Step-Name of Sidewalk


Finals week means I’m pasting Priel’s words right in. =)

Hello my friends!

This week was one of those weeks where you’ve been crazy busy, but have nothing to show for it. If you looked at the number of lessons we actually taught you’d think that we’d just lounged around at home, but we were so busy that we didn’t have much time to actually teach people. We also had transfers come up, and Sister Facer and I are both staying! I’m super happy about that. She and I get along so well.

Monday was not our p-day, because we got to go to the temple on Thurday! So we tried to visit some people (Mondays are a bad day to visit people because everyone seems to have a case of the grumpies). We went to the Canters because we had a lesson scheduled with them that night, but they forgot that we were going to teach them. Fortunately, they let us in and we visited with them for a bit. We got to meet Brother Canter for the first time! Sister Facer has been in this area for almost 6 months, and she’s never met Brother Canter. Hardly anyone here has. Everyone is under the impression that he doesn’t want anyone from the church visiting. But he was very friendly and was perfectly fine with us visiting them and sharing a message. I don’t think he’s against the church like everyone thinks he is. From our conversation with him he just feels very judged by members sometimes, and he knows it’s something that he’ll just have to deal with.

After visiting the Canter’s we visited the Nuno’s because it was one of the kid’s birthdays. She was super excited to see us! We had a good time with them. Their little almost 2 year old is obsessed with our tags, so she likes to take them off and play with them. She’d just eaten cake and was covered in it, so we had to wash frosting off of our tags when we got home.

On Tuesday we had the mission Christmas Devotional! Part of it was a talent show, and Sister Facer and I did the “Cupstoration.” There’s several videos of Sister Facer doing it on Facebook (due to members posting it), so I’m sure you can find a video and get the idea of what we did. I know that one of the Elders in my district took a video of it, so I’ll have to see if I can get that from him. But the devotional was lots of fun, and it was good to be around the other missionaries.

On Wednesday we updated our profiles, since we haven’t done that for a while. Then we tried to contact some people, but no one was home, or they were home but hiding. The holidays are such a bad time to contact people sometimes because they’re too stinking busy to do anything else except prepare for Christmas and such. And our appointments keep cancelling and most of our investigators told us that they can’t meet until after New Year’s. Anywho, we had dinner, and then we went to mutual and talked to the Laurels about serving missions and showed them videos of us opening our mission calls. It was a lot of fun! There are a few laurels who want to serve missions, so we were able to get them more excited about serving missions.

Thursday was our pday! I feel so blessed that there is a temple in my mission and that we can go to the temple as often as we do.

On Friday we went out in the morning to go help the Elders set up the church for our movie night our district had planned to have with all of our investigators and less active members. We were showing the Joseph Smith movie. When we got outside we discovered that the zone leaders had put oreos on our windshield. We didn’t have time to clean them off, so we just drove to the church with the oreos still on the window. It took a while to set everything up. We couldn’t figure out how to make the sound connect to the church speakers, but we finally got it all worked out. Then we made some cookies for refreshments, and then went to dinner. We had to speed to the church for the movie because dinner took longer than we expected. The movie night started, and hardly anyone was there. We all had a lot of people commit to show up and anticipated about 30 people being there, but there was only about 10 that showed up, and most of them were ward missionaries. Needless to say, we were ticked that we put in all this time and effort for something that people didn’t show up to.

On Saturday, we had district meeting, and got transfer calls in the middle of the meeting. Two of the elders in the district are getting transferred, which makes me sad. They’re really good Elders, and one of them was in my first district when I was a greenie. He’s a lot like a brother to me now. But Saturday was a really good day! I was happy that Sister Facer and I were both staying.

On Sunday we went to a bunch of meetings in the morning, and then went to church. After church we took some leftover cookies to some less actives, and they were happy about it. We were leaving to go to dinner, and then this adorable little girl stopped us and started talking to us.

She told us she wanted a real pony for Christmas, and then she said so many funny things. Like she told us that her cat’s “step-name is Sidewalk!” I love little kids, they just make life more entertaining!  Then we went to dinner, then to ward choir.

I hope you are all doing well!!! I love you all and miss you tons!

Love, Sister Bawden

#HeIsTheGift #ShareTheGift

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