Wrapping Up for a Transfer


At the end of this past week, Priel got transferred with a new companion, so this was her last week teaching in the area with Sister Farley.

She and Sister Farley taught little Jack, who’s about to get baptized, with his family so they’d understand what was happening, and did something similar with MIkalai, who just got baptized. Her mom didn’t stay to listen, but afterwards she said she’d been listening in the other room and that she would like to hear the lesson next time! They also taught Ms. Padgette about trials. The elders will most likely be finishing up the cleaning of her house. The bishop doesn’t want the sisters involved in that nastiness anymore.

They taught Trina about faith, shared some scriptures with Lavonne, who volunteered to pray this time, took a ward missionary to fellowship the Swansons’ son, which went well, and taught Sister Slay about how God shows his love.

Thursday, Priel went to the doctor to get everything checked out and they did a bunch of blood work, looking at the thyroid, etc. She’s hopeful they’ll be able to work out the medical troubles she’s been having.

Then this weekend, as I said before, the sisters got their transfer calls. Priel’s being moved and she’s got a new companion, Sister Pitkin, who she’s met before and is super excited to work with! She’s going to miss being in the area but she’s determined to do well. She’s made a few new goals for herself:

1)  She will strive to be more obedient, more diligent, and have more unity with her companion and with the Lord.

2) She wants to earn the trust of the members and gain confidence in herself.

3) She wants to become the missionary that Heavenly Father would want her to become.

4) She wants to make her area much better than when she came into it. 


A couple of new photos are attached below! Thanks for reading, guys!

IMG_0977[1]      IMG_0970[1]


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