Bittersweet Moments


Direct transcript of Priel’s most recent e-mail below:

Hey Everyone!!

So Megan’s baptism was yesterday, and it was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. The Spirit was super strong at the service, and there was a change in Megan after she came up out of the water. It changed my life for forever. I felt how proud Heavenly Father was of Megan, and that He was so happy that she was entering into the gate towards eternal life. Megan is an amazing girl, and I am always going to stay in touch with her and her family!

So, some sad news… I got transferred. I am now in the Boise North Stake, and my new companion is Sister Farley. She’s been out for 10 months, and she seems pretty awesome so far. I am sad that I got transferred though. I just loved Bridge Tower Ward so much, and I loved Sister Rader to pieces! I’ve been crying a lot. I don’t think I’ve cried this much since Grandpa died. It was so hard to leave people that I loved so much and grew so close to.

Coming to Boise North has been a bit of a culture shock for me. There are a ton of low-income homes and not a lot of members. The guy sitting next to me in the library smells like beer. Never would have had that in Meridian. Anyways, Bridge Tower was pretty wealthy and was very saturated with members. So it’s pretty much the complete opposite of what I’ve been used to.

Well, that’s basically all that I have for this week. I’ll probably start having more interesting stories now with my new area

I hope you are all doing well! I love you all!

Love, Sister Bawden

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It’s a Small, Small World


In Priel’s update this week, she was even MORE upbeat than last time! She managed to get help for her neck, which has been paining her a lot due to whiplash. The mission president sent her to physical therapy, which she’d never done before (she’s only done chiropractic stuff). It was very effective, and she’s quite grateful for the exercises and massages she’s getting done for her neck.

She’s also had a few “small world” moments. One of the families in the ward has a daughter who served her mission in Los Alamos. She was at BYU-Idaho when this girl was serving, so she hadn’t met her before, but it was a nice thing nonetheless. They talked for half an hour. There’s also a soccer coach in the ward who has competed with some of Priel’s cousins and knows her uncle.

Things in general are going well. She and Sister Rader are getting more appointments and the kids in the ward treat them like celebrities, shouting their names and drawing them pictures. So she’s in a good mood. =)

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you for her next update!

Homeward Bound!


I’m going home for Memorial Day! 😀 I am so stinking excited. I’ve missed my parents, my friends, my kitty, and REAL SPICY FOOD sooooo much!

First thing I’m gonna do when I get home is get my fill of kitty snuggles in. I’ve missed being around animals so much. Seriously, whenever I see a cat or a dog around Rexburg I get so excited because you never see pets on campus.

The second thing I’m going to do is get me a nice burrito smothered in red chili. In Idaho all the “Mexican” food is absolutely awful. My friends here think that the Mexican food is the best stuff on earth. I know otherwise. Any Mexican food outside of the southwest should not exist because it is so terrible.

The third thing I’m going to do is spend time with the people I’ve missed the most. I’ve also decided that hanging out with all of my friends from high school isn’t important anymore, considering we don’t even talk anymore (yes Carson, if you’re reading this, you now fit under that category. Your fault. Sorry bud). So I’m only going to spend time with my bestest friends (I wish you were gonna be home, Amy!) and with my family and my kitty. Only the people who really matter the most to me will be privileged to hang out with me.


Catch ya’ll on the flip side!!

:D Exciting News :D


This morning, my sister-in-law and brother had a little girl! I’m sooooooooo excited!! They named her Avyana (I have no idea how it’s spelled) and she’s a tiny little thing! She’s only 5 pounds! If you can’t tell, I’m already in love with this little baby girl. Once I meet her, her parents are never getting her back. Ever. She’ll be mine. But yeah, I’m so happy 😀

Catch ya’ll on the flip side! 🙂