A Good, Productive Week


Priel’s email today is so chockfull I think I’ll be pasting it in. Enjoy!

Hello everyone! This week has been good. My immune system is totally shot though. I’ve just been catching everything that has been going around I guess.

On Monday Sister Palmer and I got haircuts, which I desperately needed because I haven’t gotten my hair cut since July. But the lady did a really good job, my hair doesn’t look so heavy and thick anymore. We also bought some cupcakes for Elder Swann’s birthday and then played soccer with the Elders. One of the Elders got way too intense and ended up kicking several people, including Sister Palmer. Her ankle was so bruised that it hurt her to walk. Elder Stark got pretty upset with this Elder, but I don’t think it changed anything. After P-day was over we had dinner with the Lawson’s. It was a lot of fun! They’re one of my favorite families, and I’m so glad that I’ve had the chance to see them reactivate while I’ve been in this area. After dinner we had a lesson with Delaney. We taught her about the 10 commandments and the importance of prayer and scripture study. It was a really good lesson! After the lesson, Sister Palmer and I realized that we’re probably moving too fast for Delaney. She doesn’t know if Joseph Smith is a prophet or not, so teaching her about more stuff probably won’t help her to gain a testimony. I’ve unfortunately gotten into the mode of teaching lessons, not people, so it was good for us to take a step back and realized that we need to teach to what she needs rather than just teaching her all of the lessons.

On Tuesday we walked pretty much all day because we were super low on miles. We were able to have a lesson with Yancey about the importance of coming to church, and then we had a lesson with the Canter’s on prayer and scripture study. Then we visited Maria, and found out that she is moving, which made me really sad because I like her a lot.

On Wednesday we had leadership exchanges, and I went to the leadership meeting. All of the senior companions and leaders in the mission meet and then we go on exchanges with someone else. The meeting was really good. It was all about finding new people to teach and ways we can do that. I was excited for exchanges. Well, kind of. I’d heard bad things about the Sister I was paired up with, and they were unfortunately pretty true. She didn’t want to do anything, and she really offended the Laurels when we went to mutual. Had a lot of repairs to do after she left. Ugh, it was so bad!

On Thursday we had a follow up meeting before exchanging back. I was embarrassed because we had done nothing the day before. I couldn’t get this Sister to do anything. So I just let her talk and then I complained to the mission president’s wife about what had happened. Gosh, I was so glad to get Sister Palmer back! When we went home we bought some stuff for Elder Seller’s birthday to surprise him. Then we had weekly planning and then had an interesting companionship inventory…. yep. Then we met the other Elders at the church to surprise Elder Sellers. His reaction to our little surprise party was priceless! It was awesome. After that we decided to walk around the apartments. We saw this guy building something, and we started to talk to him. We found out that his wife is a member, so we set up a time to come talk to both of them. After dinner we visited with her, and found out that she had 2 sons over the age of 8 and not baptized, and she wants to come to church when she’s not working! We found a part member family that has a ton of potential, which is awesome!

On Friday we visited with a less active member. She’s so awesome! She was super nice, and we think that there’s a lot of potential with her and her family. Then we left for an appointment that we had set up with someone that we’d found street contacting. When we got to their house no one was home and she wouldn’t answer her phone. I hate it when people flake out on us. It’s so frustrating! Anyways, afterwards we visited with Catherine and talked to her about the Book of Mormon and had a really good discussion with her. Then we had dinner with the Rowe’s. They have a son out on a mission right now, so they love having the missionaries over! They’re awesome. I really like them. Then we visited with Marlin. We had a good visit with him. He’s getting a double knee replacement done in May, which stinks, but he says it will be better than walking around with his knees grinding on his bones.

On Saturday we visited with a less active family. They had a daughter who really wants to get baptized, but her dad won’t let her. Her mom wants to be more active and is totally ok with her daughter being baptized. Then we had a really good lesson with Jerry about prayer, and he really opened up to us and I think he got something out of the lesson. Then we had dinner with the Nelson’s and they made us waffles for dinner! It was awesome. Then we visited the Morgans. They are doing really well, and they expressed a desire to start being more active in the church.

Early Sunday morning I woke up feeling really sick and ended up puking a few times. I still made myself get ready and everything because we had a lesson with Zach before church and I didn’t want to cancel on him. We had a really good lesson with him,and then we had stake conference. It was being broadcast to a bunch of stakes in Idaho, and Elder L. Tom Perry of the 12 Apostles was there to speak to us! It was so awesome. I’m glad that I made myself get out of bed even though I felt really sick. After stake conference Zach had his baptismal interview, and he did really well! He’ll be getting baptized this Saturday, and I am so excited for him! Then I got a blessing from the Elders so that I would feel better. Then we had a meeting with the stake president. Afterwards we had dinner and played games with the Ord’s, and I was able to hold down my dinner. I love the Ord’s so much! They’re awesome.

Well, I hope that you’re all doing well! I love you all.

Love, Sister Bawden

Picture: Sister Palmer pointing at some underwear left in the middle of the road. That was the 3rd pair of underwear we’ve seen left in the street in the past 2 weeks.



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