A Week of Service


This week has been busy full of service for Priel! She’s sore after all of it, but pretty happy.

They taught Trina about counting blessings, Sister Slay about turning to the Lord, Lavonne, who was feeling depressed, about the meaning of life and our purpose here, Tiffany about the Word of Wisdom, the Veibells about church attendance, Anna her first new member lesson on the Restoration, and sang a song for Trina. Tiffany said she’d like to be baptized but she has to move out of the church she’s living at right now first.

They also had FHE with the married student ward, to unify them a bit more.

In service, they went ahead in cleaning up Ms. Padgette’s basement, the one that had the bad feeling in it. Basically, it was horrible. They found drug paraphernalia, pornography, and human and animal feces. The walls were also covered in Satanic symbols. The elders helped them clean up but said they felt they needed to do still more cleaning before they could bless the house. They taught Ms. Padgette about the priesthood so she could understand that, and then Priel went home and took a very long shower that did not really make her feel less gross. She’s still having nightmares about it.

They then helped Lani move out, packing and cleaning, and taught her kids about treating others as Jesus would. Priel’s sad to see her go! They also helped the elders move a few people in to the ward.

On Sunday, walking through the city, they saw a deer up close, which Priel was excited about. There’s a picture below! Thanks for reading, everyone, and I’ll see you next time!



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