Long Time, No Blog Post


Hey Readers,

Sorry that I haven’t written a blog post in ages. A lot has happened since the last blog post. I had a lot of homework on top of working part-time. And then I got married back in August! My wedding day was absolutely perfect. I am happy that I get to be with my love for forever.

After getting married, my hubby and I moved to Idaho. Our apartment doesn’t have internet, thus keeping me away from my blog for an even longer period of time. I’m at my sister’s house right now, so I’m taking advantage of the fact that I’ll have internet for a bit.

I’ve been debating on what I should write next. There’s just so much I want to write about. After a long debate with myself I finally decided what I needed to write. I now know what I need to write, but I am having trouble putting it into words, so I will probably do that in my next blog post.

For now I’ll just update you on what I’m up to.

I’ve been very bored since I moved to Idaho. My husband and I are both unemployed. It’s nice being able to be together all of the time, but it’s awful not having anything to do. I’ve beat three Assassin’s Creed games, but that’s all I can say I’ve accomplished since September. I enjoy being somewhat busy, so being unemployed and not in school has been bad for me. I am honestly looking forward to school starting in January so that I’ll have something to do. Being unemployed is also stressful because we kind of need money and we aren’t getting any because no jobs.

I’m honestly really not enjoying living up here. I want to go back home to New Mexico where my hubby is guaranteed a job and where I can be with my family and friends. I hope that someday my husband and I can move back to New Mexico.

Sorry that this post isn’t funny. I just haven’t been in a fun mood lately, so it’s hard to write lighthearted things when you aren’t feeling lighthearted. Maybe the next one will be better.


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