Worshiping Aliens and Other Stories


Hi! I’m going to copy Priel’s letter in today, both out of laziness and because I think the blog could use some more of her voice. See you next time!

Hey everyone! I am grateful for transfers, because it offers a fresh start, but this week has been a rough week.

We got dropped by one of our progressing investigators this week. She said that she’s not interested anymore because her fiance said that we “worship aliens and organized religion is dumb.” I am really discouraged by this. I feel like I didn’t do enough while we were teaching her, but I also feel like I put everything into teaching her. It makes me so sad that she is giving up what will truly make her happy for some trivial thing that her fiance said that isn’t even true. Oh well, it’s funny that she thinks that we worship aliens! I’ve never heard that one before haha.
Other than that, we tried our best to work hard this week. We’ve made a goal to visit everyone on the ward lists, active members, and less active members. It’s a big task, but we can do it! On Monday, we visited Lavonne, and talked to her about faith. I think that she is slowly progressing. I’ve seen small improvements in her since I came into the area. I don’t think that she’ll get baptized or even want to take the discussions while I’m here, but I think that in the future she will.
On Tuesday we met with the Swansons and talked to them about the story of Jesus at the well with the Samaritan woman. We told them that we must continuously seek after the living water of Christ, which means going to church, praying, and reading scriptures, etc. We also taught Mikalai the Plan of Salvation that night. She has just gotten a temple recommend, and will be going to the temple this Thursday for the first time! We are super excited for her. For those of you who are wondering why we are still teaching a recent convert the lessons instead of letting ward members do it, the First Presidency has changed that rule, and has made it a requirement that missionaries are still primarily responsible for recent converts, and we are required to stay in touch with our recent converts and investigators for at least a year.

 On Wednesday, we visited Michelle. When we first got to her place, it started pouring rain, she wouldn’t let us inside at first, she just stood outside with us in the rain, and cried because she is going through a hard time right now. After we were thoroughly drenched, she invited us inside. We shared a scripture with her about the Atonement, and she asked us to start teaching her the discussions, because she doesn’t really remember those simple truths. She is just barely starting to come back into activity, so we’ll be teaching her the lessons soon, and doing all that we can to help strengthen her.
On Thursday we taught an 8 year old girl an overview lesson. She will be getting baptized soon, and her parents wanted us to teach her an overview lesson for her. We also had a lesson with Tiffany. We read the Book of Mormon with her, since she doesn’t really have much time to read it on her own. We invited her to go to the Corn Feed, which is a ward activity that the 16th ward has been doing for almost 50 years! We also visited with a less active family and talked to them about the importance of coming to church.
On Friday we did service for this family. We mowed their lawn and pulled weeds. Mowing the lawn was seriously like trying to cut down a jungle because of how tall the grass was. It was hard but we still had fun doing it! That night we went to the Corn Feed. It was a lot of fun! The food was so amazing. I had grilled corn for the first time, and it was the best corn that I’ve ever had. There were horse rides for little kids, and cotton candy for kids of all ages (and sugar addicts like me 🙂 ). Tiffany came and brought her teenage daughter. They both had a good time. This was the first time that Tiffany has ever been to any church activity, so it was good for her. The members were so good to them and did a good job and making her feel welcome.
On Saturday we visited with Dan. He’s still just as awesome as ever! It was a good visit since we haven’t seen him in a while. We shared a scripture about enduring to the end, and he loved it. On Sunday, we visited with Sister Slay. It was an enjoyable visit, as always. I love her so much! She’s so sweet. We shared a scripture with her at the end of our visit and had a prayer with her.
We also visited Millie on Sunday. She is active, but she has been struggling lately. We were able to have a good visit with her, and I think that we were able to gain her trust. She is an amazing woman, and I hope that we can develop a good friendship with her, and help strengthen her.
I hope that you are all doing well! Love ya’ll!
Love, Sister Bawden
PS: I’m attaching a picture of me and my companion goofing off. I look like I’m drunk. 🙂 But I’m not really, I promise.
IMG_0989[1] IMG_0985[2]

One thought on “Worshiping Aliens and Other Stories

  1. That is an interesting change of rule for new members. I’m glad the missionaries can remain involved more and hope that will make the transition easier.

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