Two Busy, Complicated Weeks


I apologize; I forgot to post last week. So I’ll copy and paste Priel’s last two emails below today.

Last Week

Hello everyone!

This week was a rollercoaster. At the beginning of the week we were super frustrated because we weren’t really getting much done, but by the end of the week things were super good!

On Monday we played dart wars with the Elders. It’s become a favorite activity in our district. It was pretty intense this time, Elder Stark ended up with a goose egg on his head because a dart hit him so hard, and the rest of us got bruises from the darts and tripping over things. But it was still super fun. After that we had to move to our new home. It was super sad. I really grew to love the Bakers, and they were sad to see us go. We are living with a widow now. She’s super nice, but she has 3 small dogs that pee on everything. I am grateful to have a place to live, I just wish that she didn’t have those pee dogs. I have officially decided that I do not like dogs at all, and I am never ever going to own one. I’ll just own tons of cats instead!

On Tuesday we had district meeting. Elder Stark had me give a training, which I was super nervous about. I hate giving trainings. But district meeting was awesome, as usual, and then we all went to Subway for lunch. After that we tracked down the people we are working with and scheduled appointments with them. They were successful at escaping us during all of the holidays, but they don’t have an excuse anymore! Then we had dinner with a part member family, the Whitman’s. They are super nice! I don’t understand why Brother Whitman hasn’t jumped into the font full of water to eternal life. Anyways, it was a good dinner, but they wouldn’t stop talking, so we were at their house for 3 hours. I always start to get uncomfortable when we’re at someone’s house for longer than an hour, so by the time we left, I was so ready to leave. When you have the missionaries over, don’t keep them for longer than an hour.

On Wednesday, we stopped by some more people and scheduled appointments with them. And then the fiesta bowl started at 2:00, and Boise State was playing. There is an unwritten rule here that says that you do not try to visit people when there is a Boise State game because Boise State football is a religion here. So because of that, Sister Facer and I decided to explore a part of our area that is completely farmland to see if anyone lived down there. It was a super awesome and pretty drive, but, unfortunately, no one lived within our ward boundaries. We took lots of cool pictures though! On the way back, we decided that we’d stop by a family that recently moved into the ward. The house numbers aren’t marked very clearly, so we accidentally drove by their house 3 times. On the 3rd time, Sister Facer drove off the road to turn around, and ended up getting the car stuck in the snow and mud. She tried to drive out, and started freaking out, and I was just laughing the entire time (I think I’m starting to turn into Mom). But we ended up getting out ok, our car is just covered in mud now. It’s awesome. We had dinner with the Beath’s later that night, and Sister Beath made me a Doctor Who hat! I was super excited about it.

So, we didn’t really end up doing anything for New Year’s Eve because we had to be home by 8. I got really bored, and decided to do something crazy for my year mark. I decided to cut my bangs. I got scared halfway through, and made Sister Facer finish cutting them. But they turned out pretty good. They’re a bit short, but hair grows, so it’s all good.

Thursday was New Year’s Day, and it was also my year mark!! Ahhh!! I can’t believe that I have been out for a year. It’s crazy! I don’t feel old enough to be out for that long. Time has seriously flown by on my mission.

We didn’t really do anything on New Year’s. We did weekly planning and then attempted to see people, but I think that everyone was recovering from their New Year’s hangovers.

On Friday I ended up finally unpacking some of my things, which took a while. I was being too lazy to unpack when we first moved, but I got tired of digging through my suitcase to find socks, so I finally unpacked. Then we tried to see some people, but no one was home. We visited the Browns later in the day. The Browns are less active, but don’t believe that they are. They believe very much in the gospel, and have testimonies of it, they just don’t come to church. There are a ton of less actives in the ward like that.

On Saturday, we did a ton, and people were actually home! We visited Sister Buzard in the morning to see how she is doing. She ended up getting pneumonia over Christmas, so she wasn’t doing too well. Afterwards, we had a lesson with Yancey, and we talked to him about following the prophet and showed him a short video clip of President Monson bearing his testimony. After the lesson he texted us, and it sounds like he finally understands that he needs to quit smoking before he can be baptized. After that, we visited Catherine, a potential investigator. She is from England, and is very strong in the church she is in. She only wants to learn because she finds other religions interesting. Hopefully that interest will grow into something more. After that we went to a baptism in Sister Facer’s old area. It was a lot of fun, and I got to see some of my favorite missionaries there.

