Upbeat Easter Week


Simply because I’m late with this and am also tired, I’m just going to copy Priel’s letter in today. 🙂

Hello everyone!

This week was kind of slow. Sister Tauiliili and I got food poisoning and we were feeling kind of crummy the rest of the week. We got a ton of referrals though, which was awesome!

On Monday we just played sports with the zone. I got a few letters that day, which was awesome. I don’t get letters very often. That night we visited with Sister Foreman. She only comes to church about once a month due to health reasons. She’s a very sweet lady though. She has a grandson who is half Samoan, so she’s trying to hook Sister T. up with him. It’s really funny because Sister T. wants to marry a white kid.

On Tuesday we had a ton of appointments, but most of them cancelled. We tried to see our investigator, Connie, but when we got to the door, she didn’t answer. We could see her looking through the peephole, so we know she was home. She’s been doing this to us almost every time we come over. It’s frustrating. But we had a good visit with this older lady in the ward. She has a lot of health problems so she never comes to church. She’s really sweet though! I hope I can be cute like her when I’m older.

On Wednesday we had district mtg. It was also April Fool’s day, so a lot of pranks were played on each other. Sister T. also killed our phone at lunch. The elders were messing with her and trying to steal her drink, and she ended up accidentally dropping our phone in her soda. We stuck it in rice, but it still could not be saved. Sadness. Then we visited Sister Gomez. We visit her every week. She’s really sweet, and has been through a lot. She lost her husband to a drunk driving accident, and she’s had a really hard time with it. Then we went to mutual because the young women asked Sister T. to teach them how to hula. It was really fun and the young women enjoyed it.

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Slow Internet in a New Place


I just got released from the hospital yesterday and things are kinda crazy, so I’m pasting the letter in this week. Thanks, guys!

Hello everyone!

First off, I want to say that the internet in the family history center is super slow. Second, I HAVE A NEW NEPHEW!!!!!! I can’t wait to squeeze him in a few months 🙂

This week was really kind of slow… we only have one progressing investigator, and I feel like we should have more considering how big the area is and how many people live here. But from what Sister T. told me, her and her previous companion used to sleep in, so that’s probably why. We’re going to work hard to find people to teach because having just one investigator is ridiculous.

So the area is pretty cool. It’s really diverse. We cover one of the wealthiest/oldest parts of Boise (look up Harrison Blvd) and the poorest part. There are 4 homeless shelters in the ward boundaries.The ward is a newly wed and nearly dead ward. Not very many families. Lots of old folks. And the activity rate is super low. We have about 700 people in the ward and we have a 20% activity rate. We have our work cut out for us here. Also, no one feeds us here, so if you ever feel inclined to send a package, please send food. I think this will be the first place on my mission where I will go hungry.

This whole week was spent with me getting to know the members. There are so many neat people here, and really like some of the sisters and elders in the zone. One sister that just came from the MTC actually lived down the street from my cousin! Small world!

So on Thursday we had a funny. So we teach a Book of Mormon class every Thursday night with the other sisters and a set of Elders. The Elders left their shaving gel in our car (no idea why) and Sister T. and I were going to give it back to them. Well, Elder Szendre was in the bathroom and we got the brilliant idea to spray him with the shaving gel. Sister T hid in one corner and Elder Thompson and I hid in the other corner. Elder Szendre came out and Sis T sprayed him with the gel. He jumped back and yelled, “What the flip, island girl?!?!” It was so hilarious. Elder Thompson filmed the whole thing, so I’ll have to get the video from him sometime.

Well, I would email more, but this internet is making me want to murder people. I’ll email ya’ll next week. Love you all!!

Love, Sister Bawden

She Lives!!!!


Okay, so, the LDS mail server recently got changed which means that Priel’s emails from last week never went through! We’ve all been panicking, like, “Did she get eaten by a moose? Did her new companion sacrifice her to a band of cats?” But today, which was this week’s (late) P-Day for her, her emails went through again so now we can rest assured that she’s alive and at least pretty well.

I’m going to copy last week’s email, which she re-sent to me, underneath and then I’ll tell you about this week’s email. Go.

Last Week (Summarizing Jan 26 — Feb 1)

Hello everyone! 

So this week has had it’s ups and downs. Mostly ups though! I’ve been taking Sister Palmer around to meet all of the ward auxiliaries and ward members. Sister Palmer is so awesome! She’s an amazing missionary and has the best sense of humor. 

On Monday we played dart wars. As usual it was super fun! I’m so glad the Elders in our district would rather do that than play basketball (well with the exception of one elder, but no one cares about what he wants to do hahaha). We got Sister Palmer all moved in and then I introduced her to the Bishop and Relief Society President. 

On Tuesday we had district meeting and went to Garbanzo’s for lunch. Garbanzo’s is a pizza place that has all you can eat lunch and they give missionaries discounts, so the Elders love it, of course. Then we helped the Elders with a service project. We cleared huge weeds out of someone’s property. Afterwards I took Sister Palmer to meet some of our investigators and members of the ward. 

On Wednesday we helped out the Elders some more because we’d only cleared out about a tenth of the weeds and garbage. But we got a lot done. Afterwards I introduced her to some more members. That night we taught the Finelli’s the Plan of Salvation. Bro. Finelli is a recent convert of a few months, but we haven’t been able to set up a time to teach him the new member lessons because he’s been so busy. Fortunately he has an amazing home teacher and he set it all up for us!

Exchanges and Elders


Today, Priel’s e-mail was more upbeat than the last few. She went on exchange, swapping companions for a week, and had a great experience with Sister Emmett, who challenged her by encouraging her to talk to others and then to extend a baptismal invitation, the first Priel has done herself. It made her nervous, but it was exciting for her!  She and Sister Rader have also been working in general on improving their communication skills, which I absolutely endorse. =)

She met with her mission president to talk about things, and got some advice for her health issues and related problems.

She also told this story:

“Sunday night was pretty funny. We were meeting up with the Elders to ask for some advice on one of our investigators, so Sister Rader and I were waiting in our car at the church for them. Elder Liufau rode up on his bike, and looked in Sister Rader’s window all creepily, just as I rip a big one.

Sister Rader said, “Well this is awkward,” but she didn’t see Elder Liufau. I thought she was talking about Elder Liufau being there, but she didn’t even notice he was there. She turned around, saw Elder Liufau, and screamed super loud and grabbed my arm in a death grip. It was hilarious, and we were dying for about 15 minutes.

Fortunately, the Elders never knew that I ripped one. ”

In other news, they got back at the elders this week by putting Vaseline on their door. So there’s the prank of the day!

Thanks for checking in and I’ll see you for Priel’s next update, next week.

Prank Wars


Here’s Priel’s update for the week:

This week, a lot of funny stuff has happened. I thought you all would appreciate this one particular story.

So, Sister Rader and I go to our church building a lot so that we can go to the bathroom, make copies of stuff, etc. The Elders always catch us when we’re there, so they seem to think that we’re always in the church or the church parking lot. One day, we walked out of the church, discovered that one of the hubcaps on our car was missing. Above the wheel was a sticky note that said, “This is why you shouldn’t park at the church.” We looked up and saw the Elders driving off with our hubcap, screaming. They eventually gave it back, so we’re good with that.

But they have no idea what they just started. Sister Rader and I are collecting ideas on how to get back at them. We’re going to hit them so hard they never knew what hit them. MUAHAHAHAHA! Also, I’m a bad influence on Sister Rader. She’s never even thought about pranking anyone in her life.

So, if you have any ideas on how to get back at these fudgenuggets, let me know! Just don’t make them too extreme because we don’t want to get in trouble.

Thanks for reading!