A Busy Few Weeks


Sorry I haven’t updated Priel’s blog in a while! Both of us have been pretty busy in our respective places, haha. So here’s her recent updates, starting with the last week of June:


June 30

Priel and her companion visited Anna and her husband for dinner and talked about the Sacrament. Anna’s been doing well, despite the struggles she faces, and is looking to have an eternal marriage and also to get out of the home she’s living in, which isn’t a positive atmosphere. They also talked about Sacrament with a less active member and encouraged her to go get it on Sundays. They went over the Plan of Salvation with Tiffany, who is looking to attend church soon.

Priel and Sister Farley then volunteered at a blood drive that Saturday. Sister Farley gave blood, but Priel “wimped out.” They got transfer calls and no one was transferred, which apparently is very unusual. They had dinner with a member and her non-member husband, and didn’t teach at the member’s request but did have a good time and gain some trust there. They then went to teach another less active member, who said she didn’t want to read the Book of Mormon because if she finds out it’s true, it’ll be too hard for her to change her life to fit that. That’s always a really hard thing to hear.

Priel also had an embarrassing moment when she went to buy some new skirts. They got some at a thrift store that was obviously Christian owned, and after they’d bought them they asked what church ran the thrift store. It was the Calvary Chapel, which publishes a lot of anti-Mormon material. Whoop!

Priel included some pictures for this week:

IMG_0872[1] IMG_0906[1]



July 7th

During their proselyting a couple of less active members decided to give Priel and Sister Farley some sex/relationship advice, so they promptly taught a lesson on chastity to get them to stop, haha. They then visited a member of the married student ward who has had a hard time and doesn’t know if she wants to stay in the church, and a couple of others who they talked to about trials.

On the 4th, Priel and Sister Farley spent the day doing service, gardening and packing for people, and they had dinner with some of the Spanish sisters and watched some church movies. They weren’t allowed to do anything with fireworks, but they could watch the early ones.

Then, during their rounds, they found out that one of their investigators, who has been struggling for some time with financial difficulties, has gone into prostitution rather than taking them up on the church resources they offered. That was a really hard moment for them. They’re still trying to talk to her, but she won’t answer their calls now.

Priel was sick over the weekend, but they did hear from Anna and she’s gotten a limited use temple recommend, which made them happy!


July 14th

This week, one of their investigators nearly dropped them because a member of the church, the RS president in fact, had said some offensive things to her. So Priel and Sister Farley are trying to work that out. It’s pretty stressful. It’s always so hard when people in the church act in ways that don’t reflect our beliefs — which happens a lot, of course, because we’re all human. Sad.

Then they went on exchanges. Priel enjoyed working with Sister Hatch and they visited a lot of current investigators, all on a positive note. Tiffany is considering baptism now, pending an actual visit to a church meeting. Once exchanges were over, Priel and Sister Farley went out to visit more of the less active members, during which they experienced many small miracles. They met a girl named Crystal who was struggling with the way the world is falling apart these days and taught her about hope in the Restoration, and a guy named Chris who agreed to take the lessons.

When they went to visit Anna, they found out her and her husband had separated. Anna didn’t give detail, just that she’d made some mistakes. So they comforted and taught her, as they did another girl who had recently broken up with a boyfriend, and did their best to help out.


So that’s the update for the past few weeks! Priel’s doing pretty decently right now, sounds like. I’ll try and remember to actually post on time next week. =) Thanks for reading!


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