Shot in the Eye


Priel was a bit late with her e-mail this week because her P-Day got moved to Wednesday! Not that you would know the difference because I tend to post these things late anyway, haha.

Monday last, they had a p-day activity with a dart war, essentially–shooting nerf darts by blowing them out of PVC pipes. Priel had fun, but, being the wonderfully accident-prone human being she is, she got shot in the eye by one of the darts. So it’s all nice and bruised now. She had to stay home from one of their discussions to ice it because it hurt so bad.

This week they visited Ila and Jerry, whom they shared Helaman 5:12 with, and Sister Morgan, who they’re trying to convince to go to the temple. She saw an anti-video about it so she’s really nervous, but Priel’s hopeful that they and ward members can encourage her. They shared “He is the Gift” with Sister Buzard and a bunch of others in the area. They also taught Zach, who has a hard time focusing but makes really good comments, Tia and Sayler about making weaknesses strengths, and the Woodwards about the Plan of Salvation and eternal families. The Woodwards are making great progress and Priel’s eager to extend a baptism invitation soon–the Spirit told her not to this week. Not yet.

Wednesday they had a planning meeting and participated in a mutual where a few kids did invite non-members. Thursday they had exchanges, and Priel got to go with Sister Molbek, who’s from Denmark. She had a fantastic time. They visited an inactive member, Sister Berrocal, who expressed a number of concerns with basic doctrine and testimony. On Friday they had a really great zone meeting.

So on the whole, it’s really been a good week for Priel, ignoring being shot in the eye, haha. She expressed her gratitude for “He is the Gift” as a missionary tool and for her companion, Sister Facer. She says, “ I love [Sister Facer] a lot! She has been one of my favorite companions so far. She really encourages me to be a better missionary. I hope that we can be together at least one more transfer because I think that we can do so many amazing things together and learn so much more from her.”

Thanks for reading! See you next time.

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