel but doesn’t care to believe in it — she’s been in lessons for almost 8 months.

And that’s what happened this past week! Priel sends her love, and we’ll talk next week again.

Priel Gets Injured Again


Priel’s had a good week! Productive, as usual… and once again she’s managed to injure herself. LOL.

Monday they talked with a part-member family whose little boy miraculously survived an accident–a semitruck hit him on his bike. He can even walk and talk now, which is incredible. They talked about facing trials. Tuesday was district meeting and they talked to Annie about chastity and the Word of Wisdom. She’s doing wonderfully and is very committed. Wednesday they visited a less active member who has actually been attending her parents’ ward fairly often. Her husband is deployed and she feels awkward going to the married ward alone. Thursday they talked with Sister Swanson about the Word of Wisdom and patriarchal blessings and had a nice visit with the Lloyds.

They also had a small miracle Thursday–Tiffany’s daughter Jordyn has agreed to take the lessons.It startled them so much they stumbled over the beginning of the lesson but then the Spirit came in and straightened things out. They’re very happy about it, of course!

Friday they talked to Sister Slay about the Second Coming, but she’s not progressing very well so they’ve decided, sadly, to visit her less often. Then they talked to Annie about tithing. Saturday they talked to Sister Rambo about General Conference and the husband of a new move-in kindly asked them to come back, which she looks forward too. Sadly, she thinks transfers will be coming up next week and she’ll probably be moved since she’s been in this area so long. But she’s ready to go where God sends her.

Finally, today, Priel went to see the doctor because she’d tripped earlier in the week and hit her collarbone hard enough that she worried she’d broken it. It’s not broken but it’s been knocked slightly out of place and her muscles are all torn up, so she’s gonna be wearing a sling for a little while. Yay, she says, for being clumsy!

See you guys next week. 🙂

Killer Hikes and Busy Days


Nahhh, I’m gonna copy and paste this one too. Sorry. Midterms are this week. *insert disgusted face here*

Hello fellow humans!

This week was a pretty busy week!

On Monday we hiked at Camelback Park with the zone. It was a killer hike and my lungs hated me afterwards. I’ll attach a picture so that you’ll see why. The hill was seriously like a 70 degree incline with lots of sand. It was still fun even though we were all dying.

We taught Tiffany about The Law of Tithing and Fasting. Jordyn sat in on the lesson again, which was exciting! We had the relief society president come with us to the lesson. I’m so glad she was there because she was able to clear up Tiffany’s concerns about paying tithing! Tiffany committed to live it. She’s been doing really well with the Word of Wisdom! She hasn’t had any coffee since she committed to live it.

On Tuesday we visited Sister Slay. It was good to see her again! She’s been sick for about 3 weeks, so we haven’t been able to visit with her for a while. We also visited Sister Whiting. She can’t come to church because her health is very poor. She really misses going to church. She has an amazing testimony, and we were able to be edified by her.

On Wednesday we visited Sister Kreller and her grandson. Sister Kreller told us about all of her health problems and that she might not live too long because of them. She is an amazing woman, and I admire her very much for staying strong through all of her trials. Her grandson isn’t doing everything he should right now, like preparing to serve a mission, so we’re going to see if we can get the Elders to help him out or something.

We also taught Annie the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The lesson went really well. She told us a lot of things about her past. She grew up very abused as a child and she also had a very abusive husband at one point. She’s come a long way! She is a very amazing person. She has been more prepared to receive the gospel than anyone I’ve ever met!
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Busy Bee Life


This week, Priel had two weeks to update on because of a temporary switch on p-days. She’s been busy in those two weeks, as always, and sounds pretty happy about the work she’s doing. She and her companion moved locations recently, so she’s now living in the basement of an older member couple, which she likes.

Last last week, they taught Mikalai about the Gospel, Jack about the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation, Lavonne and the Swansons about coming to Christ, and talked to Sister Slay about getting her a ride to Sacrament. They also visited Matt and Amanda and encouraged them to come to church, which they haven’t been doing because their new baby is exhausting them. Priel says they don’t seem to get yet the importance of the Sacrament, but she and her companion will keep trying.

Little Jack is going to get baptised soon now that he’s eight, and his father, Craig, is working hard to become worthy to do the baptism himself, which Priel says is an incredible and inspiring process to watch.

Tuesday they had a zone conference, which Priel said was really touching and made her cry a lot. She’s noted that she’s become a lot more emotional since starting her mission, haha. Two senior missionaries, a couple, were released, which Priel was sad about but she also was grateful for their presence. The sister will be staying on as the mission nurse. Also, on Thursday, they did some service at the local food bank. Saturday was the groundbreaking for the Meridian Temaple, which they watched over broadcast. Priel says she’s grateful to see the work of the Lord being hastened in all aspects.

This past week, they visited with ward members and with Sister Slay, and taught Mikalai about the Ten Commandments. Her mother sat in on it this time, which was very exciting for them. Sister Padgette, the one with the wacked-out basement, seems to be allowing less savory people into her house again, which the missionaries aren’t so happy about. They taught an inactive family about being like Christ, Trisha about scripture reading and prayers, and the Swansons about missionary work.

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Wrapping Up for a Transfer


At the end of this past week, Priel got transferred with a new companion, so this was her last week teaching in the area with Sister Farley.

She and Sister Farley taught little Jack, who’s about to get baptized, with his family so they’d understand what was happening, and did something similar with MIkalai, who just got baptized. Her mom didn’t stay to listen, but afterwards she said she’d been listening in the other room and that she would like to hear the lesson next time! They also taught Ms. Padgette about trials. The elders will most likely be finishing up the cleaning of her house. The bishop doesn’t want the sisters involved in that nastiness anymore.

They taught Trina about faith, shared some scriptures with Lavonne, who volunteered to pray this time, took a ward missionary to fellowship the Swansons’ son, which went well, and taught Sister Slay about how God shows his love.

Thursday, Priel went to the doctor to get everything checked out and they did a bunch of blood work, looking at the thyroid, etc. She’s hopeful they’ll be able to work out the medical troubles she’s been having.

Then this weekend, as I said before, the sisters got their transfer calls. Priel’s being moved and she’s got a new companion, Sister Pitkin, who she’s met before and is super excited to work with! She’s going to miss being in the area but she’s determined to do well. She’s made a few new goals for herself:

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A Week of Service


This week has been busy full of service for Priel! She’s sore after all of it, but pretty happy.

They taught Trina about counting blessings, Sister Slay about turning to the Lord, Lavonne, who was feeling depressed, about the meaning of life and our purpose here, Tiffany about the Word of Wisdom, the Veibells about church attendance, Anna her first new member lesson on the Restoration, and sang a song for Trina. Tiffany said she’d like to be baptized but she has to move out of the church she’s living at right now first.

They also had FHE with the married student ward, to unify them a bit more.

In service, they went ahead in cleaning up Ms. Padgette’s basement, the one that had the bad feeling in it. Basically, it was horrible. They found drug paraphernalia, pornography, and human and animal feces. The walls were also covered in Satanic symbols. The elders helped them clean up but said they felt they needed to do still more cleaning before they could bless the house. They taught Ms. Padgette about the priesthood so she could understand that, and then Priel went home and took a very long shower that did not really make her feel less gross. She’s still having nightmares about it.

They then helped Lani move out, packing and cleaning, and taught her kids about treating others as Jesus would. Priel’s sad to see her go! They also helped the elders move a few people in to the ward.

On Sunday, walking through the city, they saw a deer up close, which Priel was excited about. There’s a picture below! Thanks for reading, everyone, and I’ll see you next time!

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