Last Full Week!


I feel like this email needs to be posted in its original entirety, so here you go.

HOLY COW, I CAN’T BELIEVE I ONLY HAVE A WEEK LEFT. I’m flying out next Tuesday. It’s so hard to believe that this has come to an end. I thought that somehow my mission would last for forever. But it has gone by so fast, and I will soon have to take the nametag off and be just a normal civilian again. It’s terrifying but exciting all at the same time!

This week has been rough. But as always, there’s something good that happens every week, no matter how bad it is.

Monday, I had breakfast with Sister Jarnagin and her kids from my first area! It was so good to see them! Oh my goodness, the kids have gotten so big since I last saw them. But Sister Jarnagin has always been one of my favorites. She said when I get married she’s going to send me a nerf gun because “sometimes you just need to shoot your husband!” Ha! After that we drove up to Idaho City, which is in the farthest reaches of the mission (It’s 40 miles away) because we had miles we needed to burn. It was pretty cool, it’s the only place in the mission that I haven’t been to, so it was fun seeing it! The population of that town is 400. It’s funny.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges with the STL’s. I had a ton of fun! I was with Sister Pahulu. I love that girl to death! She’s Tongan, so she’s a ton of fun. We had a lot of fun together and it was fun seeing her area. But Sister Francies had a bad day because one of our less-actives in one of our wards told her that she was a bad missionary and that she should just go home. I’m glad I wasn’t there because I probably would have flipped out and destroyed something. No one messes with my companions! But she hit rock bottom for a few days and was scaring me a little bit.

Wednesday… yeah. We didn’t go out for most of the day because Sister Francies was having a mental breakdown. But we made it to our lesson with Sheri! We taught her the Gospel of Jesus, and she loved it. She’s read so much of the Book of Mormon already! She’s in Mosiah now, and it’s only been a month since we gave her the Book of Mormon. She is so amazing! I also just realized that Wednesday was my 18 month mark! So I’ve officially served for 18 months.

On Thursday I ended up going to the urgent care. I found out that I have an infection, which explains why I’ve had a high fever for the past 3 weeks. They gave me antibiotics, and I’ve already started feeling better. But we contacted some referrals later.

Editor’s note: how LaPriel manages to get sick all the time without realizing it, I don’t know. She was like that in high school too. She must be, like, Superwoman or something.


Zone Conference and Other Adventures

Pasting Priel in today because I need a nap.

Hey everyone!

So this week has been pretty good! We had a miracle happen, which I will share later.

On Monday we cleaned our car like crazy because zone conference was this week, and they give out clean car awards for those who have super clean cars. After that we went to Bogus Basin and hiked with the zone. There’s only dirt roads up there, so all of our work into our car was for nothing. And Sister Petersen somehow managed to run my foot over with her car, but I still hiked with a squashed foot! Then we went home and had dinner, and then we went on exchanges with our STL’s. I got to go with Sister Delahoyde, which I’m super glad for because I don’t exactly get along with Sister Molbek.

On Tuesday Sister Delahoyde and I went around and tried to contact a lot of people. We met a man on the street named Roy. We talked to him for a bit, asked if we could teach him, and he agreed! So exciting! 🙂 We also called a referral we received from Temple Square, and the lady sounded super excited to see us. We set an appointment to see her on Saturday.

Wednesday all of our appointments cancelled, so it was a day full of door knocking and unanswered doors.

Thursday was zone conference! We didn’t win the clean car award, even though we washed our car twice after going to Bogus and we vacuumed the inside like crazy. We were a little ticked about it, but whatever. It was mine and Sister T’s last zone conference so we don’t have to worry about having a super clean car anymore. Zone conference was really good. Elder Alder of the 70 came to speak to us. He talked about how we need to focus on keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and that if people change their attitude and activities on the Sabbath then we’ll have less problems with people going less active. We also got Tiwi’s installed in our cars. Basically, they track where you go, and yell at you if you drive 2 over the speed limit, if you drive aggressively, and if your seatbelts are on. I can see why they installed them, but I’m so tired of being told I’m speeding when I’m only going 2 over. I’ve been driving like a Grandma ever since they were installed! We also bore our “trunkimonies” at zone conference. Trunkimonies are the last testimony that you share in zone conference before you go home. It was really sad! I am not ready to go home! I love my mission so much. After zone conference we had dinner and then we went to our Book of Mormon class. A lot of drama happened… I won’t go into details.
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Feeling Much Better Now


