I have a problem


I officially suck at blogging. Sometimes I forget that I even have a blog.

Anyways. I have a confession. I really really big one. And I figured that now was a good time to tell you, so here it goes.

I have a nasty habit of saying, “The tank is clean” whenever anyone says, “The sun is shining.”

That’s right. I picked up a habit from  “Finding Nemo.” And it’s bad. Really bad. The other day I was in the store, and I heard this lady talking on the phone. She was talking about how beautiful the day was, and then she said those words. “The sun is shining.” Before I could even think, the words “the tank is clean” came out of my mouth right as I walked by her. Words can’t describe the expression on her face.

Even when my mom comes to wake me in the morning those words still come out. Whenever I sleep too late she busts into my room with so much sickening morning happiness and says, “THE SUN IS SHINING!” And even though I’m groggy, grumpy, and have no idea where I am, the words, “the tank is clean” still manage to make their way out of my mouth.

I have a major problem, guys. And it’s all thanks to Disney.


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