Halfway Mark


Hi guys! Priel’s had a pretty good week!

Monday, they didn’t get a chance to do much.

Tuesday, they did a lot of visits with less active members, none of whom seemed interested in coming back to church, but at least they accepted the message the missionaries brought.

Wednesday, they visited Sister Kreller, who hasn’t been going to church because of health issues, and tried to encourage her twenty-year-old grandson to think about going on a mission himself. They also visited Sister Padgette, which was a positive visit, and Annie, the girl out on parole who’s their newest investigator. Priel says Annie’s golden! They’re super excited for her parole to be up in a year so that she can finally get baptized like she desperately wants.

It was also Priel’s halfway mark Wednesday! She’s now been out for nine months, and has nine months left to go! I personally can’t quite believe it–I guess I felt like she was going to be gone forever, but she’s already half through! So her district celebrated and the elders made her a pj+j casserole, which was quite exciting and original, and, Priel says, the strangest thing she’s eaten on her mission. LOL, good old America. She then took the traditional halfway mark photo that sisters take–a faux pregnancy photo for nine months. She thinks it looks more like a tumor than a baby, LOL. (See pictures below)

IMG_1208  IMG_1214

Thursday they visited Sister Twitty and are working to help her get a copy of her patriarchal blessing again, which they hope will encourage her to come back to the church. They also visited Trina and Heather and encouraged them to review conference and attend church.

Friday they went to the Great Harvest to visit Kathleen, a young married woman whose husband is against the Church. She is very sweet. They also had a district meeting and interviews with their mission president reviewing their progress and what’s been going on.

General Conference, of course, the meeting where we Mormons hear our prophets and apostles speak the words of God, was Saturday and Sunday. Priel provided the link for anyone who hasn’t had the chance to watch yet, and I will join her in encouraging you to do so here. She liked Dallin H. Oaks’s talk the best. They also got a chance during the weekend to visit the Barfuss’s, Sister Marlatt (a lovely new convert), and the Swansons, who they talked to about the temple and patriarchal blessings. They also got to invite others to watch conference with them.

That’s it for this week from Priel! She wishes you all well, as do I. =)


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