Boredom and Dangerous Cars


LaPriel’s update this week was pretty brief. She says they’ve just been proselyting a lot, with lots of slammed doors and the like. No real successes, which is discouraging. She’s looking to try and get in with some people for chiropractor-ness and such, to keep her health up.

Her one fun story was that Sister Rader, at one point during their proselyting, had a feeling they shouldn’t walk by a particular house. Priel ignored her and kept walking, and she nearly got hit by a car backing out. So Sister Rader wrote a song about it:

(Sing to “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”)

“Sister Bawden got ran over by a car,
because she was too dumb to listen to the Spirit,
you can say there is no such thing as promptings,
but as for Sister Rader, she believes!”

Haha. I don’t KNOW how LaPriel manages to come up with so many funny stories. My life certainly isn’t this funny! Or maybe I’m looking in the wrong places. Anyway, thanks for checking in, and I’ll see you next week for her next update!


One thought on “Boredom and Dangerous Cars

  1. I love the song! šŸ™‚ I got hit by a motorcycle because my companion was in too much of a hurry. That was fun.

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