Zone Conference and Other Adventures

Pasting Priel in today because I need a nap.

Hey everyone!

So this week has been pretty good! We had a miracle happen, which I will share later.

On Monday we cleaned our car like crazy because zone conference was this week, and they give out clean car awards for those who have super clean cars. After that we went to Bogus Basin and hiked with the zone. There’s only dirt roads up there, so all of our work into our car was for nothing. And Sister Petersen somehow managed to run my foot over with her car, but I still hiked with a squashed foot! Then we went home and had dinner, and then we went on exchanges with our STL’s. I got to go with Sister Delahoyde, which I’m super glad for because I don’t exactly get along with Sister Molbek.

On Tuesday Sister Delahoyde and I went around and tried to contact a lot of people. We met a man on the street named Roy. We talked to him for a bit, asked if we could teach him, and he agreed! So exciting! 🙂 We also called a referral we received from Temple Square, and the lady sounded super excited to see us. We set an appointment to see her on Saturday.

Wednesday all of our appointments cancelled, so it was a day full of door knocking and unanswered doors.

Thursday was zone conference! We didn’t win the clean car award, even though we washed our car twice after going to Bogus and we vacuumed the inside like crazy. We were a little ticked about it, but whatever. It was mine and Sister T’s last zone conference so we don’t have to worry about having a super clean car anymore. Zone conference was really good. Elder Alder of the 70 came to speak to us. He talked about how we need to focus on keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and that if people change their attitude and activities on the Sabbath then we’ll have less problems with people going less active. We also got Tiwi’s installed in our cars. Basically, they track where you go, and yell at you if you drive 2 over the speed limit, if you drive aggressively, and if your seatbelts are on. I can see why they installed them, but I’m so tired of being told I’m speeding when I’m only going 2 over. I’ve been driving like a Grandma ever since they were installed! We also bore our “trunkimonies” at zone conference. Trunkimonies are the last testimony that you share in zone conference before you go home. It was really sad! I am not ready to go home! I love my mission so much. After zone conference we had dinner and then we went to our Book of Mormon class. A lot of drama happened… I won’t go into details.
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More Food Poisoning AGAIN


Hi guys! Priel and her companion were pretty sick this week, so there were a lot of days they weren’t out on the street or teaching. Sister T was having migraines and Priel got food poisoning again. Wednesday they had a Sister’s Training Meeting and had dinner with a nice couple who said they’d like to visit Priel once she’s back home, which was sweet. Thursday she went to talk to the President to discuss some personal issues as well as her upcoming return home — registering to return to college, etc. It makes her nervous! They also went to find some referrals, but that was a waste in the end. Friday they had a zone meeting and did some service cleaning for a hoarder, after which they had dinner with a lady who gave her food poisoning by improperly cooking salmon in the microwave. Priel says they’re a lot more likely to get sick when they’re eating in areas where the poorer people live. 😦

So Saturday she was sick and throwing up, but the family they’re living with came home after an absence and were extremely helpful in getting her healthy again. Sunday she was back to church, and got to accompany a duet on the piano because there aren’t enough piano players in her area! That really surprised her, but she liked being able to help out.

In visiting, this week they saw Eva, whom Priel adores, Dee, and another lady who wants them to meet her husband. They also had a birthday party for a recent convert, so really not bad work for a week in which they were both sick. Especially since their area tends to be a bit slow-moving.

That’s it for this time! Thanks for keeping up with Priel’s adventures. I know she appreciates it. ❤

Feeling Much Better Now


I’m super happy and relieved to be able to say Priel’s doing better this week! A lot of her issues with Sister T seem to be related to an anxiety spike as well as the usual issues of human pride, but she’s working it out. Prayer has helped her. In a direct quote: “I was praying to Heavenly Father about how frustrated I was with myself and with Sister T, and that I didn’t want to deal with anything anymore. Then Matthew 7:3-5 came to mind, and I read it. Then I was inspired to reread Mosiah 3-4. The part where the people cried out loud asking God for forgiveness really hit me hard. I realized that I was being selfish and judgmental, and that I needed to ask for forgiveness for how I was treating Sister T. So I asked Heavenly Father to forgive me, and to help me to love her and see her in a more positive light. He answered my prayer and I now feel that I love Sister T. Because of that, we were able to have a much better week, and were able to teach in unity because I had cast aside all of those feelings of irritation and anger.”

