Final Transfer, Lots of Feels


This week, Priel says, was probably the hardest of her mission. She’s only got six weeks left now, which alarms her, but I’M SO HaAaAaAaAaAaApPyYyYyY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They spent the week prepping for Sister T’s return home, saying goodbyes and stuff. Sister T waited til last minute to pack, though, haha. Friday, she left, which was really hard on Priel. She says, “Even though she sometimes drove me crazy I really grew to love her a lot and we got super close. I’ve honestly gotten closer to her than any other companion I’ve had. She and I were bawling and hugging in the mission office, and I didn’t want to send her off! We took one picture before we left and it’s probably the saddest picture I’ve ever seen. Our faces are red from crying.”

Priel was then paired up with Sister Leavitt for the weekend since both their companions had left, who is her “mission twin” because people say they look alike, but Priel doesn’t see it. They do fangirl together, though.

Saturday, the two of them helped an old lady move out, and Priel says she nearly died because of the heat and humidity in Idaho this past weekend. Which I too can attest to, being at BYU-Idaho right now. Then they got transfer calls, and Priel is being moved finally out of the area, which led to an emotional breakdown that evening. She really loves the ward she’s been in and the people there. She wrote, “I locked myself in the bathroom and cried for about an hour straight. I had a complete mental breakdown, and called Sister Lomu and Petersen and kept telling them that I couldn’t handle getting my heart broken anymore and that I wanted to go home. I’d lost my companion that I loved very much and then I was getting transferred from an area that I’ve loved from the instant that I got transferred there. They tried to calm me down with encouraging words, but I just got mad at them and hung up. The Elders ended up calling me, and Elder Szendre was really good at calming me down. He said exactly what I needed to hear. He’s also getting transferred to Meridian East, so I’m glad I’ll have a friend here. Sister Leavitt was a big help too. She cancelled all of the appointments she had in her area, and let me go to my area to start saying goodbye to everyone. She also bought me a shake from Dairy Queen, which also helped a lot.”

Milkshakes win the world.

Sunday, as she moved out and said her goodbyes, there was lots of crying again. She got a blessing from the elders, which helped. Then: “I had a fun experience while we were sticking my suitcases in the car Sunday night. Somehow, we managed to lock the keys in the car with the car running. I tried to break in using a coat hanger (I may or may not have destroyed the rubber lining in the door to get inside), but the hanger couldn’t reach the unlock button. So we ended up having to call the APs and they came and rescued us. We didn’t get home until about 11pm. Holy heck, I was so stressed out!”

Lots of missions are getting compressed in Priel’s area now because of the many people coming home from the initial post-announcement flood. She’s in Meridian East now, covering two wards, with Sister Francies. They’re both a little lost, but Priel says it’ll be good for a last stretch of learning. This will be Priel’s last area and last companion, which she says is funny because Sister Francies has “killed” all of her companions so far — meaning, she’s been all of her companions’s last companion before they went home, LOL. Priel calls her “a serial killer” and she’s next on the list.

She might just hide in the mountains though, so she doesn’t have to go home, or that’s what she says. If she does, though, I will hunt her down, because I am dying to have her back, so. *shrugs*

She concludes, “I hope you’re all doing well. Could you all pray that I’ll be blessed with peace? I’m still having a really hard time with leaving my area and not being with Sister T. I love you all!”

Talk to you next time. 🙂

Mission twinsies?

Mission twinsies?

Goodbye to Sister T! :(

Goodbye to Sister T! 😦


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