Busy Bee Life


This week, Priel had two weeks to update on because of a temporary switch on p-days. She’s been busy in those two weeks, as always, and sounds pretty happy about the work she’s doing. She and her companion moved locations recently, so she’s now living in the basement of an older member couple, which she likes.

Last last week, they taught Mikalai about the Gospel, Jack about the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation, Lavonne and the Swansons about coming to Christ, and talked to Sister Slay about getting her a ride to Sacrament. They also visited Matt and Amanda and encouraged them to come to church, which they haven’t been doing because their new baby is exhausting them. Priel says they don’t seem to get yet the importance of the Sacrament, but she and her companion will keep trying.

Little Jack is going to get baptised soon now that he’s eight, and his father, Craig, is working hard to become worthy to do the baptism himself, which Priel says is an incredible and inspiring process to watch.

Tuesday they had a zone conference, which Priel said was really touching and made her cry a lot. She’s noted that she’s become a lot more emotional since starting her mission, haha. Two senior missionaries, a couple, were released, which Priel was sad about but she also was grateful for their presence. The sister will be staying on as the mission nurse. Also, on Thursday, they did some service at the local food bank. Saturday was the groundbreaking for the Meridian Temaple, which they watched over broadcast. Priel says she’s grateful to see the work of the Lord being hastened in all aspects.

This past week, they visited with ward members and with Sister Slay, and taught Mikalai about the Ten Commandments. Her mother sat in on it this time, which was very exciting for them. Sister Padgette, the one with the wacked-out basement, seems to be allowing less savory people into her house again, which the missionaries aren’t so happy about. They taught an inactive family about being like Christ, Trisha about scripture reading and prayers, and the Swansons about missionary work.

They also visited a lot of people who were struggling this week. Trisha is working on returning to church but her husband is very derogatory about it and rude to Priel and her companion. Valicity is an active member who is currently going through some really hard trials. She cried to them for a while and vented about her situation. They intend to talk to her again and try to find some way to help her. Heather is a returned missionary who is struggling because her father just died, so they taught her about resurrection and tried to comfort her. Lavonne was also in need of comfort on her wedding anniversary because her husband recently died.

On Friday, they had their p-day and got to go to the temple, which Priel was happy about, and on Saturday night, she got hugged by an old drunk guy, which she thought was terribly funny. 

And that’s the most recent update! Talk to you again next week.


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