She Lives!!!!


Okay, so, the LDS mail server recently got changed which means that Priel’s emails from last week never went through! We’ve all been panicking, like, “Did she get eaten by a moose? Did her new companion sacrifice her to a band of cats?” But today, which was this week’s (late) P-Day for her, her emails went through again so now we can rest assured that she’s alive and at least pretty well.

I’m going to copy last week’s email, which she re-sent to me, underneath and then I’ll tell you about this week’s email. Go.

Last Week (Summarizing Jan 26 — Feb 1)

Hello everyone! 

So this week has had it’s ups and downs. Mostly ups though! I’ve been taking Sister Palmer around to meet all of the ward auxiliaries and ward members. Sister Palmer is so awesome! She’s an amazing missionary and has the best sense of humor. 

On Monday we played dart wars. As usual it was super fun! I’m so glad the Elders in our district would rather do that than play basketball (well with the exception of one elder, but no one cares about what he wants to do hahaha). We got Sister Palmer all moved in and then I introduced her to the Bishop and Relief Society President. 

On Tuesday we had district meeting and went to Garbanzo’s for lunch. Garbanzo’s is a pizza place that has all you can eat lunch and they give missionaries discounts, so the Elders love it, of course. Then we helped the Elders with a service project. We cleared huge weeds out of someone’s property. Afterwards I took Sister Palmer to meet some of our investigators and members of the ward. 

On Wednesday we helped out the Elders some more because we’d only cleared out about a tenth of the weeds and garbage. But we got a lot done. Afterwards I introduced her to some more members. That night we taught the Finelli’s the Plan of Salvation. Bro. Finelli is a recent convert of a few months, but we haven’t been able to set up a time to teach him the new member lessons because he’s been so busy. Fortunately he has an amazing home teacher and he set it all up for us!

On Thursday we had a lesson with Yancey. We taught him about the Law of Tithing, and he was totally ok with it and committed to live it after he was baptized. I was nervous about teaching this lesson because most of the people I’ve taught have had a major problem with tithing, but he was totally cool with it. He is so easy to teach! He just has to give up his coffee so he can get baptized now. After his lesson we went home and did weekly planning.

Friday wasn’t really exciting. Just spent the day introducing Sister Palmer to more members and people we’re working with.  

On Saturday we went to Rachel’s baptism. She’s an adorable little girl in the ward and she really wanted us to come to her baptism. It always makes me so happy to see children make that decision to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized. Afterwards, we drove back to our area and discovered that we only had 10 miles left, so we walked the rest of the day. 

On Sunday we went to church and it was good, as always. Everyone is still sick so we didn’t have a lot of investigators at church. Hopefully the plague will pass soon so that people can come to church! Then we visited some less actives and then we visited with Yancey again. We’re trying to have more contact with him so that we’ll be able to help him with his addictions more. Throughout the day he decided to next us about everything that was happening in the Super Bowl. I was very happy to find out that the Seahawks lost! 

So I just watched the church’s press conference before emailing, and if you haven’t watched it, go watch it now.  Right here at this link!

I’m not allowed to watch the news as a missionary, but you still hear a lot from others about what is going on in the world. It sounds like religious freedom is being diminished because of others trying to have “equality” but taking away the rights of others by doing so. I’m glad that the church has addressed this issue, and what they have said in this press conference I support completely. 

Well, I hope that you are doing well! Love you all!

Love, Sister Bawden 

This Week (Summarizing Feb 2 — Feb 12)

Now that she’s been confirmed alive, I’m happy to summarize Priel’s thoughts this week.

She’s had a somewhat tough week-and-a-half with her anxiety and with continuing stomach pains. She went to a doctor about that and they prescribed pain meds, but she doesn’t know how much that’ll do. She’s pressing on, though, as always, because that’s what Priel does.

They’ve spent a lot of time this week proselyting and knocking on doors, which isn’t Priel’s favorite. Last Monday the zone went bowling, though, and that was fun, Last Friday was a zone meeting and they played a prank on an elder who apparently has some issues with pens:

One of the zone leaders is a pen racist. Any pen that is not super fancy (ie Paper Mate) makes him want to through up. Anyways, he lost his super special pen a few days prior, and so we decided that we would make him think that someone stole it. So we left a note on his car that said, ‘We have your pen…’ Later that day we were going to go drop off another ransom at the Elder’s apartment, and we got caught red handed, so the elders ended up chasing us down and then made us confess what we had done. It was pretty funny!

LOL. This Wednesday they had a zone conference, where they were all asked to prep three-minute talks just in case, and Priel severely procrastinated. But they have a ward mission leader now, which Priel’s super excited about! It means potential progress for them and she’s hopeful. Buuuutttt it was also a stressful day because a whole bunch of complications came up with planning Bea’s baptism.

Today, Priel was happy to be able to go to the temple and take some time to calm down. This past week, other than basic proselyting, they haven’t taught many lessons. They did have a lesson with a less active family, but then the wife blurted out that she wanted a divorce, basically, so that became super dramatic and awkward. They also visited a couple of other less active members with *no* particular drama, haha, and had a good lesson with the Carters.

So yeah! That’s the update for the past stretch. I’m glad Priel’s okay, though she’s been having a tough week. Prayers for her! Hopefully she’ll feel better for the next little while. =) Talk to you guys (presumably) next week!


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