Ordinary-Type Week


Priel’s had an ordinary kind of week this time. They had dinner with the Ords on Monday and got to play with their kids, but Priel felt like they spent too much time there instead of out proselyting and stuff. Tuesday they had a district meeting and on Thursday they had weekly planning and updated their accounts on mormon.org. Sunday church was a bit sparse because of the holiday and then they had exchanges with a sister who slipped on ice and got a concussion, so they could help with their appointments and stuff.

Friday was Sister Facer’s birthday! They got to go out for lunch and it was fun.

As for general appointments, this week they taught Delaney, who is very well-prepared and well-educated and intends to be baptized as soon as she receives a personal witness of the Gospel, the Lawsons with an emphasis on preparing their boys for missions, and Jerry and his family about chastity. They were worried how that would go, as he’s living with the mother of his children but they’re unmarried, but he seemed to understand and said they were planning on marrying soon. Progress! Yay!

And that’s all for this week! Talk to you again soon.


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