Two Baptisms


Priel’s had a really good week this time around! They spent time proselyting again, but she’s starting to get the hang of it. She says, “This push for finding has really pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but I can definitely say that I’m starting to get better at talking to random people on the street. Talking to random people has always been a struggle with me as a missionary, just because it wasn’t really an effective thing to do in my previous areas. In my first area everyone was a member, in my second area everyone you met on the street was on drugs or drunk, but here everyone is normal and most likely not a member.”

Friday they did more service with the elders cleaning up a yard full of weeds and garbage. They started finding rotten clothes, though, so they stopped, Priel says, “because we were afraid that we would find a dead body or something.”

I’m not sure if she’s joking or not.

They also had a movie night where they showed “How Rare a Possession.” On Saturday, they helped at an Activity Days (girls age 8-12, if I recall right) event teaching the girls how to use social media properly to spread the Gospel.

In lessons this week, they taught a less active, Brother Garcia, and saw some potential there along with his nonmember wife. They’re interested, it seems, though struggling with Sunday-based work and stuff. They also taught the Nuno’s, who seemed less stressed, and Tia, who’s struggling with her divorce but sticking it out well, Priel says. Then they visited a few ward members, which was nice as usual.

The big news this week was across the weekend, where they got to participate in two baptisms! The first was Bea’s. Her husband baptized her, her little boy was super excited, and Priel cried from joy and from the Spirit. She says she knows that this will help Bea and her family in the future. Bea got confirmed as well on Sunday and cried from the beautiful blessing she received. The second baptism was in Priel’s old area — Annie finally got approval. She asked Priel to give a talk at the service, so Priel did, and she cried there as well. Basically, lots of crying, but in the good way.

About these experiences, Priel says, “On my mission I have come to find that the scripture that says that your joy will be great when you bring one soul to Christ and that your joy will greater if you bring many souls to Christ is true. I felt incredible joy when Megan got baptized. My joy increased when more people I’ve taught have been baptized. I know that they can now fully embrace the blessings that come from the gospel and that they can now enter into the kingdom of God. It’s these people that have made my mission worth it. There have been a lot of moments when I really wanted to give up and go home, especially the beginning of this transfer. Not everyday has been a walk in the park. Most days aren’t. But it’s those people who accept the gospel and fully embrace it that make it all worth it.”

❤ ❤

So that’s Priel’s news this week! I’ll bring you more, hopefully, next time.

IMG_1780[1] IMG_1772[1]

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