More Food Poisoning AGAIN


Hi guys! Priel and her companion were pretty sick this week, so there were a lot of days they weren’t out on the street or teaching. Sister T was having migraines and Priel got food poisoning¬†again. Wednesday they had a Sister’s Training Meeting and had dinner with a nice couple who said they’d like to visit Priel once she’s back home, which was sweet. Thursday she went to talk to the President to discuss some personal issues as well as her upcoming return home — registering to return to college, etc. It makes her nervous! They also went to find some referrals, but that was a waste in the end. Friday they had a zone meeting and did some service cleaning for a hoarder, after which they had dinner with a lady who gave her food poisoning by improperly cooking salmon in the microwave. Priel says they’re a lot more likely to get sick when they’re eating in areas where the poorer people live. ūüė¶

So Saturday she was sick and throwing up, but the family they’re living with came home after an absence and were extremely helpful in getting her healthy again. Sunday she was back to church, and got to accompany a duet on the piano because there aren’t enough piano players in her area! That really surprised her, but she liked being able to help out.

In visiting, this week they saw Eva, whom Priel adores, Dee, and another lady who wants them to meet her husband. They also had a birthday party for a recent convert, so really not bad work for a week in which they were both sick. Especially since their area tends to be a bit slow-moving.

That’s it for this time! Thanks for keeping up with Priel’s adventures. I know she appreciates it. ‚̧


New Semester


Well, spring semester started. Aaaaand I’m super super stressed out, like to the point where I’m crying all the time. My classes have so much homework ¬†and I have so little time to do it all and get enough sleep. I’m trying to take classes for my major, but one is taking up all of the time I need for my online class. I’m thinking about dropping it and then taking it later after I get my generals out of the way. I’ll figure it out.

Sorry for the depressing post. I’ll try to do better next time.

Catch ya’ll on the flip side.

Utah Trip


I went to Utah over my short spring break. It was pretty fantastic! I stayed with my niece, Cheyenne, for a couple of days at BYU.¬†Her friends were super welcoming and tried to include me in everything they did, which I’m super grateful for. She’s got a great bunch of friends in Provo ūüôā

After staying with ¬†Cheyenne I went and visited my grandma. My grandma is probably the awesomest grandma in the history of awesome grandmas. She just got surgery on her hip, since she broke it pretty bad about a month ago. She’s doing a lot better now, but still has limited movement. Because of her limited movement I decided to help her around the house by doing dishes and laundry and such. She and I also played Skip-Bo for about 3 hours straight, which was agonizing for me, but she loved it. I was just glad to make her happy. Such an amazing woman like her deserves all the happiness she can get. She also fed me until I was full, which I was super, super grateful for. I haven’t had a full stomach in a while and she didn’t care that I was eating like a man. She just wanted me to go to bed with a full stomach that night.

I stayed with my sister for a couple of days after visiting my grandma. My sister has the cutest little girls ever. Her youngest girl is 3, and she said the funniest thing after watching a program about mummies on the Discovery Channel:

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Leaving Rexburg Soon!


The end of the semester is in 3 days! I’m happy. I am SO done with my classes this semester. I’m tired and sick of all of them. I’m glad I’m pretty much done. I also leave this Saturday to go to Utah to visit my sister, and I’m super excited for that. I can’t wait to leave Rexburg and spend some time with family. It’s gonna be awesome. I’m also going to visit my niece and some friends in Provo and then I’ll visit my grandma for a day.

I hope next semester is better than this one. This semester was ok, it would’ve been better if I had made friends sooner in the semester and if my classes had been easier. I am taking more credit hours though, so my homework load will probably be more next semester than it was this semester. Oh well. That’s what I get for taking more credit hours.

Catch ya’ll on the flip side.

The end is near!


Well, the end of the semester is¬†approaching, and it’s coming way too fast. There is no way I can get my botany grade up in less than 3 weeks. Plus I’m sad that some of my friends will be going home after this semester. I mean, we just became friends and now they have to leave. I am not ok with that.¬†

On a different note, today has been… eventful but boring at the same time. Like I was too tired to go to any of my classes today, so I only woke up to go take a botany exam (which I got a 72% on, by the way. Go me!!!!) and to go to an appointment. I still don’t feel that great right now, like I feel really feverish and sick, but I’m still not done for the day.

I am going to go take a nap now.

Catch ya’ll on the flip side.¬†

Burned Bagels


Well, today has been super exciting so far. I registered for classes this morning, witnessed another proposal on campus, went to class, then came home to eat some bagels for breakfast and ended up burning them. Burned bagels don’t taste all that bad. Yes, I am eating them. There aren’t anymore bagels left in my apartment and I don’t have time to walk to the store to get more. So I will eat my burned bagels to remind myself why I should get a new toaster.

I signed up to take Intro to History, choir, German I, dance, and Book of Mormon. I want to take foundations science, but I can’t sign up for that until April 1st, which is poopy. After I sign up for that science class, I’ll end up having 14 credit hours next semester. I think my German class is going to kill me, since it’s EVERY SINGLE DAY OF THE WEEK. KILL ME NOW.

I am going to get back to eating my burnt bagels and then I’m going to head off to choir.

Catch ya’ll on the flip side.