It also helped that Sister T cleaned up the basement a bit, haha.

Monday, they went to the Capitol building downtown and also to Freak Alley, which she recommends you look up because it’s too hard to describe. Pictures are included at the end of this post. Tuesday and Wednesday, they tried to do service for a part-member family, but basically the family just wanted them to keep cleaning up after them, and Priel says that they’re “missionaries, not maids,” so obviously that’s not the most conducive use of their time. Also, it was gross. They also spent time visiting people, and had a meeting with one of the mission leaders.

Thursday they had a zone meeting discussing Easter and such. Priel says the video at this link made her cry, which is rare, and she recommends it a lot. #BecauseHeLives On Friday, they had exchanges, which weren’t so great this time around. The sister she was working with is very naggy and judgmental and makes it hard on her. So Priel decided to park the car and insist they walk the seven miles they needed to, and got a sunburn for her troubles. Another little reminder not to lose her temper and to be forgiving, she says. They did find an investigator, at least!

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Killer Hikes and Busy Days


Nahhh, I’m gonna copy and paste this one too. Sorry. Midterms are this week. *insert disgusted face here*

Hello fellow humans!

This week was a pretty busy week!

On Monday we hiked at Camelback Park with the zone. It was a killer hike and my lungs hated me afterwards. I’ll attach a picture so that you’ll see why. The hill was seriously like a 70 degree incline with lots of sand. It was still fun even though we were all dying.

We taught Tiffany about The Law of Tithing and Fasting. Jordyn sat in on the lesson again, which was exciting! We had the relief society president come with us to the lesson. I’m so glad she was there because she was able to clear up Tiffany’s concerns about paying tithing! Tiffany committed to live it. She’s been doing really well with the Word of Wisdom! She hasn’t had any coffee since she committed to live it.

On Tuesday we visited Sister Slay. It was good to see her again! She’s been sick for about 3 weeks, so we haven’t been able to visit with her for a while. We also visited Sister Whiting. She can’t come to church because her health is very poor. She really misses going to church. She has an amazing testimony, and we were able to be edified by her.

On Wednesday we visited Sister Kreller and her grandson. Sister Kreller told us about all of her health problems and that she might not live too long because of them. She is an amazing woman, and I admire her very much for staying strong through all of her trials. Her grandson isn’t doing everything he should right now, like preparing to serve a mission, so we’re going to see if we can get the Elders to help him out or something.

We also taught Annie the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The lesson went really well. She told us a lot of things about her past. She grew up very abused as a child and she also had a very abusive husband at one point. She’s come a long way! She is a very amazing person. She has been more prepared to receive the gospel than anyone I’ve ever met!
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A Week of Service


This week has been busy full of service for Priel! She’s sore after all of it, but pretty happy.

They taught Trina about counting blessings, Sister Slay about turning to the Lord, Lavonne, who was feeling depressed, about the meaning of life and our purpose here, Tiffany about the Word of Wisdom, the Veibells about church attendance, Anna her first new member lesson on the Restoration, and sang a song for Trina. Tiffany said she’d like to be baptized but she has to move out of the church she’s living at right now first.

They also had FHE with the married student ward, to unify them a bit more.

In service, they went ahead in cleaning up Ms. Padgette’s basement, the one that had the bad feeling in it. Basically, it was horrible. They found drug paraphernalia, pornography, and human and animal feces. The walls were also covered in Satanic symbols. The elders helped them clean up but said they felt they needed to do still more cleaning before they could bless the house. They taught Ms. Padgette about the priesthood so she could understand that, and then Priel went home and took a very long shower that did not really make her feel less gross. She’s still having nightmares about it.

They then helped Lani move out, packing and cleaning, and taught her kids about treating others as Jesus would. Priel’s sad to see her go! They also helped the elders move a few people in to the ward.

On Sunday, walking through the city, they saw a deer up close, which Priel was excited about. There’s a picture below! Thanks for reading, everyone, and I’ll see you next time!

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