Last Full Week!


I feel like this email needs to be posted in its original entirety, so here you go.

HOLY COW, I CAN’T BELIEVE I ONLY HAVE A WEEK LEFT. I’m flying out next Tuesday. It’s so hard to believe that this has come to an end. I thought that somehow my mission would last for forever. But it has gone by so fast, and I will soon have to take the nametag off and be just a normal civilian again. It’s terrifying but exciting all at the same time!

This week has been rough. But as always, there’s something good that happens every week, no matter how bad it is.

Monday, I had breakfast with Sister Jarnagin and her kids from my first area! It was so good to see them! Oh my goodness, the kids have gotten so big since I last saw them. But Sister Jarnagin has always been one of my favorites. She said when I get married she’s going to send me a nerf gun because “sometimes you just need to shoot your husband!” Ha! After that we drove up to Idaho City, which is in the farthest reaches of the mission (It’s 40 miles away) because we had miles we needed to burn. It was pretty cool, it’s the only place in the mission that I haven’t been to, so it was fun seeing it! The population of that town is 400. It’s funny.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the STL’s. I had a ton of fun! I was with Sister Pahulu. I love that girl to death! She’s Tongan, so she’s a ton of fun. We had a lot of fun together and it was fun seeing her area. But Sister Francies had a bad day because one of our less-actives in one of our wards told her that she was a bad missionary and that she should just go home. I’m glad I wasn’t there because I probably would have flipped out and destroyed something. No one messes with my companions! But she hit rock bottom for a few days and was scaring me a little bit.

Wednesday… yeah. We didn’t go out for most of the day because Sister Francies was having a mental breakdown. But we made it to our lesson with Sheri! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus, and she loved it. She’s read so much of the Book of Mormon already! She’s in Mosiah now, and it’s only been a month since we gave her the Book of Mormon. She is so amazing! I also just realized that Wednesday was my 18 month mark! So I’ve officially served for 18 months.

On Thursday I ended up going to the urgent care. I found out that I have an infection, which explains why I’ve had a high fever for the past 3 weeks. They gave me antibiotics, and I’ve already started feeling better. But we contacted some referrals later.

Editor’s note: how LaPriel manages to get sick all the time without realizing it, I don’t know. She was like that in high school too. She must be, like, Superwoman or something.


Grumpiness, Lots of Lessons, and the Heat


Hi guys! This week Priel’s been struggling a bit with being grumpy, both because of the stress of her upcoming return home (two weeks!) and because of the heat. It’s been really annoyingly hot in Idaho this past week, which I can attest to — “like 106 degrees” Priel says. She’s not looking forward to having to pack up either — she’s got lots more stuff now than she did when she first arrived, gifts and things.

Tuesday they had district meeting. Wednesday, they spent a lot of time with Dixie, doing service. Priel adores Dixie. They also did some work trying to contact people. Thursday Sister Francies was sick, so they stayed home most the day. In the evening they went on splits with the ward mission leader, who the Shamrock bishop had talked to about previous issues. Priel really likes that bishop. Friday they did yard work service for an old less-active couple, and the heat had Priel sweating like mad — she says she soaked through her shirt. The couple will be dealing with some major surgeries soon, so the ward will be helping them out. Saturday they met with the ward mission leader for their other ward, and Priel says he’s a real go-getter and easy to work with. Sunday they just had meeting after meeting and collapsed into bed after.

In lessons this week: on Monday they had an FHE lesson with a less active family, and their little five-year-old girl rattled off the whole story of Korihor. She’s like a sponge, Priel says. Priel wishes she had more time to get to know these people.

On Tuesday, they had a lesson with Jon about the Restoration, and afterwards he agreed to be baptized! It’ll be hard because he’s got some issues in his life that mean he’ll need First Presidency approval first, but Priel believes in him. Wednesday, they taught Sheri about the Plan of Salvation. They invited her neighbor, a member of the church, over, and he was way helpful at teaching and bringing the Spirit. He’s a former Hell’s Angel and has come really far, and Priel says Sheri is too. She’s getting all kinds of important questions answered for herself through the scriptures. Friday they had a lesson with the Prescotts also about the Plan, and ditto with Jon on Saturday. Things are going well there.

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Allergic to Onions, My Dear


Very busy, a billion stupid papers to do, so we are pasting in.

Hey everyone!

So to start off my email, here’s some funny quotes that a bunch of small, redheaded kids said. “I have a table at my house! I’m not allowed to take it anywhere though.” “Why are you wearing shoes?!” “My toots smell like cookies.” I feel like this explains children in a nutshell.

This week has been alright. Things are booming in the Meadow Lark Ward, but not so much in the Shamrock ward. We don’t get too much support from our Ward Mission Leader which doesn’t help us out too much.

So on Monday we just did our usual P-day stuffs. Nothing too exciting happened. The Sisters in the zone wanted to do a sister’s activity, but Sister Francies and I both hate being around too much estrogen, so we just did our own thing, which was fun.

On Tuesday Sister Francies woke up with the same sickness I had last week, so we stayed home and watched a lot of church videos. I ended up writing about 7 letters. We also got a couple of referrals that day from the bishop in the Meadow Lark Ward, which was awesome!

On Wednesday, Sister Francies still wasn’t feeling well, but we had district meeting that day and interviews with President Winder, so she mustered up the energy to go. Interviews were good. I brought up my concerns about marriage and whatnot for when I go home, and he just smiled and said that we’d talk about that in my final interview. But he said that he’s so proud of how far I’ve come on my mission and that he’s seen a huge change in me.
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A Better Week


Four weeks left, guys!!!!

