Christmas Festivities


Copying Priel over:

This week was super awesome, especially because I got to talk to my family!!!

On Monday we had an activity with the zone. We made zone t-shirts, which was a lot of fun! We also played volleyball and rugby and other things. One thing I have discovered on my mission is that I can actually play rugby ok, mostly because the ball is easy to throw.

On Tuesday we had district meeting and interviews with President Winder. I talked to President about some concerns I’ve had.  President was able to clear those up for me. After district meeting, Sister Facer and I went on exchanges for the day. I was dreading exchanges. Sister Facer went with Sister Molbek, and I went a sister that is known as the wicked witch of the west in this mission. She tends to offend people because she has no filter. But exchanges weren’t so bad. We just street contacted all day basically and gave out a ton of “He Is The Gift” cards. This sister went home a few days after Christmas, so I don’t have to worry about going on exchanges with her again!

Wednesday was Christmas Eve, and it was awesome! We weren’t allowed to proselyte on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, so we just spent both days with members.In the morning we taught the Vargas kids. After that we went to the Bowers and played board games and then decorated cookies for Santa. Then we had dinner with the Callahan’s. They have a HUGE family. They have 7 kids and I think they’re planning on having more. Anyways, we just made some pizzas, and then had a white elephant. It was so fun! Then we went with the Konewko’s to go see the lights at the Boise Botanical Gardens. It was super cool! It had started snowing a lot during dinner, so it was kind of cold at the gardens, but it was a lot of fun. I took a lot of cool pictures.

Thursday was Christmas Day! We started off the day by having breakfast and opening presents with the people that we live with. Then we went over to the Nelson’s and had lunch with them and played games with them. Then we went over to the Forsberg’s to skype with our families! It was so much fun! After that we had dinner with the Forsberg’s. It was a traditional Christmas dinner. Ham, potatoes, yams, etc. It was really good. The Forsberg’s had a lot of family over, and they had a nephew that was about 19, and he sat next to me during dinner and kept hitting on me the whole time. It was awkward. After dinner we went to the Ord’s and played some games and just talked. Christmas was a really fun day! I can definitely say that I appreciate family more after this Christmas because spending Christmas with family is just a lot more fun than spending it with random people.

On Friday we spent the day packing. We have to move today :(. The people we live with are getting a divorce, and Sister Baker is the one moving out, so we have to leave as well. It’s really sad.

Saturday was the same story. Lots of packing. We had to help Sister Baker pack as well because she dislocated her knee the night before. We called up the Elders, and they came over and helped us out. We were able to finish by about 3, so we finished a lot sooner than we expected. To thank us, Sister Baker bought us all pizza for lunch, which was super nice of her.

On Sunday we taught Zach before church. He was struggling a couple of weeks ago with wondering if he wanted to meet with us anymore, but he decided to continue to meet with us. We answered his questions and talked to him about how much God loves him. Then we had 3 investigators come to church, which was awesome! After church we had a lesson with the Woodwards. Oh my goodness, they are so awesome! We taught them about the Word of Wisdom, and they were willing to give up wine, coffee, and tea. They are just so prepared, it’s crazy! And they both prayed during the lesson, so that made the lesson even more awesome! I love them so much 🙂 It’s people like them that help me realize why I am on a mission.

Well, this week was super awesome! Thank you for all of your prayers, love, and support.

Love, Sister Bawden

Pictures: Botanical gardens, Christmas loot!

IMG_1576[1] IMG_1549[1]


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