A Productive Week


This week for Priel has been good and productive! Lots of proselyting and teaching. Sister Slay has asked them to stay in touch after they leave. Anna’s doing well and working on repentance. Matt and Amanda actually came to get the sacrament at the missionaries’ encouragement. Sister Swanson appreciated their help setting up an LDS account online, and they ran into a woman named Trina, who accepted their lesson despite her, apparently, being drunk at the time. Chastyn is working on breaking her cigarette habit and appreciated the lesson being started off with a hymn to bring the Spirit. Lavonne cried because of being touched by the Spirit when they taught her. They also taught a lesson on Restoration to a bunch of families in the ward.

Priel and her companion also went on leadership exchanges this week, which Priel said was exactly what she needed. She also went to the Addiction Recovery program with a less active member and was thrilled when the girl decided that she really did need to try the 12 steps and work on changing her life. Priel says, “One thing that I’ve been able to learn on my mission is that the Atonement is very real. I’ve seen people who have committed very serious sins who have been able to come closer to Christ through his Atonement. He loves these people very much even though they have done horrible things, and it is so amazing to see that.” She also told me that this mission hasn’t been what she expected — instead of creating a more sheltered spiritual experience for her, it’s exposed her to a lot of tough stuff! But she still really feels the Spirit and appreciates everything she’s learned so far.

That’s it for this week! I’ll post again next time. =)


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