Zone Conference and Other Adventures

Pasting Priel in today because I need a nap.

Hey everyone!

So this week has been pretty good! We had a miracle happen, which I will share later.

On Monday we cleaned our car like crazy because zone conference was this week, and they give out clean car awards for those who have super clean cars. After that we went to Bogus Basin and hiked with the zone. There’s only dirt roads up there, so all of our work into our car was for nothing. And Sister Petersen somehow managed to run my foot over with her car, but I still hiked with a squashed foot! Then we went home and had dinner, and then we went on exchanges with our STL’s. I got to go with Sister Delahoyde, which I’m super glad for because I don’t exactly get along with Sister Molbek.

On Tuesday Sister Delahoyde and I went around and tried to contact a lot of people. We met a man on the street named Roy. We talked to him for a bit, asked if we could teach him, and he agreed! So exciting! 🙂 We also called a referral we received from Temple Square, and the lady sounded super excited to see us. We set an appointment to see her on Saturday.

Wednesday all of our appointments cancelled, so it was a day full of door knocking and unanswered doors.

Thursday was zone conference! We didn’t win the clean car award, even though we washed our car twice after going to Bogus and we vacuumed the inside like crazy. We were a little ticked about it, but whatever. It was mine and Sister T’s last zone conference so we don’t have to worry about having a super clean car anymore. Zone conference was really good. Elder Alder of the 70 came to speak to us. He talked about how we need to focus on keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and that if people change their attitude and activities on the Sabbath then we’ll have less problems with people going less active. We also got Tiwi’s installed in our cars. Basically, they track where you go, and yell at you if you drive 2 over the speed limit, if you drive aggressively, and if your seatbelts are on. I can see why they installed them, but I’m so tired of being told I’m speeding when I’m only going 2 over. I’ve been driving like a Grandma ever since they were installed! We also bore our “trunkimonies” at zone conference. Trunkimonies are the last testimony that you share in zone conference before you go home. It was really sad! I am not ready to go home! I love my mission so much. After zone conference we had dinner and then we went to our Book of Mormon class. A lot of drama happened… I won’t go into details.
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A Good, Productive Week


Priel’s email today is so chockfull I think I’ll be pasting it in. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! This week has been good. My immune system is totally shot though. I’ve just been catching everything that has been going around I guess.

On Monday Sister Palmer and I got haircuts, which I desperately needed because I haven’t gotten my hair cut since July. But the lady did a really good job, my hair doesn’t look so heavy and thick anymore. We also bought some cupcakes for Elder Swann’s birthday and then played soccer with the Elders. One of the Elders got way too intense and ended up kicking several people, including Sister Palmer. Her ankle was so bruised that it hurt her to walk. Elder Stark got pretty upset with this Elder, but I don’t think it changed anything. After P-day was over we had dinner with the Lawson’s. It was a lot of fun! They’re one of my favorite families, and I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to see them reactivate while I’ve been in this area. After dinner we had a lesson with Delaney. We taught her about the 10 commandments and the importance of prayer and scripture study. It was a really good lesson! After the lesson, Sister Palmer and I realized that we’re probably moving too fast for Delaney. She doesn’t know if Joseph Smith is a prophet or not, so teaching her about more stuff probably won’t help her to gain a testimony. I’ve unfortunately gotten into the mode of teaching lessons, not people, so it was good for us to take a step back and realized that we need to teach to what she needs rather than just teaching her all of the lessons.

On Tuesday we walked pretty much all day because we were super low on miles. We were able to have a lesson with Yancey about the importance of coming to church, and then we had a lesson with the Canter’s on prayer and scripture study. Then we visited Maria, and found out that she is moving, which made me really sad because I like her a lot.

