Prank Wars


Here’s Priel’s update for the week:

This week, a lot of funny stuff has happened. I thought you all would appreciate this one particular story.

So, Sister Rader and I go to our church building a lot so that we can go to the bathroom, make copies of stuff, etc. The Elders always catch us when we’re there, so they seem to think that we’re always in the church or the church parking lot. One day, we walked out of the church, discovered that one of the hubcaps on our car was missing. Above the wheel was a sticky note that said, “This is why you shouldn’t park at the church.” We looked up and saw the Elders driving off with our hubcap, screaming. They eventually gave it back, so we’re good with that.

But they have no idea what they just started. Sister Rader and I are collecting ideas on how to get back at them. We’re going to hit them so hard they never knew what hit them. MUAHAHAHAHA! Also, I’m a bad influence on Sister Rader. She’s never even thought about pranking anyone in her life.

So, if you have any ideas on how to get back at these fudgenuggets, let me know! Just don’t make them too extreme because we don’t want to get in trouble.

Thanks for reading!


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