Meet the Mormons


Sorry, guys, I’m behind again! I’ll just copy in last week’s update for this post. When I get Priel’s update for this past week, I’ll actually talk about it myself in another post. Thanks! So, from last Monday:

This week has been a good week! We were able to accomplish a lot.

On Monday, we taught Tiffany the Law of Chastity. Her daughter, Jordyn, actually sat in on the lesson and participated! It was a really good lesson and the Spirit was present. Tiffany said that she has had problems with chastity in the past, but she was willing to commit to live the Law of Chastity.

We also stopped by Mikalai’s work, and talked to her about getting her patriarchal blessing. She feels like she is ready to receive it, and she will be talking to the bishop about it soon.

I also had a super cool experience while visiting Mikalai. I saw this man from my old area sitting at one of the tables, and for the longest time I couldn’t figure out how I knew him. It finally clicked that he was in the Bridge Tower Ward. I got really excited but I couldn’t remember his name. I finally went and talked to him. He reminded me that his name is Brother Featherstone. In the middle of our conversation, I remembered a dream that I’d had while I was still serving in the Bridge Tower Ward. I’d had a dream that I was talking to Brother Featherstone in Baskin Robbins, and Sister Pitkin was talking to someone else. That dream was the exact situation that was happening. It was super cool! I then felt like Sister Pitkin and I were meant to be there at that time.

On Tuesday we finally met a less active man that we’ve been trying to meet but have never met before. We had a really good visit with him. His wife is not a member, and was taking the lessons a couple of years ago. The Elders that taught her told her that she needed to get baptized or else she would go to hell. That really turned her off (which is understandable), and hasn’t been ready to meet with missionaries again just yet.

On Wednesday we got to watch Meet the Mormons! It is a film done by the church about 6 members of the church from various parts of the world. It is super well done, and I highly recommend that people go see it. It really shows that Mormons are normal people and not some crazy cultists who sacrifice penguins. So yeah, go see it! All proceeds go to the Red Cross.

We also taught Annie the Plan of Salvation with Sister White. Annie is really grateful for the Plan of Salvation and loves it. She has an incredible understanding of the gospel. Sister White was also awesome during the lesson. She bore some really powerful testimonies about how much the gospel has helped her.

We also went to mutual on Wednesday. Elders Maxwell and Reynold’s ward was having a combined Halloween activity with our ward, and we all got invited. It was a lot of fun. Since we aren’t allowed to wear costumes, we decided to be each other and switch tags. I was Elder Reynolds, and Elder Maxwell was me. I’ll attach some pictures from the activity 🙂

On Thursday, we had dinner with a family that is half active and half less active. We had an enjoyable time with them, and we shared Helaman 5:12 with them and talked about building a strong foundation on Christ continuously. We also visited a less active woman. She admitted to us that she doesn’t come to church out of laziness. Her husband also started reading anti material, and is trying to find the answers to his questions from the wrong sources. Sister Pitkin and I have been praying about how we can help them.

We also went to ARP with Michelle. She later told us that it really helps her when we go, just knowing that we’re there to help her and support her. The ARP meetings are amazing. The Spirit is so thick at those meetings that you can almost see it!

On Friday we visited Lavonne with the intent of possibly dropping her, since she hasn’t been making much progress. Instead of doing that, we felt inspired to show her the Mormon Message “The Hope of God’s Light.” She was really touched by it. She almost started crying! Right then I knew that we needed to keep visiting with her for a little bit longer, because there IS something with her.

We also visited a less active lady that afternoon, Sister Elliot. We were only able to visit with her for a few minutes, but we talked about General Conference and doing things to help build our faith.

We tried to contact former investigators. They had either moved or weren’t interested, so Sister Pitkin and I are going to have to find other ways to get new investigators.

We also visited Catie and Jayla that night. We helped Catie clean her house, since she has been too busy and stressed out to clean it. She really appreciated our help. We’ve been trying to slowly integrate the gospel in with our conversations. Catie has been warming up to us slowly but surely.

Saturday was crazy but good. We went to visit Trina, and it’s difficult to actually teach her anything because she has the attention span of a small child. She insisted that we talk to her stepson, Logan, and his girlfriend about chastity. She marched them into the room, and we tried to bring it up in the least awkward way possible. Trina left the room, and we started asking Logan and his girlfriend questions about their religious background. They really started opening up to us and started asking us really good questions like, “Why are there so many different religions?” We talked to them about Joseph Smith, and the Spirit hit the room, despite how chaotic it was. Trina kept randomly popping in and talking about chastity. It was frustrating, and I was almost ready to yell at Trina because she kept ruining the Spirit every time she did that. But I kept my cool. We had to explain to Trina that we can’t just jump in and teach chastity without them knowing the reason why. Logan’s girlfriend doesn’t even really have a religious background, so she wouldn’t understand the reason for the Law of Chastity. Logan and his girlfriend agreed to meet with us again so that we can continue to answer their questions. So despite the chaos, the Spirit was able to work a miracle!

We had dinner with the Swanson’s that night. We had a really enjoyable time with them, and answered some of their questions regarding the bible. Then we went to the Saturday night session of Stake Conference. I really loved Stake Conference! Elder Webb is such a good speaker!

On Sunday we went to the general session of Stake Conference. The talks were really good, and Elder Webb had a really good talk. His talks make me want to become a better person and makes me feel like it’s possible to do so.

We visited the Hirschi’s that day. We had a good visit with them, and asked if we could come back and teach them the first lesson. They agreed. Hopefully this will help Sister Hirschi to come back to church! We also visited Michelle that night and talked to her. She wasn’t feeling good, so we didn’t visit with her for very long.

I hope that you are all doing well!

Love, Sister Bawden

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