Sunday was an amazing day! We went to church, which got moved to 8:30 AM, so attendance was super low. But the Woodwards still came, which was awesome! After church we had a lesson with Jerry. We read Mosiah 3:19, since he’s always getting stuck on the fact that “Man is so corrupt!” It really made him think, and we asked him a lot of questions. He was really thinking by the end of the lesson, which was awesome! Then we ran to a lesson with the Woodward’s. We brought the Bailey’s with us. They started talking, and they all had so much in common it was crazy! Like Sister Bailey and B both grew up Catholic, etc. It was awesome! We taught them about tithing, and it was a major concern for B. She was so upset about it that she started crying. The Bailey’s bore powerful testimony of tithing and how much it blesses lives. Sister Facer shared an amazing story about tithing, and the Spirit hit the room hard. By the end of the lesson, everyone was crying, and B committed to live the Law of Tithing. We changed B’s baptism date because she didn’t feel like she was ready, but that’s ok. She’ll be ready when she’s ready. It was honesty the most powerful lesson I’ve ever been in my whole mission, and I am so grateful that I was able to be there to experience that Spirit. I am so grateful that I came on a mission so that I could teach the Woodward’s! They have changed my life so much, and I have grown to love them tons in the few weeks we’ve been teaching them.

Going on a mission has been the best decision I have ever made. It hasn’t been easy in the least, but it has been so worth it. I haven’t regretted this decision. I’ve met so many amazing people who have changed my life in so many ways, and I wouldn’t have been able to meet them if I hadn’t come on a mission. Because of them, I am not the same person I was when I entered the MTC a year ago.

I hope you are all doing well and hope that you all have an awesome 2015!


Sister Bawden

Pictures: Muddy car, Doctor Who hats!

IMG_1668[1]  IMG_1643[2]

This Week

Hello everyone!

This week has been a good but challenging week.

On Monday, we went ice skating with the zone! It was a lot of fun. Sister Facer held my hand the entire time, because I was afraid of falling. It was funny watching some of the Elders try to ice skate. One Elder in my district is from the Philippines, so he’s never even seen an ice rink before. It was hilarious trying to watch him ice skate.

On Tuesday, we visited Sister Clayton. She is doing really well. We showed her a new Mormon Message called “The Refiner’s Fire.” It’s really good. You should go watch it. After that we visited Maria, a less active. She wants to be active, and has started realizing the importance of it lately because she just recently got engaged, which is exciting! Then we visited the Morgan’s. We had a good visit with them, and Sister Morgan told us that she doesn’t have a lot of concerns about the temple anymore.

On Wednesday I woke up with a really sore throat, so I slept in a little bit so I could try to get better. I got cabin fever really bad and decided to go out at the end of the day. So we visited the Nuno’s and showed them the movie “Finding Faith in Christ” and they really liked it a lot.

On Thursday I still wasn’t feeling great. I still had a sore throat and was starting to get a cold as well, but I decided that we were going to go out and visit people. We had 3 appointments scheduled, but they all cancelled, so we tried to visit some other people but no one was home. It was a really frustrating day.

On Friday we had zone meeting. It was a really good meeting! Sister Facer and I had to do some of the training… I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of training in meetings lately. I hope that doesn’t mean that the Lord is preparing me to be in a leadership position or something. Anyways, at the end of the meeting, the Zone Leaders challenged us to find a new investigator before Sunday night. We all accepted the challenge even though it would be hard. Afterwards everyone insisted on going to Tucanos for lunch. I didn’t want to go because Tucanos is probably the most expensive restaurant in Boise. But the majority of the zone wanted to go, so we went. I didn’t get anything though, and neither did a bunch of missionaries. Those of us who didn’t get anything ended up going to Taco Bell later on. After that, we started setting up for a movie night that we were having! We prepared a lot better for this one than the last one. We made invitations and everything! The movie night ended up being a huge success. A lot of people came, and the spirit was really strong because we watched “The Testaments.”

On Saturday I woke up completely exhausted from being sick and from running around like crazy the day before. I ended up sleeping most of the day. I’ve decided that there’s nothing more frustrating than being sick as a missionary. You want to go out and do things, but you can’t, and then you can’t really do anything to entertain yourself while you’re being sick.

On Sunday I forced myself to go do things even though I still felt crummy. I had to wake up at 5:30 to get ready because we had to go to ward council at 7. Then we had church at 8:30. The Woodward’s came and they actually stayed all 3 hours of church! Usually they would bolt out as soon as sacrament meeting was done. They enjoyed church very much. After church we went around trying to find someone new to teach. We visited a lot of people, and even knocked on some random doors, but either no one was home, or no one was interested. We had dinner with the Woodward’s and a lesson. We showed them the Restoration video, and B liked it a lot. She’s told us that she told her family that she wants to be baptized and they’re completely supportive of her, which is so awesome! After dinner with them we went back out and tried to find that new investigator. I felt prompted that we should go to a less active’s home again. We’d tried her earlier but no one was home. When we got there, her daughter answered the door. She’s not a member, but she’d told someone in the ward that we’d be interested in learning more about the church. We talked to her for quite a while, and we scheduled a time to start teaching her! It was amazing that the Lord allowed us to find a new person to teach right before we went home. All we had to do was trust that He would let us find one in His own time.

I hope that you’re doing well! Love you!

Love, Sister Bawden


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