On Wednesday we had leadership exchanges, and I went to the leadership meeting. All of the senior companions and leaders in the mission meet and then we go on exchanges with someone else. The meeting was really good. It was all about finding new people to teach and ways we can do that. I was excited for exchanges. Well, kind of. I’d heard bad things about the Sister I was paired up with, and they were unfortunately pretty true. She didn’t want to do anything, and she really offended the Laurels when we went to mutual. Had a lot of repairs to do after she left. Ugh, it was so bad!

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She Lives!!!!


Okay, so, the LDS mail server recently got changed which means that Priel’s emails from last week never went through! We’ve all been panicking, like, “Did she get eaten by a moose? Did her new companion sacrifice her to a band of cats?” But today, which was this week’s (late) P-Day for her, her emails went through again so now we can rest assured that she’s alive and at least pretty well.

I’m going to copy last week’s email, which she re-sent to me, underneath and then I’ll tell you about this week’s email. Go.

Last Week (Summarizing Jan 26 — Feb 1)

Hello everyone! 

So this week has had it’s ups and downs. Mostly ups though! I’ve been taking Sister Palmer around to meet all of the ward auxiliaries and ward members. Sister Palmer is so awesome! She’s an amazing missionary and has the best sense of humor. 

On Monday we played dart wars. As usual it was super fun! I’m so glad the Elders in our district would rather do that than play basketball (well with the exception of one elder, but no one cares about what he wants to do hahaha). We got Sister Palmer all moved in and then I introduced her to the Bishop and Relief Society President. 

On Tuesday we had district meeting and went to Garbanzo’s for lunch. Garbanzo’s is a pizza place that has all you can eat lunch and they give missionaries discounts, so the Elders love it, of course. Then we helped the Elders with a service project. We cleared huge weeds out of someone’s property. Afterwards I took Sister Palmer to meet some of our investigators and members of the ward. 

On Wednesday we helped out the Elders some more because we’d only cleared out about a tenth of the weeds and garbage. But we got a lot done. Afterwards I introduced her to some more members. That night we taught the Finelli’s the Plan of Salvation. Bro. Finelli is a recent convert of a few months, but we haven’t been able to set up a time to teach him the new member lessons because he’s been so busy. Fortunately he has an amazing home teacher and he set it all up for us!

Ordinary-Type Week


Priel’s had an ordinary kind of week this time. They had dinner with the Ords on Monday and got to play with their kids, but Priel felt like they spent too much time there instead of out proselyting and stuff. Tuesday they had a district meeting and on Thursday they had weekly planning and updated their accounts on Sunday church was a bit sparse because of the holiday and then they had exchanges with a sister who slipped on ice and got a concussion, so they could help with their appointments and stuff.

Friday was Sister Facer’s birthday! They got to go out for lunch and it was fun.

As for general appointments, this week they taught Delaney, who is very well-prepared and well-educated and intends to be baptized as soon as she receives a personal witness of the Gospel, the Lawsons with an emphasis on preparing their boys for missions, and Jerry and his family about chastity. They were worried how that would go, as he’s living with the mother of his children but they’re unmarried, but he seemed to understand and said they were planning on marrying soon. Progress! Yay!

And that’s all for this week! Talk to you again soon.

Shot in the Eye


Priel was a bit late with her e-mail this week because her P-Day got moved to Wednesday! Not that you would know the difference because I tend to post these things late anyway, haha.

Monday last, they had a p-day activity with a dart war, essentially–shooting nerf darts by blowing them out of PVC pipes. Priel had fun, but, being the wonderfully accident-prone human being she is, she got shot in the eye by one of the darts. So it’s all nice and bruised now. She had to stay home from one of their discussions to ice it because it hurt so bad.

This week they visited Ila and Jerry, whom they shared Helaman 5:12 with, and Sister Morgan, who they’re trying to convince to go to the temple. She saw an anti-video about it so she’s really nervous, but Priel’s hopeful that they and ward members can encourage her. They shared “He is the Gift” with Sister Buzard and a bunch of others in the area. They also taught Zach, who has a hard time focusing but makes really good comments, Tia and Sayler about making weaknesses strengths, and the Woodwards about the Plan of Salvation and eternal families. The Woodwards are making great progress and Priel’s eager to extend a baptism invitation soon–the Spirit told her not to this week. Not yet.

