Upbeat Easter Week


Simply because I’m late with this and am also tired, I’m just going to copy Priel’s letter in today. 🙂

Hello everyone!

This week was kind of slow. Sister Tauiliili and I got food poisoning and we were feeling kind of crummy the rest of the week. We got a ton of referrals though, which was awesome!

On Monday we just played sports with the zone. I got a few letters that day, which was awesome. I don’t get letters very often. That night we visited with Sister Foreman. She only comes to church about once a month due to health reasons. She’s a very sweet lady though. She has a grandson who is half Samoan, so she’s trying to hook Sister T. up with him. It’s really funny because Sister T. wants to marry a white kid.

On Tuesday we had a ton of appointments, but most of them cancelled. We tried to see our investigator, Connie, but when we got to the door, she didn’t answer. We could see her looking through the peephole, so we know she was home. She’s been doing this to us almost every time we come over. It’s frustrating. But we had a good visit with this older lady in the ward. She has a lot of health problems so she never comes to church. She’s really sweet though! I hope I can be cute like her when I’m older.

On Wednesday we had district mtg. It was also April Fool’s day, so a lot of pranks were played on each other. Sister T. also killed our phone at lunch. The elders were messing with her and trying to steal her drink, and she ended up accidentally dropping our phone in her soda. We stuck it in rice, but it still could not be saved. Sadness. Then we visited Sister Gomez. We visit her every week. She’s really sweet, and has been through a lot. She lost her husband to a drunk driving accident, and she’s had a really hard time with it. Then we went to mutual because the young women asked Sister T. to teach them how to hula. It was really fun and the young women enjoyed it.

Thursday we went to the mission office and got our phone replaced. The STLs were at the mission office, and they got all up in our business and telling us that we had no good reason why we should be at the mission office. Later that day they texted all of the sisters in the zone saying that they needed to meet with all of us and “discuss some serious issues that are going on in the zone.” If they’re that serious, whatever these “issues” are, then President should talk to us, not them. Anyways, after we finally got a new phone, we visited Eva. We showed her the new “Because He Lives” video and she loved it. Then we went to dinner and then to our Book of Mormon class.

Friday was ok. No one was home, and we were still feeling sick.

Saturday was General Conference! We had breakfast with a member before conference started. Oh my goodness, I feel like I was getting rebuked during the entire first session of conference. I’ve always said to myself that education comes first and then maybe think about getting married, but most of the speakers said to not postpone marriage, and blessings always follow marriage. I guess I’d better focus on getting myself a husband when I get home, even though I really really don’t want to.

Sunday was another wonderful day of General Conference! We watched the morning session with a less active member. It would’ve been great, but she kept falling asleep during it! 🙂 After conference was over, we went and had Easter dinner with the Johnson’s, a family from my 2nd area. It was so good to be with them again! I seriously felt like I’d gone back home when I was in their house. Bishop and Sister Johnson have become like my mom and dad out here. They’re so awesome!

I am so grateful for this Easter Season. It helps us to remember what Jesus Christ did for us. Easter isn’t about dying eggs or waiting for the Easter bunny to come. It’s about the sacrifice that the Savior made for us so that we could return to live with Him someday and be redeemed from our sins and weaknesses. He walked through life alone so that we would not have to go through life alone.

I hope you are all doing well and had a good conference and a happy Easter! If you missed Conference you can watch it here.

Love, Sister Bawden



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