I’m super happy and relieved to be able to say Priel’s doing better this week! A lot of her issues with Sister T seem to be related to an anxiety spike as well as the usual issues of human pride, but she’s working it out. Prayer has helped her. In a direct quote: “I was praying to Heavenly Father about how frustrated I was with myself and with Sister T, and that I didn’t want to deal with anything anymore. Then Matthew 7:3-5 came to mind, and I read it. Then I was inspired to reread Mosiah 3-4. The part where the people cried out loud asking God for forgiveness really hit me hard. I realized that I was being selfish and judgmental, and that I needed to ask for forgiveness for how I was treating Sister T. So I asked Heavenly Father to forgive me, and to help me to love her and see her in a more positive light. He answered my prayer and I now feel that I love Sister T. Because of that, we were able to have a much better week, and were able to teach in unity because I had cast aside all of those feelings of irritation and anger.”

It also helped that Sister T cleaned up the basement a bit, haha.

Monday, they went to the Capitol building downtown and also to Freak Alley, which she recommends you look up because it’s too hard to describe. Pictures are included at the end of this post. Tuesday and Wednesday, they tried to do service for a part-member family, but basically the family just wanted them to keep cleaning up after them, and Priel says that they’re “missionaries, not maids,” so obviously that’s not the most conducive use of their time. Also, it was gross. They also spent time visiting people, and had a meeting with one of the mission leaders.

Thursday they had a zone meeting discussing Easter and such. Priel says the video at this link made her cry, which is rare, and she recommends it a lot. #BecauseHeLives On Friday, they had exchanges, which weren’t so great this time around. The sister she was working with is very naggy and judgmental and makes it hard on her. So Priel decided to park the car and insist they walk the seven miles they needed to, and got a sunburn for her troubles. Another little reminder not to lose her temper and to be forgiving, she says. They did find an investigator, at least!

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A Good, Productive Week


Priel’s email today is so chockfull I think I’ll be pasting it in. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! This week has been good. My immune system is totally shot though. I’ve just been catching everything that has been going around I guess.

On Monday Sister Palmer and I got haircuts, which I desperately needed because I haven’t gotten my hair cut since July. But the lady did a really good job, my hair doesn’t look so heavy and thick anymore. We also bought some cupcakes for Elder Swann’s birthday and then played soccer with the Elders. One of the Elders got way too intense and ended up kicking several people, including Sister Palmer. Her ankle was so bruised that it hurt her to walk. Elder Stark got pretty upset with this Elder, but I don’t think it changed anything. After P-day was over we had dinner with the Lawson’s. It was a lot of fun! They’re one of my favorite families, and I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to see them reactivate while I’ve been in this area. After dinner we had a lesson with Delaney. We taught her about the 10 commandments and the importance of prayer and scripture study. It was a really good lesson! After the lesson, Sister Palmer and I realized that we’re probably moving too fast for Delaney. She doesn’t know if Joseph Smith is a prophet or not, so teaching her about more stuff probably won’t help her to gain a testimony. I’ve unfortunately gotten into the mode of teaching lessons, not people, so it was good for us to take a step back and realized that we need to teach to what she needs rather than just teaching her all of the lessons.

On Tuesday we walked pretty much all day because we were super low on miles. We were able to have a lesson with Yancey about the importance of coming to church, and then we had a lesson with the Canter’s on prayer and scripture study. Then we visited Maria, and found out that she is moving, which made me really sad because I like her a lot.

On Wednesday we had leadership exchanges, and I went to the leadership meeting. All of the senior companions and leaders in the mission meet and then we go on exchanges with someone else. The meeting was really good. It was all about finding new people to teach and ways we can do that. I was excited for exchanges. Well, kind of. I’d heard bad things about the Sister I was paired up with, and they were unfortunately pretty true. She didn’t want to do anything, and she really offended the Laurels when we went to mutual. Had a lot of repairs to do after she left. Ugh, it was so bad!

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Just a Few Days


Since her last email came only a few days ago, Priel’s last email was brief. So I’ll just copy it in today. Enjoy!

Hello everyone!

So I forgot my planner at home, so I’m just going to have to tell you what happened this week from memory! My planner is my brain, so this should be fun.

So Thursday we went to the temple and then we went to Tango’s as a district afterwards. Tangos is an Argentinian restaurant, and it is so good! The owner is LDS so he gives us an awesome discount. It was a really good day. Then we had a lesson with Delaney that night. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We asked her if she feels like she’s found the answers to her prayers. She believes pretty much everything we’ve taught her, but she feels like she needs to learn more before she can get baptized.

I honestly don’t remember what happened on Friday… I just remember that the dumb cold I had a few weeks ago came back with a vengeance.

