Prisons and Promptings


Once again doing a direct paste-in, because I am EXHAUSTED. See you next week!

Hello everyone!

This week was an interesting one. I had a scary moment this week, which I will tell you about later in this email.

On Monday, we went to the old Idaho State Penitentiary, which was pretty cool. I got to learn a lot about the history of Idaho! It is supposedly “haunted” but Sister Pitkin and I didn’t see any ghosts. Darn 🙂 I’ll attach a picture of our “Oh no, we just saw a ghost!” faces.

We also visited Tiffany on Monday. She didn’t feel like having a lesson that day because it had been a particularly bad day for her, so we just talked to her about it and then left her with a prayer. We also visited Catie and Jayla that night. We played games with them. Catie is slowly warming up to us. I know that doing this will help plant a seed. Eventually she’ll want to learn more about the gospel.

On Tuesday we had a lesson with Mikalai. We taught her the Law of Chastity. She understands it really well. She is really strong in the gospel! She is a super strong person in general. She has already gone through so much in her life, so she has had to learn to be strong.

We also visited the Swanson’s. We stopped by a couple of times this week because they’ve been struggling with having sick pets and such, so we were just making sure that they were doing ok. We shared scriptures with them each visit and prayed with them.

On Wednesday, we spent pretty much the whole day helping this non member lady, Mary, move. She lived next to a bishop in her old place, and he called us and told us that she would need help moving into her new place. So we called her and volunteered to help her, and she gladly accepted the help. A lot of members of the ward got involved to help out, which was good. We’re going to stop by again some time and see if she is interested in learning more about the church.

Thursday was a bit of a slow day, but we were still able to keep ourselves fairly busy. We volunteered at the Food Bank. It was super fun helping out there, and the people there are super friendly towards us. It always feels good to help others out! We also went to the Addiction Recovery meeting since some less actives from our ward go to that. The spirit is always super strong at those meetings! The people at the meetings rely entirely on the Lord to help them overcome their addictions, and it’s amazing to hear their stories. It is very strengthening to me.

On Friday we went on exchanges with the Sister Training Leaders.  I went with Sister Houseman, and it was pretty amazing being with her. We did service for a recent convert in her area, and we also contacted a lot of people. I learned a lot from Sister Houseman, and I am going to apply what I learned into my own teaching methods.

We did have a scary moment though. We were sitting at a gas station waiting for the other sisters to come so that we could exchange back. I got the prompting that we should leave and meet somewhere else. I ignored the prompting. Some creepy people starting driving into the gas station, and the feeling got even stronger, and I continued to ignore it. This man walked by, and Sister Houseman waved at him, because she wanted to be nice. The feeling to leave still got stronger, and I ignored it.

Later, that man that Sister Houseman waved to pulled his car up next to ours, and started to make disgusting gestures and say disgusting things to us. I told Sister Houseman to leave, and she wouldn’t. She said, “Maybe he’ll go away if we wait long enough.”

The Spirit yelled at me, “Leave, NOW!”

So I shouted to Sister Houseman, “Drive away! NOW!” She drove away, and he started to follow us, but we lost him in traffic. If I had actually followed the prompting, that wouldn’t have happened to us. We are very lucky things didn’t get worse. Moral of the story: Never postpone a prompting. I got to feeling really sick that night because of how stressed that event made me, so we called Elder Cornell and Elder Maxwell to give me a blessing. I felt a little better afterwards and I was able to sleep ok that night without feeling afraid.

On Saturday, I was still feeling sick, so I slept in a little bit. I still made myself get up and try to do some work though. We ended up visited Lavonne, and it was a pretty good visit. We talked a lot about how there must be opposition in all things, and she agreed with everything that we talked about.

Tiffany and her daughter actually came to church on Sunday! It was super exciting! She was only able to make it to church at 1 pm, so our Relief Society President took them to the Mountain View Ward, and we went with them. I was super happy that Tiffany was finally able to come to church after all of this time!

I think I’ve finally figured out why I was sent to this area. I think I am here for Tiffany. I just have connected with her more than anyone I’ve ever met on my mission. I just understand her and understand what she is going through. I hope that I can stay in this area at least one more transfer because I feel like my work is not done here just yet. I feel like I still have to be with Tiffany a little bit longer.

I hope you’re all doing well, and I hope to hear from you soon!

Love, Sister Bawden

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