Things I Used to Care About But Give Zero Craps About Now


Alright, so I’ve decided that another blog post has been long overdue. I apologize for not being a more diligent blogger. In my defense, last semester was insane, but now that I have a little more time on my hands, I decided to update the blog!

Quick news update: I’M ENGAGED! 😀 I’m getting married in August and I couldn’t be more excited 🙂

So, I’ve been contemplating a lot about what to write. The idea finally came to me after I got out of the shower and was contemplating whether or not I wanted to wear real pants that day. I decided to write about things I used to care about (especially in high school) that I don’t care about now.

Here is the list!

  1. Wearing real pants, as stated above- I would only wear a specific brand of jeans in high school and I refused to go out in public in sweat pants or my PJ bottoms. Now, I just don’t care. If I wear jeans, it’s a good day. If I wear slacks, it’s because I have a job interview or I’m at some fancy event and I don’t feel like wearing a dress. Most of the time I’m usually wearing sweats or PJ bottoms. If I can get away with it, I choose to not wear pants at all (which isn’t an option most of the time since I live with my parents).
  2. Matching socks- For some reason, my socks ALWAYS needed to match. I had/ have some really crazy looking socks (because life is too short for boring socks) and they had to match with the mate that they came with. Now I don’t care, mostly because one mate in the sock pair has worn out so now I have to mismatch socks.
  3. Having perfect hair- I wouldn’t walk out the door unless my hair looked amazing. I would blow dry it every morning, put hair products in it, curl it, do awesome braids, etc. Now I just wash it and call it good. Air drying is better for hair anyways.
  4. Shaving my legs- I shaved my legs every day throughout middle school and high school, including during the winter. In college I discovered that there was a thing called “No Shave November” and I took full advantage of it. I didn’t shave during November, and then I decided to not shave until it was warm enough to wear shorts. My legs looked like they belonged to a Yeti and it took me about 2 hours to shave my legs once warm weather hit, but it was totally worth it. I’ve done it every winter since and I have no shame in doing so. When I’m married my husband will just have to learn to embrace the Yeti legs.
  5. Sexy underwear- I would only buy bras and other things if they looked “sexy.” I have no idea why, but that was super important to me at the time. I don’t remember any particular reason. I guess I just enjoyed being secretly sexy or something. Anyways, now I don’t care. If it’s comfortable I will buy it, and honestly, some of the stuff I used to get embarrasses me now.
  6. Being happy and hilarious all of the time- I used to think that my role in life was being the jokester and making people laugh and be happy. I would fake being happy just so people would be happy. Now I don’t care. I decided about a year ago that I just needed to be me and not cover up how I feel. If I want to be funny I will be, but if I’m feeling like giving the finger to the world there will be no jokes for anyone.
  7. Wanting to have a perfect family and house- I used to always envision myself married to a rich red-headed guy with perfect little children and living in a perfect huge house with cute decorations and perfectly clean. Now, I know that that is not going to happen. I am engaged to a Native American, so the red-headed thing is definitely not happening haha. Our children will not be perfect but we will love them anyways. And I doubt we will ever be able to afford a large house because of the professions we want to go into. There will be no cute decorations because I am not a crafty Molly-Mormon type of girl and I suck big time at organizing so the house will be cluttered. But hey, I’m good at deep cleaning, so it will actually be clean! It just won’t look that way. But I know I’ll be happy with what happens because I’ll be married to the guy I love and that’s all that matters. Forget the big house and stupid crafty decor.


I can’t think of anything else off the top of my head, so the list ends there. Comment if you want a second part to this. But there you go!

I am going to try to suck less at blogging. I have a million ideas for my blog but I never get around to actually updating. Hopefully I will be posting something else soon!


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