Wednesday they had a planning meeting and participated in a mutual where a few kids did invite non-members. Thursday they had exchanges, and Priel got to go with Sister Molbek, who’s from Denmark. She had a fantastic time. They visited an inactive member, Sister Berrocal, who expressed a number of concerns with basic doctrine and testimony. On Friday they had a really great zone meeting.

So on the whole, it’s really been a good week for Priel, ignoring being shot in the eye, haha. She expressed her gratitude for “He is the Gift” as a missionary tool and for her companion, Sister Facer. She says, “ I love [Sister Facer] a lot! She has been one of my favorite companions so far. She really encourages me to be a better missionary. I hope that we can be together at least one more transfer because I think that we can do so many amazing things together and learn so much more from her.”

Thanks for reading! See you next time.

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Priel Gets Injured Again


Priel’s had a good week! Productive, as usual… and once again she’s managed to injure herself. LOL.

Monday they talked with a part-member family whose little boy miraculously survived an accident–a semitruck hit him on his bike. He can even walk and talk now, which is incredible. They talked about facing trials. Tuesday was district meeting and they talked to Annie about chastity and the Word of Wisdom. She’s doing wonderfully and is very committed. Wednesday they visited a less active member who has actually been attending her parents’ ward fairly often. Her husband is deployed and she feels awkward going to the married ward alone. Thursday they talked with Sister Swanson about the Word of Wisdom and patriarchal blessings and had a nice visit with the Lloyds.

They also had a small miracle Thursday–Tiffany’s daughter Jordyn has agreed to take the lessons.It startled them so much they stumbled over the beginning of the lesson but then the Spirit came in and straightened things out. They’re very happy about it, of course!

Friday they talked to Sister Slay about the Second Coming, but she’s not progressing very well so they’ve decided, sadly, to visit her less often. Then they talked to Annie about tithing. Saturday they talked to Sister Rambo about General Conference and the husband of a new move-in kindly asked them to come back, which she looks forward too. Sadly, she thinks transfers will be coming up next week and she’ll probably be moved since she’s been in this area so long. But she’s ready to go where God sends her.

Finally, today, Priel went to see the doctor because she’d tripped earlier in the week and hit her collarbone hard enough that she worried she’d broken it. It’s not broken but it’s been knocked slightly out of place and her muscles are all torn up, so she’s gonna be wearing a sling for a little while. Yay, she says, for being clumsy!

See you guys next week. 🙂

You Don’t Wear Pants! and Other Stories


In today’s update, Priel told a couple funny stories about her mission, as well as expanding some on other stuff that’s been happening.

Funny stories first: she and her companion have been spending a lot of time on P-Days with the Elders (because of drama in the ranks of the Sisters), and they were talking about how Priel’s gained 10 pounds since she started her mission. (She would like to inform y’all that she is indeed ashamed, but there’s a lot of good food, so.) One of the Elders, Elder Pearce, said that she should buy pants an extra size larger, and Sister Rader said to Priel, “You don’t wear pants!” (Because Sisters only wear dresses and skirts on missions.) Which was terribly funny to them, so they cracked up.

Then, when they were going through a car wash, the mirror got hit and it folded, but Priel freaked because she thought it’d broken off. So Sister Rader freaked too, but then she figured out that the mirror had just folded, and since then she’s made fun of Priel for that. So at least they’re enjoying themselves, lol.

In mission news, they challenged their first person to a baptism, and she’s going to pray and think about it. So they’re very hopeful about this situation! Also, Priel’s finger is healing up pretty well. She’s got therapy putty to play with to help her muscles heal properly. She’s pretty darn tired of having a hurt finger, though.

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