Busy Week with New Mexico Throwbacks


Here’s what Priel has to say this week:

Hi Everyone!

This week was pretty good and pretty busy.

On Monday we hiked Table Rock with a few other missionaries in the zone. It was super hot, so I about died.

On Tuesday we went and got the oil changed in the car. I thought that it would take a long time, but it only took them about 45 minutes. The rest of the day was spent with making visits.

Wednesday Sister T woke up not feeling well, so she slept until about 2, and then insisted that we still go out even though she felt like she was going to puke. We visited Sister Gomez and she told us a lot of funny stories. Then we had dinner with a less active family, the Lee’s. They are awesome! It’s too bad that they don’t come to church more often.

On Thursday we had district meeting, which was good. Then we went to Delsa’s for lunch, which I really enjoyed because I haven’t been there since I got transferred from the Boise North Stake. It brought back a lot of good memories. Then we visited with Eva, and had a really good visit with her. I told her I love looking at artwork and that Mom is a watercolor artist, and she immediately took us to see her neighbor who is a professional oil painter. The lady showed us all of her artwork and it was pretty amazing! I felt like I was back at home in a Santa Fe gallery. A lot of her paintings were of New Mexico, which I got really excited about, of course. I think that this visit opened up a door for us, and I hope we can see this lady again because she was super cool! After that we had dinner and then went to teach our Book of Mormon class.

On Friday Sister T. was really sick so we stayed home all day. I got a lot of studying in and now I’m done with the Book of Mormon and halfway through the Book of Ezekiel.

On Saturday we went to a baptism in Sister T.’s old area and then we went to a really good Mexican restaurant for lunch with the Bishop’s family. Oh my goodness, I was in heaven! I haven’t had any good Mexican food my entire mission. Then we went to visit Shaimaa. She told us that she’s going to officially be an American citizen next week, along with her family. They were so excited! They were dancing to some music around the house with American flags. Then we went to see Brooke. When we got there she looked really sad, and then told us that she didn’t want to meet with us anymore because her family was upset with her for meeting with us. Sister T. said some really good things to her, and then I felt inspired to leave a Plan of Salvation pamphlet with her. So we left feeling depressed because our brand new golden investigator dropped us. Then we went and had dinner with this crazy lady in the ward. After we went home that night, Brooke called us at about 10pm. She said that she’d read the pamphlet and thought about what we had said, and she said that she wanted to go to the Celestial Kingdom and that she should do this for herself and not for her family. So we’ll be seeing her again tomorrow! Miracles happen every day šŸ™‚

Sunday was filled with a lot of meetings. We also spent most of the day visiting members so that Sister T. could say goodbye to them. I can’t believe that she’s going home this Saturday!

Well, I hope that you’re all doing well! I love you!

Love, Sister Bawden

P.S. I found my future companion this week. Isn't he cute? :)

P.S. I found my future eternal companion this week. Isn’t he cute? šŸ™‚


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