Sicky Sick Sick Sick


Another brief update:

Hey everyone!

Well, this week was slightly more eventful than last! I am slowly starting to get better. My hip decided to swell up this week for no reason, so I stayed home a lot due to the pain.

Monday I still felt crummy, so I slept all day. I was able to go to the temple on Tuesday though, and that was really awesome. It was hard for me to concentrate because of how much pain I was in, but I was still able to enjoy the peace inside the temple. I pushed myself a little too hard on Tuesday, so I was basically dead the next day. I didn’t learn my lesson because on Thursday I went out and tried to go out proselyting like normal. I should have gone home after district meeting, but I thought that if I just convinced myself that I wasn’t sick, I would no longer be sick. That night I was in so much pain, and my hip swelled up a ton. So on Friday and Saturday I stayed home and Sister T. was able to go out on splits with the other sisters. On Sunday I decided that I was going to go to church because I’ve missed out on the sacrament for 2 weeks. I needed it! So I pushed through the pain and went to all of our meetings and all 3 hours of church.

Thank you for all of your prayers! They are really helping. I think if it weren’t for prayer and the priesthood blessings I’ve received, whatever I have would have probably sent me home. The doctors think I have some nerve damage going on in my leg from whatever the heck I had. So the prayers have really helped!

I love you all!

Love, Sister Bawden


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