Slow Internet in a New Place


I just got released from the hospital yesterday and things are kinda crazy, so I’m pasting the letter in this week. Thanks, guys!

Hello everyone!

First off, I want to say that the internet in the family history center is super slow. Second, I HAVE A NEW NEPHEW!!!!!! I can’t wait to squeeze him in a few months 🙂

This week was really kind of slow… we only have one progressing investigator, and I feel like we should have more considering how big the area is and how many people live here. But from what Sister T. told me, her and her previous companion used to sleep in, so that’s probably why. We’re going to work hard to find people to teach because having just one investigator is ridiculous.

So the area is pretty cool. It’s really diverse. We cover one of the wealthiest/oldest parts of Boise (look up Harrison Blvd) and the poorest part. There are 4 homeless shelters in the ward boundaries.The ward is a newly wed and nearly dead ward. Not very many families. Lots of old folks. And the activity rate is super low. We have about 700 people in the ward and we have a 20% activity rate. We have our work cut out for us here. Also, no one feeds us here, so if you ever feel inclined to send a package, please send food. I think this will be the first place on my mission where I will go hungry.

This whole week was spent with me getting to know the members. There are so many neat people here, and really like some of the sisters and elders in the zone. One sister that just came from the MTC actually lived down the street from my cousin! Small world!

So on Thursday we had a funny. So we teach a Book of Mormon class every Thursday night with the other sisters and a set of Elders. The Elders left their shaving gel in our car (no idea why) and Sister T. and I were going to give it back to them. Well, Elder Szendre was in the bathroom and we got the brilliant idea to spray him with the shaving gel. Sister T hid in one corner and Elder Thompson and I hid in the other corner. Elder Szendre came out and Sis T sprayed him with the gel. He jumped back and yelled, “What the flip, island girl?!?!” It was so hilarious. Elder Thompson filmed the whole thing, so I’ll have to get the video from him sometime.

Well, I would email more, but this internet is making me want to murder people. I’ll email ya’ll next week. Love you all!!

Love, Sister Bawden


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