Killer Hikes and Busy Days


Nahhh, I’m gonna copy and paste this one too. Sorry. Midterms are this week. *insert disgusted face here*

Hello fellow humans!

This week was a pretty busy week!

On Monday we hiked at Camelback Park with the zone. It was a killer hike and my lungs hated me afterwards. I’ll attach a picture so that you’ll see why. The hill was seriously like a 70 degree incline with lots of sand. It was still fun even though we were all dying.

We taught Tiffany about The Law of Tithing and Fasting. Jordyn sat in on the lesson again, which was exciting! We had the relief society president come with us to the lesson. I’m so glad she was there because she was able to clear up Tiffany’s concerns about paying tithing! Tiffany committed to live it. She’s been doing really well with the Word of Wisdom! She hasn’t had any coffee since she committed to live it.

On Tuesday we visited Sister Slay. It was good to see her again! She’s been sick for about 3 weeks, so we haven’t been able to visit with her for a while. We also visited Sister Whiting. She can’t come to church because her health is very poor. She really misses going to church. She has an amazing testimony, and we were able to be edified by her.

On Wednesday we visited Sister Kreller and her grandson. Sister Kreller told us about all of her health problems and that she might not live too long because of them. She is an amazing woman, and I admire her very much for staying strong through all of her trials. Her grandson isn’t doing everything he should right now, like preparing to serve a mission, so we’re going to see if we can get the Elders to help him out or something.

We also taught Annie the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The lesson went really well. She told us a lot of things about her past. She grew up very abused as a child and she also had a very abusive husband at one point. She’s come a long way! She is a very amazing person. She has been more prepared to receive the gospel than anyone I’ve ever met!

We also went to mutual on Wednesday night. The Young Women’s President wanted us and the 11th ward Elders to come to mutual and talk to the kids about missionary work and answer questions about what it’s like to be a missionary. It was a lot of fun, and the kids seemed to enjoy it as well.

On Thursday we visited Sister White. We encouraged her to come to church on Sunday. She is a very sweet lady who believes in the gospel very much. Her husband is ok with her going to church most of the time, so we can’t figure out why she won’t come to church. Hopefully she’ll start coming to church soon. We also visited Sister Swanson and talked to her about getting her patriarchal blessing. She says she hasn’t really thought about getting hers, and we encouraged her to start preparing to get it. We also had dinner with a less active family in the Married Student Ward on Thursday. We shared the message of the Restoration with them, and the Spirit was very strong during the lesson!

On Friday we visited with a potential investigator, Todd. We spent most of the visit getting to know him and getting an idea of his religious background. He is a very nice guy. He works for the Army, so he spends most of his time working and doesn’t have much time for anything else. We also visited Ms. Padgette. She seems to be doing pretty well. Her daughter was there and asked us if we could find someone to bless their house because the house still feels dark. We agreed and asked the Bishop to find someone for us.

On Saturday we had another lesson with Annie. She brought one of her friends to the lesson, Lisa. We taught the Commandments and the Word of Wisdom. Annie says she drinks coffee but is willing to stop drinking it. Lisa really liked what we were teaching, and wants to learn more! Lisa also just got out of prison, and she says that she is willing to do anything that will help her change her life. It’s amazing to see how the Lord prepares His children to receive the gospel!

We also visited Tiffany again on Saturday night. Her mom told her that she was coming to visit, and Tiffany needed help cleaning her house, so we helped her out. We were able to get to know her and Jordyn a lot better, and we had a lot of fun helping them out.

Annie and Lisa both came to sacrament meeting on Sunday! It was so amazing to see them there. We weren’t able to stay the whole time in the 16th Ward because I had to give a talk in the Married Student Ward.

After church, we visited Sister Deyo. We had a good visit with her. She said that she watched some of General Conference and she liked what she heard. I don’t think she’s at all interested in coming back to church though. She seems to be very happy where she is at. We also visited the Cornwalls Sunday night. It’s always so much fun visiting them! We always learn a lot from them every time we visit them.

I hope that you’re all doing well!!

Love, Sister Bawden
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