A Better Week


Four weeks left, guys!!!!

Priel had a better time this week — she’s adjusted to the area and the area has adjusted to having sisters instead of elders. Monday they had a dart war, which Priel was super happy about — she says she’s “a boss” at them now. Also, “at the end, I was the only sister who was playing with the Elders because the other sisters were too busy flirting with a new missionary who is from French Canada. Sheesh.”

Oh my dear dear.

They had district meeting on Tuesday. Priel says, “Elder Stark, who is now AP, was at the meeting. I was really happy to see him, since he’s become one of my best friends, but he’s changed after becoming AP. He’s so serious now, and his “Starkle Sparkle” is gone. It makes me so sad when missionaries lose their personality once they go into a big leadership position!” My other missionary friend, Dalton, is zone leader now so I’m kinda hoping that’s not true for him, haha. The few letters I manage to get from him (the Brazil/US postal service is SO SLOW) don’t seem to be lacking personality.

It was a good meeting, though, and they did some teaching and meeting work, before having some drama with Relief Society: “Then we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off that night because our relief societies were having activities at the same time, so we had to run to both, and then the people in one ward got mad at us because we left early to go to the other activity. Seriously. People need to start acting like adults and learn to share us.” I’ve had trouble sharing Priel in the past, so I can’t totally blame them, myself. 😉

Wednesday they did some service for Dixie, who is a “dry Mormon” — would be a member but struggles with giving up wine. She’s called “the missionary mom” in their area and everyone loves her, including Priel, who cried at her for a little bit about not wanting to go home yet. Then they did some more proselyting.

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Stressed Spelled Backwards is Desserts


Short one, so I’m pasting Priel in.

Hello everyone!

Holy crud, this week has been so stressful. I forgot how hard whitewashing is. But we’ve been able to stay busy, and as a result, we collapse once we come home at night. We’ve also been eating our feelings a lot, so I might gain another 10 pounds before I come home.

Sister Francies and I are getting along well so far. She is from St. Louis, so she’s got the eastern toughness going on. It’s a little scary sometimes. She has a really feisty personality and loves to call people to repentance. Yeah, we’re going to have to work on that this transfer. I don’t want our wards to hate Sister Missionaries.

We visited a ton of people this week, and, to my surprise, a lot of them were angry that we replaced the Elders. One 7 year old wouldn’t listen to our lesson because “we weren’t as beautiful as Elder Cortez.” Direct quote. Even the old ladies are obsessed with Elder Cortez! People also won’t let us do service for them because we can’t lift heavy things like the Elders. Psh. I lifted 40 pound boxes at my last job! I can do as much as the Elders can. It kind of wounds the ego, not going to lie, haha! I think it’s going to take a little bit for the wards to like us. But that’s ok. It might not happen while I’m here, but that doesn’t matter. I just want them to like Sisters at some point.

Well, that’s really all I have to say this week. My brain is fried from all the stress, so I’ll have more to say next week, when we’re actually settled and have some idea of what we’re doing.

Love you all! Have a great week 🙂

Love, Sister Bawden

A Better Week with a Luau


Priel is finally starting to feel better. Monday she was able to do the usual p-day things, including going shopping with the elders, at which point she and Sister T convinced them to buy the ugliest ties possible at Goodwill and (she hopes) wear them to the zone conference. LOL.

Tuesday she was really sick again, though, in a lot of pain.

Wednesday she was better again and went to lunch and out to contact referrals. Thursday she saw a doctor to check up on everything and then did some lessons, including Book of Mormon class. She got a blessing from the elders that night, about which she says: “I asked the Elders to give me a blessing because I’ve just had one trial after another the past couple of months. In the blessing, Elder Thompson said that I would be able to find the positive in any situation and that I would be able to focus on that rather than the negative. It was exactly what I needed to hear, and I am so grateful for the Elders for giving me a blessing.”

Friday they had a zone meeting and then went to Red Robin, which took three hours to seat them, but Priel didn’t mind, apparently. Sister T called her family to set up a time to actually talk on Mother’s Day, and then they had dinner at a recent convert’s house — which made Priel sick again so she was throwing up all night. Darn fried chicken.

Saturday they had a luau as a farewell party for Sister T, who’ll be going home soon. She also had her call home since Mother’s Day had already hit in Samoa. It was a successful party, though Priel was creeped out about the pig, haha. Lots of people came, though, including non-members. Sunday, Priel got her own call, which made her happy. Before she’s cried about it, but this time, she says: “I’ll be seeing everyone in a couple of months, so that’s basically tomorrow.”

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Slow Internet in a New Place


I just got released from the hospital yesterday and things are kinda crazy, so I’m pasting the letter in this week. Thanks, guys!

Hello everyone!

First off, I want to say that the internet in the family history center is super slow. Second, I HAVE A NEW NEPHEW!!!!!! I can’t wait to squeeze him in a few months 🙂

This week was really kind of slow… we only have one progressing investigator, and I feel like we should have more considering how big the area is and how many people live here. But from what Sister T. told me, her and her previous companion used to sleep in, so that’s probably why. We’re going to work hard to find people to teach because having just one investigator is ridiculous.

So the area is pretty cool. It’s really diverse. We cover one of the wealthiest/oldest parts of Boise (look up Harrison Blvd) and the poorest part. There are 4 homeless shelters in the ward boundaries.The ward is a newly wed and nearly dead ward. Not very many families. Lots of old folks. And the activity rate is super low. We have about 700 people in the ward and we have a 20% activity rate. We have our work cut out for us here. Also, no one feeds us here, so if you ever feel inclined to send a package, please send food. I think this will be the first place on my mission where I will go hungry.

This whole week was spent with me getting to know the members. There are so many neat people here, and really like some of the sisters and elders in the zone. One sister that just came from the MTC actually lived down the street from my cousin! Small world!

