A Good Week


Priel’s had a good week! They’ve been teaching families in the ward the first lesson, which has brought a lot of Spirit to them.

They visited Ms. Padgette and decided to help her clean out house, which is a nightmare thanks to all the people she’s had over/living there in the past. Apparently, there’s a really bad aura too, especially in the basement, that nearly made Priel throw up. So they’re going to clean it out and then the elders are going to bless it. Priel says, “If you hear about a fire in Boise, it’s probably because we decided to torch the house.”

They visited Sister Slay, who appreciated them singing for her, and the Swansons, who just had to have their old dog put down, sadly. They taught Chastyn the Law of Chastity, which was somewhat awkward because her fiance, whom she’s living with, and their kids were there. They also taught Anna, who’s prepping for baptism, about repentance.

Thursday was Pioneer Day, so they helped the married ward set up for BYS (Boise Youth Spectacular) and then volunteered for the holiday celebrations. Priel says she’s never seen a ward outside of Utah put so much effort into Pioneer Day.

On Saturday, Mikalai got baptized! Mikalai is a seventeen year old girl who had committed to baptism with the previous sister missionaries. Priel and her companion found her recently and managed to work everything out for the big event! She was baptized in the other sisters’ area but confirmed in Priel’s. Priel says it was a beautiful, spiritual experience. Also, something about poaching? Apparently that’s “stealing and teaching investigators from another missionary’s area.” So.

That’s it for this week! See you next time!


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