Sickness and Success


So, Priel’s been sick off and on for the past two weeks, flu and stuff, but she’s had a great week anyway – the beginnings of some real success! She’s been teaching investigators with kids recently, so she came up with a little memory game for the Word of Wisdom and then a kid-friendly way of explaining the Law of Chastity, using the “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” song. Her outline of that is as follows:

Head: Have only clean and virtuous thoughts.

Shoulders to Knees: Have modest dress

Toes: Stand on holy ground, don’t go to places that you shouldn’t go

Eyes: Watch only good things

Ears: Listen to only good things

Mouth: Don’t swear or say bad things about people

Nose: God “nose” everything you do! (Knee slapper, right?)”

She also challenged one of their investigators, Ken, to get baptized. She had been praying really hard to be able to do so successfully and with the Spirit, and when she spoke, she says she knew the words weren’t hers, but the Lord’s. It was a great experience, and Ken agreed that he’d like to do it, once he works out a couple more things in his life and testimony! She and Sister Rader are thrilled, of course.

Otherwise, she’s mostly been taking it easy to help recover from the flu, and Sister Rader has been helping her out. They watched General Conference, of course, and Sister Rader has been reading Priel some of Jesus the Christ, which we talked about a bit over e-mail because I just finished it (and I absolutely recommend it!) Transfer calls also came in, and Priel’s glad to hear that she’s still got at least one more stretch with Sister Rader.

So things are good on the mission field for dear Priel! Thanks for checking in and I’ll see you next week.


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