So on Thursday we had a funny. So we teach a Book of Mormon class every Thursday night with the other sisters and a set of Elders. The Elders left their shaving gel in our car (no idea why) and Sister T. and I were going to give it back to them. Well, Elder Szendre was in the bathroom and we got the brilliant idea to spray him with the shaving gel. Sister T hid in one corner and Elder Thompson and I hid in the other corner. Elder Szendre came out and Sis T sprayed him with the gel. He jumped back and yelled, “What the flip, island girl?!?!” It was so hilarious. Elder Thompson filmed the whole thing, so I’ll have to get the video from him sometime.

Well, I would email more, but this internet is making me want to murder people. I’ll email ya’ll next week. Love you all!!

Love, Sister Bawden

A Filling and a Transfer


Priel’s had a decently significant week. Monday, they did dart wars again, and Priel won a round! Tuesday was a slow proselyting day, kind of frustrating.

Wednesday, though, Priel had an emergency dentist appointment for a very painful tooth. She didn’t have any cavities (which, as she said, surprises her because of her constant Dr. Pepper consumption), but there was a filling that had been done very badly by her previous dentist and was hurting the nerve. So they had to redo that filling for her and she still might lose the tooth, depending. So she spent the rest of the day drooling and a little annoyed.

Thursday was full of meetings — zone, service, and the mission president — and it was a good day. Friday, in between lessons, Priel got to go get pizza twice, which was fun. Once was with the elders. Priel says, “The Elders were just like my brothers and we were all just best friends. I’ll miss them a lot, especially Elder Stark. Elder Stark and I were in the same district for about 10 months, so he and I have gotten really close. He’s going zone leader this transfer, and this will be the first transfer in a long time that we won’t be in the same district. Bah, it’s going to be hard!”

Saturday, Sheri Dew talked to all the Relief Society, whch Priel loved loved loved. Then they got transfer calls — and Priel has been transferred by to her old area. She’s kind of sad, but she’ll have lots of new stories to tell! Her new companion is from Samoa, the first one from out of the US, and her name is Sister Tauiliili. She says the missionaries in that zone have (rumoredly) gotten out of hand so she’s proud to be able to go back there and bring more obedience in, haha.

Then they had a baptism, for Zach, which was super happy. He managed even though his family doesn’t support it. But he’s scared of water, so he basically ran out of the font as soon as he got baptized, haha. Priel says he’s bound to go far.

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A Good, Productive Week


Priel’s email today is so chockfull I think I’ll be pasting it in. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! This week has been good. My immune system is totally shot though. I’ve just been catching everything that has been going around I guess.

On Monday Sister Palmer and I got haircuts, which I desperately needed because I haven’t gotten my hair cut since July. But the lady did a really good job, my hair doesn’t look so heavy and thick anymore. We also bought some cupcakes for Elder Swann’s birthday and then played soccer with the Elders. One of the Elders got way too intense and ended up kicking several people, including Sister Palmer. Her ankle was so bruised that it hurt her to walk. Elder Stark got pretty upset with this Elder, but I don’t think it changed anything. After P-day was over we had dinner with the Lawson’s. It was a lot of fun! They’re one of my favorite families, and I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to see them reactivate while I’ve been in this area. After dinner we had a lesson with Delaney. We taught her about the 10 commandments and the importance of prayer and scripture study. It was a really good lesson! After the lesson, Sister Palmer and I realized that we’re probably moving too fast for Delaney. She doesn’t know if Joseph Smith is a prophet or not, so teaching her about more stuff probably won’t help her to gain a testimony. I’ve unfortunately gotten into the mode of teaching lessons, not people, so it was good for us to take a step back and realized that we need to teach to what she needs rather than just teaching her all of the lessons.

On Tuesday we walked pretty much all day because we were super low on miles. We were able to have a lesson with Yancey about the importance of coming to church, and then we had a lesson with the Canter’s on prayer and scripture study. Then we visited Maria, and found out that she is moving, which made me really sad because I like her a lot.

On Wednesday we had leadership exchanges, and I went to the leadership meeting. All of the senior companions and leaders in the mission meet and then we go on exchanges with someone else. The meeting was really good. It was all about finding new people to teach and ways we can do that. I was excited for exchanges. Well, kind of. I’d heard bad things about the Sister I was paired up with, and they were unfortunately pretty true. She didn’t want to do anything, and she really offended the Laurels when we went to mutual. Had a lot of repairs to do after she left. Ugh, it was so bad!

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Exchanges and Elders


Today, Priel’s e-mail was more upbeat than the last few. She went on exchange, swapping companions for a week, and had a great experience with Sister Emmett, who challenged her by encouraging her to talk to others and then to extend a baptismal invitation, the first Priel has done herself. It made her nervous, but it was exciting for her!  She and Sister Rader have also been working in general on improving their communication skills, which I absolutely endorse. =)

She met with her mission president to talk about things, and got some advice for her health issues and related problems.

She also told this story:

“Sunday night was pretty funny. We were meeting up with the Elders to ask for some advice on one of our investigators, so Sister Rader and I were waiting in our car at the church for them. Elder Liufau rode up on his bike, and looked in Sister Rader’s window all creepily, just as I rip a big one.

Sister Rader said, “Well this is awkward,” but she didn’t see Elder Liufau. I thought she was talking about Elder Liufau being there, but she didn’t even notice he was there. She turned around, saw Elder Liufau, and screamed super loud and grabbed my arm in a death grip. It was hilarious, and we were dying for about 15 minutes.

Fortunately, the Elders never knew that I ripped one. ”

In other news, they got back at the elders this week by putting Vaseline on their door. So there’s the prank of the day!

Thanks for checking in and I’ll see you for Priel’s next update, next week.