Zoos and Other Adventures


Sorry I didn’t post this Monday guys, I’m moving into college again. I’ll post Priel’s letter direct below.

Hey everyone!

On Monday, we went to the Boise Zoo with the zone. It was pretty fun! I’ll attach some pictures from that day. It was a super tiny zoo. They didn’t even have elephants or much of anything else. Oh well, it was still fun!

We also taught Tiffany on Monday. We decided to show her the Restoration video, and she really liked it. She said that made the Restoration make more sense, and it also helped her better understand how the Book of Mormon came about. She is going to try harder to come to church. The Relief Society President is going to try to take her to a ward that starts later just so she can see what sacrament meeting is all about.

On Tuesday we were able to visit some members and get to know them better. It’s been good trying to get to know ward members and establish trust with them. That is also helping us to stay busy.

We visited Sister Slay as well on Tuesday. We asked her what we can do to help her get to church, and she said that she probably needs an oxygen tank in order to get to church, but she can’t afford one herself. She’s smoked most of her life, so her lungs aren’t working too well. We’re working with the ward council to see what we can do to help her.

On Wednesday, we taught Jack the commandments. We decided to squish all of the commandments into one lesson, since his baptism was on Saturday. He participated a lot in this lesson, which was good, because that meant he was actually paying attention! He is a smart little kid, and he is going to be a great example to his family as he grows up in the gospel.

We also visited Catie and her daughter Jayla. Catie was a good friend of Lani. Catie is not interested in having the discussions at all or even having us share messages. We just go over and play games with her and her daughter. Hopefully us doing this will build trust and plant a little seed.

Thursday was a really busy day! We visited Trisha in the morning and encouraged her to continue to read her scriptures and pray. A couple of weeks ago she told us she was struggling with her sons because one dropped out of high school and the other one refused to go to school. We told her that as she read her scriptures and prayed, her family would be blessed. This past week her son enrolled back in high school , and the other one went willingly. It was amazing to see the Lord already bless her for her efforts!

We also visited Valicity. She is doing better now, but is still struggling. She has so many trials going on right now, it is amazing that she is still holding on to the gospel! The ward members are doing well at helping her with whatever she stands in need of.

We also went on splits with the ward missionaries. It was super awesome! We were able to contact a lot of less actives in the ward and see if they are interested in visits or not. This helped us out a lot! We’ll try to go through the whole ward list to see who is interested and who is not, which will help us manage our time a lot better.

On Friday we taught Mikalai about Tithing and Fast offerings. It was a really good lesson! She opened up to us a lot, and we were able to develop a better relationship with her. She is an amazing girl who has a strong testimony already, and is so strong in the gospel.

We also visited Lavonne. We helped her sort buttons, which was one of the more strange service projects I’ve done on my mission. She was actually pretty cheerful when we went over. She also said the prayer at the end of the visit. She’s been praying a lot more since I came into the area, which is pretty awesome to see. She still says that she is an atheist, but I think she is saying that out of stubbornness now.

We went to Jack’s baptism on Saturday night. It was a really neat experience! Jack’s dad, Craig, is paralyzed from the waist down, but Jack still wanted Craig to baptize him. It was really cool to see Craig baptize Jack, and it’s been neat to see Craig change so that he can be worthy to baptize Jack. Craig had to sit on a chair in the baptismal font, and have someone stand behind him to help him dunk Jack. The spirit was super strong at the service. I hope that Jack stays strong in the gospel for the rest of his life because that is what his family really needs right now.

On Sunday, we visited the Dobrusky’s. They are a part member family. We talked to Sister Dobrusky for a while, and offered to do service for her because she just injured her back really bad. We also visited the Swansons. They are having a difficult time right now because one of their dogs is really sick, and they think he might not live. So we prayed with them and asked that their dog might be healed if it be Heavenly Father’s will.

I hope you are all doing well. Love you all!

Love, Sister Bawden

IMG_1039 IMG_1045

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