A Very Busy Week


Priel’s been busy lately! Her P-day got moved to Wednesday this week because of a temple trip, which she was very happy to get to go on. She’s decided to make monthly temple visits a new goal for her.

She and her companion have been spending most their time acting as a support rather than teaching active lessons, which she says is  a good use of her time and one that she hopes brings favorability to the church and peace to others’ lives. They’re working with some less active members and an atheist who is sort of but not really investigating and mostly is just really in need of the company after her husband’s death. They are still working with Jerry, who continues to struggle with various issues, including, apparently, a distinct hatred of the government.

Friday, Priel got to go back to her old district for a visit because she’d volunteered to sing at a luau there before her transfer happened. That made her quite happy, even though she is now, finally, feeling settled and happy in her new district. Saturday was the Interfaith Day of Service, and Priel and Sister Farley volunteered with others from various churches at the Booth Memorial Campus, a school for unwed moms, which was a good experience.

Then she and Sister Farley had a couple of hair incidents. First, Sister Farley decided she wanted to dye her hair blond, but when she did, it turned out orange instead! So they got to go on lots of trips to try and dye it black to brown, and were only just able to make it to their district meeting that day. Second, Priel got a haircut from the local beauty school! She says she’ll send pictures soon.

So there you have it, Priel’s happy, busy week. =) It’s wonderful to see her doing better. Update you again next week!


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