Just a Few Days


Since her last email came only a few days ago, Priel’s last email was brief. So I’ll just copy it in today. Enjoy!

Hello everyone!

So I forgot my planner at home, so I’m just going to have to tell you what happened this week from memory! My planner is my brain, so this should be fun.

So Thursday we went to the temple and then we went to Tango’s as a district afterwards. Tangos is an Argentinian restaurant, and it is so good! The owner is LDS so he gives us an awesome discount. It was a really good day. Then we had a lesson with Delaney that night. We taught the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We asked her if she feels like she’s found the answers to her prayers. She believes pretty much everything we’ve taught her, but she feels like she needs to learn more before she can get baptized.

I honestly don’t remember what happened on Friday… I just remember that the dumb cold I had a few weeks ago came back with a vengeance.

On Saturday we went on exchanges with our sister training leaders. I went with Sister Delahoyde, my MTC companion, to her area. It’s weird that she’s an STL now! But we had fun together. I forgot how insane the ghetto of Boise is. Lots of people who are literally crazy. It’s fun. I miss the ghetto! Then we met with our ward mission leader and figured out everything for Bea’s baptism. Her baptism is good to go! Woohoo!!!

Sunday we had church. We taught Zach afterwards and started planning his baptism. He is a little afraid of water, but he’s excited to be baptized and have that new start. He’s a really awesome kid, and I know that the gospel will help his life to be a million times better than it ever was.

That night we had dinner with the Bowers. They are so awesome! I’ve gotten really close with them. I wasn’t feeling too good after dinner. Sister Bowers noticed and took my temperature. I had a high fever. She asked me if I wanted a blessing. I agreed, and Brother Bowers and Brother Bell gave me a blessing. I felt a lot better afterwards.Then Sister Bowers lathered me up in essential oils, gave me some medicine, and sent me home with some oils and meds. I woke up feeling a million times better the next day! Those oils really work!

Monday was a really fun day. Sister Palmer and I got a little bored because all of libraries were closed, so no emailing. We ended up going to Target, and I spent the rest of my Christmas money on clothes. Then we had a zone activity. We played ultimate frisbee, volleyball, and chair soccer. It was fun!

Today we had district meeting, and now I’m emailing!

Well, I hope that you all are having a good week! I love you all!

Love, Sister Bawden


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