Three Weeks’ Time


I must apologize for not having updated Priel’s blog for three weeks! I’ve been ill, so it’s been hard to juggle everything. But now I’m feeling better, so I’ll catch you all up on everything.

Things have been going pretty well for dear LaPriel! She and Sister Rader have been having more and more success as time passes. She’s been struggling some with her health again, particularly with sleeping, stress, and intermittent panic attacks. Nonetheless, she always sounds very cheerful and motivated in her e-mails, which is really wonderful to see. She’s definitely keeping her head up!

Since the last time I posted they’ve been on exchanges again, which went well. Priel met some people who have a son on a mission, though they’re not members, and though they’re not particularly interested in getting the lessons, they do want to support her, as they would want others to support their missionary.

Priel and Sister Rader have been able to gain some success through using media, particularly church video, to explain concepts to investigators and less active families both. They’ve enjoyed that. They’re working hard to regain the trust of the less active members, which has been a rewarding task.

This week, they had some very exciting news -one of their investigators, Megan, has agreed to be baptized! The baptism will take place on the 18th and they are extremely excited (although also stressed from all the work) to be setting that up. Sunday, Priel got to Skype with her parents, which made her very happy, though they did have some technical difficulties.

And that’s your basic update for the past few weeks! I’ll post again next week. See you!


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