Priel had a better time this week — she’s adjusted to the area and the area has adjusted to having sisters instead of elders. Monday they had a dart war, which Priel was super happy about — she says she’s “a boss” at them now. Also, “at the end, I was the only sister who was playing with the Elders because the other sisters were too busy flirting with a new missionary who is from French Canada. Sheesh.”

Oh my dear dear.

They had district meeting on Tuesday. Priel says, “Elder Stark, who is now AP, was at the meeting. I was really happy to see him, since he’s become one of my best friends, but he’s changed after becoming AP. He’s so serious now, and his “Starkle Sparkle” is gone. It makes me so sad when missionaries lose their personality once they go into a big leadership position!” My other missionary friend, Dalton, is zone leader now so I’m kinda hoping that’s not true for him, haha. The few letters I manage to get from him (the Brazil/US postal service is SO SLOW) don’t seem to be lacking personality.

It was a good meeting, though, and they did some teaching and meeting work, before having some drama with Relief Society: “Then we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off that night because our relief societies were having activities at the same time, so we had to run to both, and then the people in one ward got mad at us because we left early to go to the other activity. Seriously. People need to start acting like adults and learn to share us.” I’ve had trouble sharing Priel in the past, so I can’t totally blame them, myself. 😉

Wednesday they did some service for Dixie, who is a “dry Mormon” — would be a member but struggles with giving up wine. She’s called “the missionary mom” in their area and everyone loves her, including Priel, who cried at her for a little bit about not wanting to go home yet. Then they did some more proselyting.

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Busy Week with New Mexico Throwbacks


Here’s what Priel has to say this week:

Hi Everyone!

This week was pretty good and pretty busy.

On Monday we hiked Table Rock with a few other missionaries in the zone. It was super hot, so I about died.

On Tuesday we went and got the oil changed in the car. I thought that it would take a long time, but it only took them about 45 minutes. The rest of the day was spent with making visits.

Wednesday Sister T woke up not feeling well, so she slept until about 2, and then insisted that we still go out even though she felt like she was going to puke. We visited Sister Gomez and she told us a lot of funny stories. Then we had dinner with a less active family, the Lee’s. They are awesome! It’s too bad that they don’t come to church more often.

On Thursday we had district meeting, which was good. Then we went to Delsa’s for lunch, which I really enjoyed because I haven’t been there since I got transferred from the Boise North Stake. It brought back a lot of good memories. Then we visited with Eva, and had a really good visit with her. I told her I love looking at artwork and that Mom is a watercolor artist, and she immediately took us to see her neighbor who is a professional oil painter. The lady showed us all of her artwork and it was pretty amazing! I felt like I was back at home in a Santa Fe gallery. A lot of her paintings were of New Mexico, which I got really excited about, of course. I think that this visit opened up a door for us, and I hope we can see this lady again because she was super cool! After that we had dinner and then went to teach our Book of Mormon class.

On Friday Sister T. was really sick so we stayed home all day. I got a lot of studying in and now I’m done with the Book of Mormon and halfway through the Book of Ezekiel.
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A Better Week with a Luau


Priel is finally starting to feel better. Monday she was able to do the usual p-day things, including going shopping with the elders, at which point she and Sister T convinced them to buy the ugliest ties possible at Goodwill and (she hopes) wear them to the zone conference. LOL.

Tuesday she was really sick again, though, in a lot of pain.

Wednesday she was better again and went to lunch and out to contact referrals. Thursday she saw a doctor to check up on everything and then did some lessons, including Book of Mormon class. She got a blessing from the elders that night, about which she says: “I asked the Elders to give me a blessing because I’ve just had one trial after another the past couple of months. In the blessing, Elder Thompson said that I would be able to find the positive in any situation and that I would be able to focus on that rather than the negative. It was exactly what I needed to hear, and I am so grateful for the Elders for giving me a blessing.”

Friday they had a zone meeting and then went to Red Robin, which took three hours to seat them, but Priel didn’t mind, apparently. Sister T called her family to set up a time to actually talk on Mother’s Day, and then they had dinner at a recent convert’s house — which made Priel sick again so she was throwing up all night. Darn fried chicken.

Saturday they had a luau as a farewell party for Sister T, who’ll be going home soon. She also had her call home since Mother’s Day had already hit in Samoa. It was a successful party, though Priel was creeped out about the pig, haha. Lots of people came, though, including non-members. Sunday, Priel got her own call, which made her happy. Before she’s cried about it, but this time, she says: “I’ll be seeing everyone in a couple of months, so that’s basically tomorrow.”

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Sicky Sick Sick Sick


Another brief update:

Hey everyone!

Well, this week was slightly more eventful than last! I am slowly starting to get better. My hip decided to swell up this week for no reason, so I stayed home a lot due to the pain.

Monday I still felt crummy, so I slept all day. I was able to go to the temple on Tuesday though, and that was really awesome. It was hard for me to concentrate because of how much pain I was in, but I was still able to enjoy the peace inside the temple. I pushed myself a little too hard on Tuesday, so I was basically dead the next day. I didn’t learn my lesson because on Thursday I went out and tried to go out proselyting like normal. I should have gone home after district meeting, but I thought that if I just convinced myself that I wasn’t sick, I would no longer be sick. That night I was in so much pain, and my hip swelled up a ton. So on Friday and Saturday I stayed home and Sister T. was able to go out on splits with the other sisters. On Sunday I decided that I was going to go to church because I’ve missed out on the sacrament for 2 weeks. I needed it! So I pushed through the pain and went to all of our meetings and all 3 hours of church.

Thank you for all of your prayers! They are really helping. I think if it weren’t for prayer and the priesthood blessings I’ve received, whatever I have would have probably sent me home. The doctors think I have some nerve damage going on in my leg from whatever the heck I had. So the prayers have really helped!

I love you all!

Love, Sister Bawden