Schizophrenic Chickens

 Quoting directly from Priel today:

Hello everyone!!

This week was pretty good! It was a little slow because I am still recovering from being sick, but we still made it best of it. We went to some baptisms to watch a lot of the kids in the ward get baptized. I was so happy to see so many children decide to make that step to follow Jesus Christ. After those baptisms, we went to a member’s home (their daughter was one of the kids that got baptized) and had dinner with them. We’ve gotten pretty close with this family, and they are so much fun. This is the family of the lady who’s life motto is “Tease, torment, and torture.” This lady has also told us to send her wedding announcements when we are getting married so that she can send us nerf guns so that we can shoot our hubbys when we’re ticked off at them. Can you see why I like this woman so much? Hahaha.

We were able to teach the Boals again on Sunday. We taught them about Tithing and Fast Offerings. I think that this lesson was one of the more powerful lessons that we’ve taught because we made it a point to testify and to ask inspired questions. It was pretty amazing to see the Spirit working through us, and seeing it touch the Boals. We’ve definitely been able to gain the trust of this family. Sister Boals was able to confide some things in us, and it’s amazing to know that she trusts us so much, and that the rest of the family trusts us as well.

Also, Sister Rader convinced me that you kill chickens by flapping your arms around and that makes them get all schizophrenic and die. That was another one of my millions of blonde moments.

With Easter coming up around the corner, I encourage all of you to do something this week that will help you to think of Christ more, since Easter is all about Him. Read your scriptures, watch videos about Him, anything. Just do something to help have your thoughts more centered on him around Easter time.
I hope you are all having a good week! I love you all and hope to hear from you.
Love, Sister Bawden

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