Now She Has Shingles

Pasting Priel’s short bit in and all I have to say is WOW.

Hello everyone!

Not much has happened this week, for me at least, because I have suddenly come down with a bad case of shingles!

So, here’s the story of how it happened.

Thursday night, I went to the bathroom and discovered that I had a huge rash on my left leg. I didn’t think anything of it, so I continued to get ready for bed and do my thing. I went to the bathroom again right before going to bed, and the rash had already gotten worse. It was painful, angry red, and blistering. I started to get scared, and showed Sister T. She told me that we’d call the mission nurse in the morning if it had gotten worse. I woke up the next morning and my entire leg was numb. My first thought was that I had a blood clot, so I freaked out and called the mission nurse, who told me to get to urgent care as soon as possible. We went to urgent care, and the doctor looked at my leg, and said, “You have shingles!” I told her that was impossible because I had never had chicken pox before. She told me that you can get chicken pox from the vaccine or you can get the virus without showing any symptoms. She prescribed me some antiviral pills, which are the biggest pills I’ve ever seen my whole life, and she told me that I needed to stay home until the rash cleared up. And I can’t be around Sister T because she’s never had chicken pox or the vaccine. So I’ve basically been quarantined for the past few days. I’ve never been more bored in my life! I did finish reading Isaiah though, so that’s a good thing.

Please pray that this will end soon! I want to go out proselyting so bad but I have to stay home. My sanity is draining away!

We got transfer calls yesterday, and Sister T and I are staying together another transfer. She finishes her mission at the end of the transfer, so I will be her last companion<].

Well, that’s my week! Hopefully you’re all having a much better week than me!


Sister Bawden

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