Exchanges and Elders


Today, Priel’s e-mail was more upbeat than the last few. She went on exchange, swapping companions for a week, and had a great experience with Sister Emmett, who challenged her by encouraging her to talk to others and then to extend a baptismal invitation, the first Priel has done herself. It made her nervous, but it was exciting for her!  She and Sister Rader have also been working in general on improving their communication skills, which I absolutely endorse. =)

She met with her mission president to talk about things, and got some advice for her health issues and related problems.

She also told this story:

“Sunday night was pretty funny. We were meeting up with the Elders to ask for some advice on one of our investigators, so Sister Rader and I were waiting in our car at the church for them. Elder Liufau rode up on his bike, and looked in Sister Rader’s window all creepily, just as I rip a big one.

Sister Rader said, “Well this is awkward,” but she didn’t see Elder Liufau. I thought she was talking about Elder Liufau being there, but she didn’t even notice he was there. She turned around, saw Elder Liufau, and screamed super loud and grabbed my arm in a death grip. It was hilarious, and we were dying for about 15 minutes.

Fortunately, the Elders never knew that I ripped one. ”

In other news, they got back at the elders this week by putting Vaseline on their door. So there’s the prank of the day!

Thanks for checking in and I’ll see you for Priel’s next update, next week.


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