Service and Illness


Here’s Priel’s update this week! Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello everyone!

This week has been a weird week. We spent most of it doing service for members, and then I caught a cold, so we really didn’t get many lessons taught.

On Monday we had lunch with a less active lady, Sister Bailey. She is in her late 20’s and is the most adorable person ever! She made us taco soup, which is probably my most favorite soup in the world, and then she gave us some clothes that she didn’t want anymore. So now Sister Facer and I have new clothes, yay!

On Tuesday we went to district meeting. District meetings are… interesting. We have an elder from England in the district, and he is always saying super inappropriate things. I would slap him, but I know that would just egg him on and that’s the reaction he wants from people. Some people’s children…

After district meeting Sister Facer and I went and helped some members, the Wings, prep their house for selling. Their children have picked the paint off the walls, so we repainted the kid’s rooms and stuff. It was basically an all day project. After doing the service, we had to run to an appointment. We’ve been trying to teach all of the members the first lesson, and we had about 30 minutes to cover everything. The lesson was awesome, and we managed to cover all of the points. After that, we ran to the church to have the Progressive Dinner with the Relief Society. It was a fun night. I got to meet a lot of the ladies in the ward, and a lot of them invited us over for Thanksgiving. Halfway through the dinner I realized that I still had paint all over my hands, so that was kind of embarrassing.

On Wednesday, we went back to the Wing’s house and painted some more. Sister Facer and I decided we should start our own painting business someday. It took all day again, and then we had to run to dinner after we were done. After dinner we had a lesson with Julie. We talked about the Holy Ghost. She kept getting off topic, so we spent most of the lesson reeling her back in. Hopefully some of what we taught her sunk in. After we taught her we went to mutual, and had a good time with the laurels. We’ve been trying to do more with the ward to be more unified with the ward members.

On Thursday we visited Sister Buzard. We talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy, and we had a pretty good lesson. She’s an awesome lady! Afterwards we planned for the week, and went out and tried to visit people. Then we had a lesson with Dominic, a recent convert. He was baptized about a month ago. He still struggles with smoking, but he is finally starting to realize the importance of quitting. We taught him the Restoration, and told him that he needs to start preparing to receive the priesthood. I was feeling kind of sick throughout the day, but I figured it would go away if I ignored it.

On Friday, I woke up feeling super sick. I had a pretty bad cold, and I spend most of Friday and Saturday sleeping. I wish that missionaries would just be granted immunity to everything so that we could still go out and do the work, but unfortunately, we’re still human haha.

I feel a lot better now. Sleep does miracles! Hopefully this next week Sister Facer and I will both be healthy so that we can go out and teach people!

I hope that you’re all doing well! I love you and I miss you!

Love, Sister Bawden


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