A Better Week


Four weeks left, guys!!!!

Priel had a better time this week — she’s adjusted to the area and the area has adjusted to having sisters instead of elders. Monday they had a dart war, which Priel was super happy about — she says she’s “a boss” at them now. Also, “at the end, I was the only sister who was playing with the Elders because the other sisters were too busy flirting with a new missionary who is from French Canada. Sheesh.”

Oh my dear dear.

They had district meeting on Tuesday. Priel says, “Elder Stark, who is now AP, was at the meeting. I was really happy to see him, since he’s become one of my best friends, but he’s changed after becoming AP. He’s so serious now, and his “Starkle Sparkle” is gone. It makes me so sad when missionaries lose their personality once they go into a big leadership position!” My other missionary friend, Dalton, is zone leader now so I’m kinda hoping that’s not true for him, haha. The few letters I manage to get from him (the Brazil/US postal service is SO SLOW) don’t seem to be lacking personality.

It was a good meeting, though, and they did some teaching and meeting work, before having some drama with Relief Society: “Then we ran around like chickens with our heads cut off that night because our relief societies were having activities at the same time, so we had to run to both, and then the people in one ward got mad at us because we left early to go to the other activity. Seriously. People need to start acting like adults and learn to share us.” I’ve had trouble sharing Priel in the past, so I can’t totally blame them, myself. 😉

Wednesday they did some service for Dixie, who is a “dry Mormon” — would be a member but struggles with giving up wine. She’s called “the missionary mom” in their area and everyone loves her, including Priel, who cried at her for a little bit about not wanting to go home yet. Then they did some more proselyting.

Thursday was weekly planning, which took a while because of lots of tangents. Then they went to do their usual work before splits with the ward mission leader, which Priel says was pretty unproductive because he didn’t want to get out of his comfort zone and went only to actives, not less actives. They went to the Stake President’s house at one point, and when the wife heard that Priel’s going home soon, she immediately tried to set her up with her RM son. I bet you can guess how Priel felt about that. LOLOLOLOLOLOL.

Friday Priel started getting a bit sick with a sore throat, but they went around their usual rounds. Saturday she was all the way sick with a flu-y thing, so they stayed home and watched church movies. She says she wishes they could watch Netflix just for occasions like that. I’m wondering exactly how well, at this point, she would take seeing the stuff that’s on Neflix, haha.

Sunday Priel forced herself to church to give a talk: “We purposefully made our talks kind of a call to repentance because there’s been a lot of apostasy going on in Meridian. I won’t go into details, but it’s bad. Anyways, we both felt very strongly that we needed to talk about the importance of becoming converted, not just gaining a testimony.” After she needed a long sleep but she feels better again.

In lessons, she noted a couple this week: they taught Sister Howard about the Plan of Salvation, which was a great refresher for her, and they taught a newish contact, Sheri, about the Book of Mormon. She’s Methodist but she’s very interested because her daughter recently converted, and she’s excited as well about the family-centered doctrine of the Church. Priel feels like she’s really prepared to take the lessons!

So yes, a good week overall. 🙂 I’m glad Priel’s doing some great stuff her last little stretch. And I’m sad that she’s scared to come home but also sooooooooooooo excitedddddddddddddddd (in case you didn’t catch that before, LOL). Keep praying for her! Talk to you next week.


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