On Saturday we went on exchanges with our sister training leaders. I went with Sister Delahoyde, my MTC companion, to her area. It’s weird that she’s an STL now! But we had fun together. I forgot how insane the ghetto of Boise is. Lots of people who are literally crazy. It’s fun. I miss the ghetto! Then we met with our ward mission leader and figured out everything for Bea’s baptism. Her baptism is good to go! Woohoo!!!

Sunday we had church. We taught Zach afterwards and started planning his baptism. He is a little afraid of water, but he’s excited to be baptized and have that new start. He’s a really awesome kid, and I know that the gospel will help his life to be a million times better than it ever was.

That night we had dinner with the Bowers. They are so awesome! I’ve gotten really close with them. I wasn’t feeling too good after dinner. Sister Bowers noticed and took my temperature. I had a high fever. She asked me if I wanted a blessing. I agreed, and Brother Bowers and Brother Bell gave me a blessing. I felt a lot better afterwards.Then Sister Bowers lathered me up in essential oils, gave me some medicine, and sent me home with some oils and meds. I woke up feeling a million times better the next day! Those oils really work!
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A New Companion


This week was transfers and Priel’s companion, Sister Facer, was moved out. She’s going to miss her! But her new companion, Sister Palmer, also seems cool. She’s from Iowa and used to be a kindergarten teacher. Priel had Sister Facer until Sunday, and now it’s Sister Palmer’s time. In light of the transfer, Priel’s decided to resolve to exercise more. She says transfers are a good chance for renewal.

Before the transfer, things went as usual! Monday they had another dart war, but with the whole zone, which was crazier and more frustrating. Tuesday they went on exchanges, which was nice, and they went to a Relief Society (adult women) activity about beauty and how to reclaim beauty from the media and make it into something more genuine and honest. Wednesday they went to a Laurels (girls ages 16-18) activity on the temple, and something awesome happened — quoting from Priel: “After the activity, one of the laurels came up to me and Sister Facer and asked if she could take a picture with us. After she asked, she whispered, ‘Because you’re the missionaries that made me decide to go on a mission.’ This really touched me. My whole mission I’ve hoped that I would be able to influence someone to go on a mission because some sister missionaries influenced me to go on a mission. I am so grateful that I was able to help this girl decide to serve a mission and that the Lord placed me here so I could meet her!”

On Thursday they had weekly planning and on Friday they went to lunch with a member who talked for three whole hours, haha. Saturday was another good day — Elder Russell M. Nelson came to visit the missionaries and give them a talk. They were all to come with three questions in mind, and all of Priel’s were answered within the talk without her even having to ask. It was very inspirational for her — she says, “I know for sure that he really is an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ and that he is called to help guide us in this day. I am so grateful that we have this leadership once again on earth because that shows that God truly loves us! He wants us to always hear his word and doesn’t want to hang us out to dry. God is the same yesterday, today, and forever!”

In teaching, this week they taught some less actives the first standard lesson, talked to the Caziers with the Primary (children up to age 12) president about overcoming their embarrassment and letting their kids go to church, and talked to Delaney some more about the Plan of Salvation (our version of the afterlife, plus more). They also met with Jerry, who continues to really improve. They talked to him about keeping the Sabbath day holy and about fasting, which he had some concerns about — it seemed selfish to him but they managed to explain it to him. He’s been off cigarettes for three weeks, which is awesome! They talked to Cathrine, who likes to learn about the Gospel but doesn’t care to believe in it — she’s been in lessons for almost 8 months.

And that’s what happened this past week! Priel sends her love, and we’ll talk next week again.

Ordinary-Type Week


Priel’s had an ordinary kind of week this time. They had dinner with the Ords on Monday and got to play with their kids, but Priel felt like they spent too much time there instead of out proselyting and stuff. Tuesday they had a district meeting and on Thursday they had weekly planning and updated their accounts on Sunday church was a bit sparse because of the holiday and then they had exchanges with a sister who slipped on ice and got a concussion, so they could help with their appointments and stuff.

Friday was Sister Facer’s birthday! They got to go out for lunch and it was fun.

As for general appointments, this week they taught Delaney, who is very well-prepared and well-educated and intends to be baptized as soon as she receives a personal witness of the Gospel, the Lawsons with an emphasis on preparing their boys for missions, and Jerry and his family about chastity. They were worried how that would go, as he’s living with the mother of his children but they’re unmarried, but he seemed to understand and said they were planning on marrying soon. Progress! Yay!

And that’s all for this week! Talk to you again soon.